Chapter 4: the bell test, our first C-rank and training!

"Shiiiiiit! I can't believe I'm late!" Naruto yelled as he ran as fast as he could towards training ground seven. 'oh man, I'm so screwed!'

Approaching the training field he could see Sasuke and Sakura leaning against the training posts, 'Oh crap, they're gonna kill me' "HEY GUYS! Sorry I'm late, my training got a little rough yesterday, then i had a late night." he said sheepishly as he came to a stop.

Sakura scoffed, "Yeah right, I bet you just knocked yourself out by falling over."

Naruto glared at Sakura, "I may have been knocked around hard but I got a couple of decent hits in aswell, I'm just not that smooth with unarmed combat." Naruto explained.

Sakura scoffed, "Who'd train with you? You're the deadlast, only a moron would waste their time with you." Sakura glared at Naruto hatefully.

Naruto smirked, "Oh really whoever would train with me is a moron?"

"Duh! Are you deaf as well baka!?" Sakura screeched.

"No he's not, he's just wondering why you'd call me, the 'love of your life' a moron." Sasuke smirked from his place leaning against the training post.

Sakura turned to Sasuke and looked horrified, "NO SASUKE-KUN! Why would you choose him over me? I had the highest marks in the academy other than you! I am way better than this los- MMPF"

Sakura suddenly found her mouth taped shut courtesy of Naruto, "Teme you were right, she's an annoying banshee", then Naruto dove underground and pulled down Sakura til only her head and shoulders were left above ground.

Naruto came back up smirking, "That's one more training session Sasuke."

"How bout now dobe? By the looks of things Kakashi isn't gonna be on time again" Sasuke stated with a replying smirk. "You said unarmed combat isn't your specialty, so what is?"

With a huge grin, Naruto swiped his hands over his opposite wristbands and with a poof of smoke.

"Woah!" Sasuke said in shock, and Sakura's eyes widened from her position in the floor.

Naruto stood slightly crouched holding one shuriken in front of him in his left hand and the second in his right above his head. Grinning confidently, "You like Sasuke?" he said with a chuckle before twirling them expertly.

"When did you learn to wield those Naruto?" Sasuke asked.

"Eh, just something Mizuki sensei passed onto me." Naruto replied with a smirk before re-sealing his shuriken.

"I think I'll leave the armed combat to you then." Sasuke said.

Naruto let out a huge yawn, "I'm still tired, maybe we could sleep instead of train this morning?"

Sasuke yawned in reply and answered with his trademark "Hn."

Lying down next to Sakura's head, "Mk, G'night teme, Sakura."

Sasuke did the same on the other side of her head, "Hmm, night."

Sakura was stuck in the ground fuming at her teammates, "MMMPFF!"

"Yeah your right Sakura, the sunrise does look nice this morning.."

At 11am Kakashi appeared in a poof of smoke, "Sorry I'm late I was lost on the road…"

He looked around to find Naruto and Sasuke, using an almost completely buried Sakura's shoulders as pillows. While she glared up at him with her mouth taped shut.

In this situation, Kakashi did the only thing he could. Reaching into his pouch he pulled out a camera and took a photo.



Naruto jumped to his feet with a yelp, whilst Sasuke rolled to his feet whipping out a kunai.

"Good to see you three are so alert this morning" Kakashi said with an eye-smile. "Naruto, please get your teammate out of the ground."

"Sure thing Sensei!" Naruto said with a salute before falling backwards into the ground.

With his three students now sitting in front of him patiently, Kakashi began his speech, "Alright guys, now I'm sorry to break it to you but until you pass my test you are not full Gennin yet." Cue jawdrop from Naruto, scowl from Sasuke and muffled Sakura trying to take the tape off of her mouth. "In this test you need to take one of these bells from me in combat, and return them to this alarm clock" he said pulling out two bells and clipping them onto his belt. "You need to come at me with the intent to kill or you won't stand a chance, the alarm will go off at noon so, begin".

All three Gennin disappeared into the surrounding foliage, 'Now, I wonder who will come for me first. Or if they'll take me seriously.'

After two minutes of waiting, Kakashi heard a whizzing sound and barely ducked in time to dodge a flying shuriken, 'What the hell? What Gennin is capable of using a full sized battle shuriken at this speed?' Kakashi turned to where the shuriken was thrown from, only to see a fireball mere metres away from him. 'SHIT!'


Naruto jumped into the clearing holding a second shuriken, "Damn, Sasuke he substituted." Naruto complained.

Sasuke appeared next to Naruto "Hn".

Seeing the substitution log, they both paused to offer they're prayers to the fallen log. An onlooking Kakashi's eye widened, 'Followers of the log? And these boys are barely Gennin! And by the looks of things they've also figured out they need to work together to get these bells'.

Looking down from his perch, Kakashi saw Naruto's discarded shuriken. 'Now why would he leave such a pricey ninja tool sitting there?'

Approaching the shuriken, Kakashi kept his focus on the Gennin in the clearing. 'He will plan to come pick it up, and by then I will have a trap set up for the both of them,' Kakashi thought as he crouched in front of the shuriken. He reached into his pouch on the left side of his beltline, leaving the bells wide open on the right.

It was at that moment, Naruto and Sasuke turned to him while smirking. "Now Sakura!" yelled Naruto.

Shocked that the two Gennin managed to sense him, Kakashi didn't react in time for the shuriken to go 'poof' and reveal it to be Sakura under a transformation jutsu.

Sakura grabbed the bells, and ran towards the boys who were running towards her. Seeing this, Kakashi snapped out of his daze and ran to get the bells back. "Hurry up Naruto!"

"Ready Sasuke?!" said Naruto as he was sinking into the ground,

"Hn. Fire Style: Fireball jutsu!" Sasuke said as he launched the jutsu straight at Sakura and Kakashi.

Kakashi's eye widened, 'What are they doing? They're willing to burn through Sakura and the bells to get me? I have to save her now!' kakashi thought as he began running full speed towards Sakura.

The fireball was flying towards Sakura and she was still running towards it, with Kakashi only three metres behind her.

Two metres, the fireball was almost upon them, Kakashi reached for her.

Only one metre away and Kakashi almost had her when Sakura suddenly, sunk into the ground?

Kakashi stared in shock at the place Sakura disappeared to, and looked up barely in time to see the fireball start to burn the material of his sleeve he instinctually used the substitution jutsu to barely escape with only minimal burns.

Falling to the floor at the base of a nearby spruce, Kakashi looked at the alarm clock and saw Sasuke smirking at him. Not a second later, Naruto popped up from the ground with Sakura by his side holding the bells.

Just in time for the alarm go off.

Naruto smirked, "Looks like team 7 passes sensei!"



"Come in"

The door to the Hokage's office opened and in walked the newly formed team 7, Sarutobi looked up shocked "Kakashi? Did you actually pass a team?"

With a small eye-smile, "Hai Hokage-sama, not only did they get the bells, they used an abnormal level of teamwork not found among many Jounin, also they managed to best me in a deceptive trap earning me this." Kakashi showed the Hokage his now bandaged arm.

Sarutobi looked on in shock at team seven's smirking faces, "Well jiji? How bout a mission ne?" Naruto said with a grin.

"BE RESPECTFUL TO HOKAGE-SAMA BAKAAAAA!" Sakura yelled as she slammed a fist into the back of Naruto's head.

She was about to rant again when Sasuke slammed tape over her mouth, "Quiet." he ordered Sakura before kicking Naruto's side. "You dead dobe?"

Sarutobi laughed at the young team while Kakashi eye smiled, 'Well, I guess every team was it's quirks.' Kakashi thought as he watched his team.


Over the next two months, team seven participated in numerous D-rank missions of vital importance…

"FINALLY!"Naruto shouted while throwing down his paint brush.

Sasuke put down the leftover paint buckets and sighed as he wiped sweat from his forehead with his forearm, "At least with the Tora mission we get to train our tracking skills." he muttered.

Leaning away from the newly painted fence, Sakura turned to Sasuke starry eyed, "Hmmpf hm m hmf mbm?"

"Now now Sakura, this is no time for such language." Kakashi said from his place in a nearby chair while happily reading Icha Icha Paradise. Earning himself a dark glare from the girl.

"Kakashi sensei? Can we please get a C-rank ? I know it's early for a rookie squad but c'mon!" Naruto pleaded.

Kakashi looked over his students and seeing them all looking at him hopefully, he sighed, "I'll ask the Hokage but I doubt he'll say yes. It's extremely unlikely so don't get your hopes up…"


"It's about time you asked, I've had this one sitting aside for a week now." Hiruzen said with a small smile towards a wide-eyed Kakashi.

"YATTA! You're the best Jiji!" Naruto ran up and grabbed the scroll from his hand, "let's go!" he yelled in victory.

And with that Naruto and Sasuke ran out of the office to get ready for their new mission, leaving a still shocked Kakashi behind with a recently un-taped Sakura, "Umm sensei? Shouldn't you get the scroll from Naruto so that we can actually unseal the info and do the mission?" she asked in a whiny voice.

Snapped out his state at Sakura's question he replied, "Why yes Sakura, you are correct. Now, go pack a standard survival kit for…let's say a week, ok? We'll meet up at the main gate at dawn tomorrow morning where I will share the mission details. Ciao." And off he poofed to get the scroll from the boys and inform them of the meeting time and place.


Naruto walked up to the gate half an hour after the specified meeting time, knowing that it will be at least another hour before the team's sensei arrives.

"Mornin' guys (yawn), how was your sleep?" Naruto asked with a grin.

"It was fine." Sakura quipped, now knowing it doesn't take much to motivate Naruto into taping her mouth shut.

Sasuke just nodded to Naruto then looked behind him with a raised brow, curiously Naruto turned around to see Kakashi walking up to them with a small travel pack on. "Good morning team."

They just stared at him in shock before Sakura held up the ram hand sign, "KAI".

"Sakura what are you doing?" asked a confused Kakashi.

Sasuke answered him, "Probably thought that you being here within the hour was a Genjutsu, it crossed my mind."

Kakashi just blinked at them, "me? Late? Since when?"

Naruto threw a stick at his sensei, "Piss off sensei, you're not fooling anyone." he said with a pout.

Catching the stick and tucking it behind his ear he said, "Well I guess I have been a tad late sometimes.."

His team just glared at him.

Kakashi eye smiled, "…Okay then team, let's move out! The first c-rank is always a letdown so let's get motivated." Kakashi pumped his fist in the air while walking down the road.

Naruto just followed after with a scowl on his face, "Yeah, great speech sensei." he muttered as the three Genin trudged along behind their odd leader.


"All right troops, we'll stop here for the night before moving on to the town."

"Hai Sensei." The team muttered as they entered the middle of a small clearing surrounded by huge trees with trunks ten metres thick.

Sakura turned to their sensei, "But we still got hours of daylight left, in fact, we could make it to the town by tonight." she whined.

As Kakashi sat down in a clearing, he began talking as he opened his pack, "Correct Sakura, but I think it's about time I taught you all proper chakra control, and what better way is there to do so then climbing trees?"

Sasuke deadpanned at their sensei, "Anyone can climb a tree."

"Ah yes, but how about walk up?" Kakashi said with his classic eye-smile.

Imagining it, Naruto felt as though it was common practice and knew how to do so already, "Ne Kakashi sensei? You mean focus chakra to your feet to adhere yourself to a vertical or upside down object?"

Surprised at Naruto's knowledge Kakashi asked, "You've done this before Naruto?"

Naruto shook his head, "Nah but I have a decent idea."

"Well then, why not give us a demonstration?" Kakashi said as he tossed a kunai into the air, "Mark your progress on the tree with a kunai, you two follow after Naruto."

With a confident grin, Naruto snatched a kunai and ran towards a tree. Focussing chakra to his feet, he starts to climb, 'YES! Thankyou Mizuki!' he thought in victory.

After getting past the forth branch Naruto's grip started to loosen and he came plummeting down, "AH CRAAAAAAAP!"


Sakura runs over to Naruto, "Are you ok Naruto?" she asked as she looked down to see a Naruto sized hole in the ground.

After she helped pull him out he replied, "Never better! Except for the embarrassment and the cracked skull… totally fine," he muttered while walking in a circle before he fell onto his side and started snoring.

"Umm sensei? Is he gonna be alright?" Sakura asked chewing her lip.

Kakashi looked up from his book, "hmm? Yeah sure. So do you two get the idea of the exercise? Great! Get started."

Kakashi casually walked over to the unconscious blonde, picked him up and continued walking up a nearby tree. Sakura and Sasuke looked on in awe.

Picking up a kunai, Sasuke ran at his tree, 'Alright, the dobe said focus chakra to his feet, but how much? I'll start with enough for the fireball jutsu and see what I get.'

Sasuke manages to get 3 metres up the tree before being blown off by the force of his own chakra. Performing a quick backflip, he rights himself and lands on his feet. 'Okay that's far too much.' he thought with a sigh.

His thoughts were interrupted by a loud "SUCCESS!" he looked over to see Sakura standing upside down on the fifth branch of her tree.

Looking over to them, Kakashi nodded "Good work Sakura, you seem to have perfect chakra control. Although that is a wonderful thing to have, it also means you have an abysmal amount of chakra,"

Sakura frowned at her sensei, "Hey sensei! Don't point out my weaknesses in front of Sasuke-kun!" she shrieked, thus earning herself chakra reinforced tape over her gaping maw. "MMPFMMMFM!"

A dizzy but newly conscious Naruto stood upside down next to Sakura, "What did we say about your fangirl mannerisms?" he asked sagely.

"MHMMMPF?" Sakura screeched as she glared at Naruto.

Kakashi clapped, bringing her attention to him "Exactly Sakura, now start running up and down your chosen tree while holding the transformation jutsu, this will deplete your chakra reserves quickly so that they are forced to expand at a faster rate while you sleep." he explained.

With a glare at Naruto and her sensei, Sakura started running up the tree again and transformed into her friend Ino.

From Naruto's angle he had a clear view up 'Ino's' skirt, causing him to lose concentration and blood from his nostrils. And with that he fell again. "NOT AGAIN FUUUuck?" Naruto blinked in confusion before noticing that Kakashi had jumped over and caught him.

"Now Naruto, you really should start practicing this technique. You may have a good understanding of how it works but you don't seem to have it mastered like our kunoichi has, so get at it." Kakashi ordered while tossing naruto down to the ground.

Naruto landed with a 'humph', before he walked over to a tree next to Sasuke's, "Hey teme! Need some pointers?"

Sasuke just glared at his mark on the tree, barely five metres off of the ground then glared at Naruto, "What do you think dobe?" he said sarcastically.

Chuckling, Naruto said "Well it's obvious what you're doing wrong, your using almost ten times more chakra then you need. That is why you are literally blowing yourself away every time."

Sasuke's eyes widened in understanding, and after concentrating on his chakra, he ran for the tree again, making it to the third branch before slipping off.

Landing on the ground and looking up at his progress, Sasuke smirked at his success. "Hn."

Turning to Naruto to thank him, he realised Naruto was having one of his 'daydreaming' spouts, staring blankly at the tree.

Sighing and turning back to his tree, 'I can thank the dobe later, I guess I owe him another one and an Uchiha always repays their debts.' He thinks before running at his tree again.



"How come I don't have this down right away?" Naruto asked from his spot lying down on the couch on the roof,

Mizuki stopped watching the Uchiha practice and turned to Naruto, "My guess is that even though you recall how to do it from my experience, your remembering it for someone with my size and mass. Since you are smaller than me, you don't need as much chakra. Though it seems to be close enough to hold you for a few seconds."

Naruto raised a brow, "Well, that makes sense. Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Only I seem to be able to contact you without you being unconscious kid, and I'm a bit too big to even need the tree climbing technique." The fox pointed out.

Naruto frowned, "But the scroll said after meeting you in my mindscape, I should be able to converse with you freely,"

With a sigh, Mizuki started clicking buttons on the TV remote. "Let's see what it actually says." he muttered.

Mizuki skipped back through Naruto's life, each time he clicked 'skip' it went back twelve hours. After a minute, he said "Here we go, alright now I just need to pause it on when you where looking at the scroll…..there!" *Click* "got it!" Mizuki said in victory.

Naruto scowled up at Mizuki, "How'd you do that? These are MY memories!"

Mizuki shrugged, "This is how you programmed it, even if it was subconsciously."

"That is actually pretty cool, probably useful aswell."

Mizuki interrupted, "Ah-ha! Found it! Alright it says exactly 'when the user is like-minded to a specific target, he can freely hear heir thoughts' so I guess if you think like me we can communicate freely."

"So basically, I have to think like a boring lecturer with secretly evil intentions?"

"Hit the nail on the head kid."

"Well I don't think I'll be doing that anytime soon" Naruto guessed.

"Kid, you should get back to training, and remember use only a little bit less chakra,"

"Yeah Naruto, it should only be about as much chakra needed for a third of the substitution jutsu, got it?"

Naruto rolls his eyes while walking back out of his mindscape, "Yeah yeah, geez you two nag like a couple all the time?" he said before having to dodge a tail of chakra and several kunai on his way out, laughing his ass off as he went.


Coming back to his body, Naruto waited til Sasuke was just about to step onto the tree again, "IVE GOT IT!" he shouted, throwing off Sasuke's concentration and causing him to shoot from the tree on his first step.

Scowling, Sasuke turned to Naruto. "Dammit dobe I almost….had it?" he muttered, only to realise Naruto wasn't there anymore, "Naruto?"

"Yeah teme?!" Naruto shouted from his place at the very top of his tree, out of Sasuke's sight.

Sasuke scowled before getting back to practicing, 'I won't be left behind!' he thought in determination.

Kakashi appeared in a 'poof' on the tree facing Naruto, book in hand "Good work Naruto, since you finished before Sasuke why don't you go set up the team's tent?"

With a small chuckle, "Nah I'm good sensei, I already have a six man tent set-up right here." Naruto said patting his sealing belt.

Curiously, Kakashi asked "You're that proficient at sealing already Naruto? Most Shinobi don't get taught proper sealing methods until they become Chunnin."

Scratching the back of his head sheepishly, "Well in all honesty sensei I just bought the belt with pre-made sealing pouches, all i know is that it'll help with my 'Specialty'."

Kakashi raised a brow, "Specialty? What have you chosen?"

Turning to Kakashi, Naruto became serious as he spoke, " Assassination."

Kakashi's eye widened, shocked at the change in his student, "Naruto are you sure you've made the right choice? It's a bit early, and I don't think you understand what is needed for that line of work."

Looking at his sensei seriously, Naruto smirked darkly as he spoke, "I know who I am and what my purpose is, I made a promise to Hokage-Jiji. I will fulfil that promise, even if I have to fall into darkness to do so."

Kakashi stared at Naruto, putting away his book and standing straight, "Naruto, I can't let you go down such a dark path. And I know that the Hokage would never ask you to do something so severe."

His smirk grew into a dark grin as he unsealed one of his shuriken, "Sensei, how many ninja have you seen that use giant shuriken as their primary weapon?"

Frowning, Kakashi thought hard, 'Actually I've only seen one Chunnin use such a method, so how would Naruto have become so proficient in such a rare fighting style?' he thought before asking "Not many, why?"

Turning away from Kakashi, Naruto spun twice before throwing the star in a wide arc towards a collection of trees. At such a speed, it sliced through fourteen of the enormous trees easily before curving back to Naruto where he caught it flawlessly, showing his control and power to Kakashi's wide eyes.


Kakashi froze when he heard the way Naruto spoke his name, he glanced at Naruto to see a hard glare being directed at him.

"Can you imagine, what that one throw could have down to say, an army of enemy ninja?" Naruto asked before sealing his shuriken away.

Before Kakashi could reply, Naruto jumped down from the trees.

Kakashi sat atop the tree Naruto left him at, thinking about what Naruto said, 'Even though it's wrong for a child of his age to think like that, I can't dispute the logic. As a Shinobi, he already seems to be around Chunnin level, so it's logical that he has found a speciality. Even if I don't completely agree with it.' he thought with a sigh.

Kakashi thought back to Naruto's facial expression when he was imagining those trees to be enemy ninja, 'Then again, he seemed to actually enjoy the thought of killing others. Is it an influence from the Kyuubi?'

Kakashi heard footsteps coming up the tree he was on. Looking down, he saw Sasuke panting heavily but focussed on his goal.

Sasuke could see the top of the tree now, 'Amost there! I can't be left behind by those two!' and with one last push and a boost of chakra, he landed on a branch just under Kakashi.

With a sigh of satisfaction Sasuke lied back against his branch, looking up at the sky 'It's almost dusk? I must've been out here for hours. Hm, at least I know I got this mastered.' Then he noticed Kakashi's curious face staring down at him.

"Sasuke, I see you finally made it." he said with an eye-smile.

Sasuke just closed his eyes with a smirk, "Hn."

Turning away from his student, Kakashi mumbled "Good to know one of my students haven't changed."

This got Sasuke's attention, "Changed sensei?" he asked as he pushed himself into a sitting position.

Kakashi turned to Sasuke and sighed, "Sasuke let me ask you something, what is your focus for becoming a ninja?"

Sasuke's look darkened, "To hunt down the man who killed my clan."

"And how are you going to do that, hm?" Kakashi asked.

Sasuke looked at Kakashi frustrated, "I'll track him down."

With a raised eyebrow, Kakashi asked the simplest question. "How?"

Sasuke was about to retort before he stopped himself, 'How am I gonna do that? I have no skills in tracking.' He thought as he searched his mind for a response.

Kakashi interrupted Sasuke's little epiphany, "Every ninja picks a speciality that they will pursue as their main focus, most of the Uchiha clan chose to become combat specialists. But there are those that used their Sharingan to pick up on subtle changes in the environment to track where a person has been."

"So I will learn to do both," Sasuke spoke confidently.

"It took the average Uchiha near fifteen years to master their tracking skills" Kakashi informed, breaking Sasuke's confidence. "Although every now and then, there are ninja that pop up once a generation that can be a jack of all trades. But usually a master of none, do you understand what I'm saying Sasuke?" Kakashi asked.

Sasuke frowned up at his sensei, "You're saying if I'm going to be strong enough to beat him, I won't be able to find him. And if I can find him, he will slaughter me."

Kakashi nodded, "Yes, that is why we put you on teams." Kakashi said, causing Sasuke's face to light up in realisation.

"So you're saying with our team, we could get him?" Sasuke said.

Again, Kakashi nodded. "It's definately a possibility, now what would you say your specialty will be Sasuke?"

Sasuke thought hard, "Probably hunting, it'll complement Naruto's choice well and together we can fulfil my goal."

Kakashi was startled, "You know about Naruto's choice in specialty?" he asked.

Sasuke nodded with a "Hn."

'Hmm it seems these two are closer than I realised, maybe i can use this.' he thought as he formulated his next question, "Do you know why Naruto chose….Assassination?"

With a shrug, Sasuke said "Yeah, he says it was the Third Hokage's wish that Naruto be able to protect the village. Naruto thinks this path will help him do so to the best of his abilities."

Now it was Kakashi's turn to have an epiphany, 'Maybe it wasn't darkness I heard in Naruto's voice before. Just cold hard determination.' he thought, convincing himself that Naruto wasn't taking pleasure in the thought of killing.

Standing up Kakashi turned back to Sasuke, "Well I guess as a sensei, it's my job to make you both well rounded ninja and help you maximize your chosen specialty. We'll do so after we finish this mission."

Sasuke got up as well, "Speaking of the mission Kakashi sensei, you haven't actually debriefed us on what it is we've been hired to do."

"Well then let's return to camp, I'll inform everyone at once." And with that the two ninja jumped down from the treetops.

Naruto looked up from his spot next to Sakura's head, "Ohayo sensei, teme. You up for some meat?" said Naruto gesturing to the roasted boar sitting over the fire.

Looking at Sakura's head Sasuke asked, "What did you do this time?."

Sakura glanced up at Naruto who was halfway through a stick of meat before looking back to Sasuke, "I wanted to sleep next to you in the tent Sasuke-kun, but Naruto-baka put my stuff in a separate compartment in the tent."

Kakashi looked at Sakura, "He buried you for that?" Kakashi asked.

Naruto stopped chewing to reply, "Nah, I buried her for trying to steal a pair of Sasuke's underwear."

"HEY in my defence, I ju-MMMFF"

"I think she likes the taste of tape, guys." Naruto said with a cheeky grin.

Kakashi raised a brow at Naruto, "How's she gonna eat if her mouth is taped shut?"

Sasuke sat down on the other side of Sakura's head, "We'll leave some for her sensei."

With a sigh Kakashi took a seat opposite his team, "Alright, I guess now is the best time." he said, pulling out the mission scroll.

"Time for what sensei?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke leaned forward to explain, "He said to me that he was finally going to give us the mission details." Sasuke said with an excited glint in his eyes.

"So if you wouldn't mind Naruto..?" Kakashi gestured to Sakura's head.

Rolling his eyes and putting down his meat, he replied "Okay I got it." he then he dove under ground, and resurfaced pulling Sakura up with him feet first. "Done."

Ripping the tape off of her mouth, she scowled at Naruto before smiling at Kakashi, "Thanks sensei, and for your information Naruto I HATE YOUR DAMN TAPE."

Before he could reply Kakashi spoke, "We don't need to hear about your weird fetishes Sakura," she flushed bright red while Naruto and Sasuke smirked at her from each of her sides. "Now, as you know this a C-rank mission. But what you don't know is that it is a clean-up mission."

Sakura asked the obvious question, "Clean-up mission?"

Kakashi nodded, "Yes, you see there was an A-ranked mission the take out a rogue ninja that was leading a band of thugs across fire country robbing all the travellers they came across, and with that mission being successful. The leftover bandits and thugs split into two groups under the ninja's two apprentices. Now, there are two small thug and bandit camps around the last vicinity the ninja was seen. We, are to capture at least one leader of either small group and kill off the rest. Understood?"

Naruto smirked towards his sensei, "I'm guessing we will take one camp at a time right? With us gennin taking out the weak ass 'thugs' while you handle the big boss men?" Naruto asked.

Kakashi nodded, "Precisely, but first. We will be heading to meet the mayor of the small town that hired us, they should only be an hour away if you can all use your recently learned skills so we can tree hop there. Think you can handle it?"

Team seven smiled and saluted, "HAI SENSEI!"

Kakashi eye-smiled back, "Alright, off to bed then, we leave at dawn once more."


Chapter End