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Taking a moment before he speaks, the doctor finally delivers some of the best news the team has heard for several hours. "She's going to be fine. The ultrasound showed blood in her abdomen and we needed to get her into surgery quickly to see exactly what damage had been done. We were able to save her spleen and that is obviously the best possible outcome. The spleen helps protect the body from certain infections, so it is always better to leave it intact rather than leave the person with a compromised immune system because we had to remove it. She is stabilized and we don't anticipate any more setbacks. We are going to let her wake up on her own, so if one of you wants to be here first thing in the morning it would be a good idea. She will likely be awake by mid-morning."

Feeling a sense of calm that has been out of reach for way too long, the team gives themselves a moment to enjoy the good news. Eric addresses the doctor first, "Can we see her when she gets back in her room?" The doctor can tell everyone is anxious to see her with their own eyes and know Nell is really holding her own.

"She's going to be in recovery for a couple more hours. Obviously it is well past visiting hours, but I will allow all of you to wait in her room until they bring her back. I only want you to stay long enough to see for yourselves that she is fine. Nell is going to need a lot of rest during the next couple weeks." The doctor makes eye contact with each member and waits for confirmation they will follow his orders.

Settling into the small room, they spread out in various locations to sit while they wait. "I should be the one who comes back to stay with her in the morning." They all look around at each other and realize he probably feels the most responsible for her at this point; especially with everything that led up to her hospitalization. Kensi responds after doing a quick scan of the faces in the room, "That's a good idea, Deeks. You stay with her for the day and keep us updated. We will all stop by after work and make sure she survived all day with you." Throwing a smirk Deeks direction, she laughs as he rolls his eyes.

Hetty nods in agreeance, "I agree with Ms. Blye. You and Ms. Jones have forged a strong friendship over the course of these events and I think it will be good if she sees you as she is waking up." The team makes small talk to keep them occupied as they wait for Nell to be brought back to the room. The nurse finally steps into the room and addresses the anxious faces. "They are bringing back to the room now. I need you guys to step out in the hall so they have room for the bed." Giving them all a bright smile, she adds. "It's a bit of a tight fit and, well, there are a lot of you."

Laughing slightly, they all stand and move to the hallway. Watching in the direction of the hallway, they wait. Again. Seeing her finally arrive, they all try to catch a peek as she is wheeled towards them. After the nurses get her settled, the team goes in one at a time giving them the necessary reassurance that all is good.

Eric and Callen are once again the final two waiting to see Nell. After going into see Nell, Eric comes out with a smile on his face instead of coming out pale and ready to pass out. She looks so much better!" Matching his smile, Callen bids the man goodbye and moves into the room himself.

Upon entering the room, the first thing he notices is her color seems to have come back almost all the way. She is still more pale than usual, but he is much more confident now that she will recover just fine. Moving towards her bed, he takes her hand and squeezes it gently. "You're gonna be fine, Nell. Deeks is gonna be here in a couple of hours." He smiles at her sleeping frame as he stands to leave. "Play nice!"

Arriving back at the Mission after only a couple hours of sleep, Callen laughs as he sees the tired bodies of the team laying their heads on their desks. "You guys act like this is the first time we have come into work with little to no sleep." The groans he receives only makes him laugh more. "Some of us actually require sleep, G." Sam says shooting him a dirty look.

Looking at Kensi, Callen inquires as to any updates that may have come in regarding Nell. "She is doing really good. No problems at all. She woke up for a brief minute earlier, but the medicine is keeping her pretty tired." They all nod at the news and settle into their desks to catch up on paperwork.

Thankfully the day is slow and no cases come in leaving the team to find ways to occupy their time as they wait for the end of the day to arrive. They are all anxious to return to the hospital and see Nell. Deeks has been calling or texting with regular updates and they are relieved to hear she has been awake for short periods throughout the course of the day.

Having exhausted all the usual techniques to occupy their time, they decide to ask Hetty for permission to leave a little early. Sam volunteers Callen for the task citing him knowing her longer than any of them. Giving a smirk, Callen stands to check with Hetty. "You guys do realize she won't mind us leaving early since there is nothing else to do around here. I don't know why you guys are so worried about asking."

Returning to the bullpen a few minutes later, Callen nods his head letting everyone know he was right. They all grab their bags and make their way out of the Mission. Having stopped in the ops center before leaving, Kensi let Eric know he was free to leave as well. Relieved at the news, Eric quickly packs up and heads to the hospital as well.

Meeting in the parking lot of the hospital, the team all go up together. Kensi texts Deeks on the way and they are happy to hear she is awake. Coming around the corner to the room, they hear Deeks bantering back and forth with Nell. Entering the room, Eric takes in the scene and decides to offer some comedy relief.

Standing up straight and puffing his chest out slightly, Eric speaks in a deep voice as he looks between Deeks and Nell. "Excuse me ma'am. Is this guy bothering you? Cause I can take care of him if you need me too." He walks towards Deeks like he is ready to take him out. Rising to his feet to match Eric's height, Deeks closes the gap between the two men.

Playing along, Deeks challenges Eric. "You really think you got what it takes, man?" Locking eyes with Deeks, Eric takes a second before replying. Taking a step back, Eric puts his hands up in the air. "Yea….well, it seemed like I had what it takes. Then you stood up." The whole room breaks into laughter.

Appearing in the doorway, Hetty takes in the scene as she watches her team. They are enjoying an easy banter and she feels very blessed that everyone seems to be making through the ordeal as unscathed as possible. She knows there is a still a long road ahead for Nell, but she also knows the men and women in the room can face anything as long as they continue to rely on each other.