Title: How about those sundaes?
Summary: Q is still curious about the food he almost ate.
Character(s): Q, Data
Pairings: None
Genre(s): Friendship, Humor
Word Count: 186
Rating: K
Warnings: Possible OOC-ness (in the eye of the beholder)

Author's note: I'm doing a bit of cleaning off my hard drive in these last hours of the old year, and I'm publishing whatever I find that I've written this year. There's a few from TNG, since I was introduced to it this year and have watched my way through a fair portion of it (got a long way to go, though).

I wrote this soon after watching the episode Deja Q, based on the interactions between Q and Data. Looking back, I realize it's not my best work (sad face) but hopefully it'll at least make some of you smile.

Disclaimer: Much as I wish it were, Star Trek is not mine.

Out of the blue one day, Data found himself sitting at the bar in Ten-Forward.

He realized instantly he had been teleported, mainly due to two reasons: one, he had no memory of so much as leaving his quarters, and two, Q was sitting next to him.

"Ah, hello Data," Q said with a smile. "Nice of you to drop by."

"Whether it is 'nice' or not has nothing to do with it, as you obviously teleported me here," Data responded.

"See, that's why I like you! You tolerate me! Now can you order me those chocolate sundaes and we'll have a friendly chat."

"Why can you not order them for yourself?"

"Guinan's on duty."

"…ah. I shall order them for you. May I ask why?"

"Because I've been consumed by curiosity ever since I returned to the Continuum! I've got to see what sundaes are about!"

Author's note: I hope you enjoyed that. As always, I appreciate reviews, even on my more low-quality work.