This is my first Fairy Tail fan fiction! :D Sorry for any OOC-ness. This story is in Gray's point of view, and I've never written a story in first person before. Though this chapter is a recap of Gray's memories in episode 37 to make it longer I added some stuff.

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Cana was telling my fortune, and failing at that. She told me that today is filled with luck or something. But today's been anything but that.

"Can't you just be happy about having some luck?" she asks, looking pretty annoyed with me. Probably cause I was doubting her skills as a wizard, telling her to redo my fortune.

"Luck, my butt. First I fell into a ditch this morning and then I lost my wallet…" I start. The guild doors open. "Today's been a horrible day!" I finish, only just noticing some girl walking in.

This girl had short, red hair and an eye patch on her right eye. The dress she was wearing was torn and tattered, it was white and she was carrying a sack over her shoulder. She mutters something but I couldn't hear her.

She walks up to the counter and asks where the person in charge is. One of the guild's waitresses goes to get Gramps; he comes out to see the redheaded girl. "And what would your name be?" Gramps asks the girl that looks about my and Cana's age. The redhead spoke "Erza." And that's all she said pretty much the entire day. The only other thing she said was that she wants to join the guild and that she uses requip magic. Gramps of course let Ezra or Erza or whatever her name is join, cause he's Gramps, he gives everyone a chance.

Gramps calls to that waitress. "Dahlia, get this young girl some new clothes and a Fairy Tail mark, we have ourselves a new member."(I made up a name :P) Everyone cheers, excited that we're getting a new member, but her face stays blank. I don't trust her, I just don't like her. She seems like she won't fit in here.

A few days passed and everyone pretty much gave up. Erza just won't talk to anyone. "That girl won't talk to anyone." Cana says, apparently reading my mind. "Then why don't you talk to her?" I say back.

Cana sighs "She just ignored me like crazy."

"Well, I don't like her. She comes here and doesn't even introduce herself to The Great Gray." I say proudly smiling at myself.

"Since when do you call yourself that?" Cana says, apparently not appreciating my awesomeness. I just ignore her.

Since Erza didn't officially introduce herself to me, I'll just introduce myself to her. 'Maybe then she'll she how great I am.' I think as I walk up to her. "Hey, you" I say.

No response. She just keeps eating her bread.

I clench my teeth and fists, 'Is she really ignoring me?' I don't like this girl one bit, so I do what any 10 year-old boy would do, I kick something to get her attention. That something being the table she's eating at. She looks mad, but at least it worked.

"What's the big idea?" she says, clearly ticked off. Good, annoying her made her talk and her talking means that she not ignoring me.

"This is a wizards' guild, don't be wearing amour round' here." I say, pretty confident in myself. Then she decides that she isn't gonna let me win.

"Well at least I wear clothes," she says, probably pointing out that I'm in my underwear "what is this place, a perverts' guild?" she says pretty bluntly. The whole guild bursts out laughing. "That one's got a mouth, doesn't she?" I hear someone say. Oh now it was on, I not gonna accept her insulting me like that so, I challenge her.

Erza rolls her eyes, well, eye at first, but she does except my challenge. And that is all that matters. Now she can see how cool I am, I can already picture her beggin' for mercy. :3

Now we're in the East Forest, me and Erza stand facing each other, ready for battle. I throw my fist at her, but she blocks it. Now she's somehow behind me and she kicks me in the head, and man does it hurt! Before I knew it I was passed out on the ground, Erza won. Now I really hate her.

I guess Erza dragged me back into the guild, cause I woke up there. The first thing I see waking up is Cana, smiling at me like she knows somethin.

"She beat you in two seconds, didn't she?" she says holding back a laugh. "Well what would you know?!" I say jumping up, fists clenched yelling at her. I storm out of the guild, I don't care if people think its childish, cause I am a kid, so what does it matter? 'Stupid Erza, I make her pay, she will be beggin for mercy one day!' (I just realized that Gray's thoughts just now rhymed :0 MAGICAL) She will pay, maybe I'm not strong enough to beat her now, but that can be fixed with some training! So I go back to the forest and train my butt off.

No matter how much I train I just can't beat Erza! I swear she's like, some alien or somethin, it just doesn't seem real!

Sitting at a table at the guild, Macao and Wakaba notice my beaten up face. "Hey Gray, did Erza beat you up again?" Macao says "Man you never learn, you must have a crush on her!" Wakaba taunts "SHUT UP!" I yell "She's really something, getting ol' Gray worked up like this!" Wakaba says to Macao. "I'll bet she'll even be in charge one of these days!" Macao says back. That ticks me off; she'll be in charge one of these days? What would make her say that, she's barely part of the guild! "I refuse to accept her as one of us!"I say storming out again to find Erza.

It takes a while, but I do find her. She's sitting by a river; one that a lot of people sit by actually.

"Found ya, Erza." I say, then I yell, "Erza I challenge you! I will beat you, once and for all-"

I'm cut off by her turning around, and she was doing the last thing that I thought she would, she's crying. "Oh, it's you." She says, wiping her tears. "Sheesh, you never learn." She says standing up, brave and tall. "All right. Give me your best shot." She says.

I feel my face heat up, 'Blushing?' I think to myself "No, uhhh…" My mind goes blank. 'Why was she crying?' is all I could think. Truthfully, Erza is so emotionless; I didn't even think she could cry!

"What's the matter? Giving up already?" she says, probably confused with why I wasn't throwing punches at her yet.

"Wh-Why are you always by yourself?" I say, with my face probably still all red. She doesn't' look very shocked when I ask her this, but then she gives me a weak smile... "I like being alone. I feel uneasy around people." She says.

"Then…then why are you crying all alone?" I say a little bit louder and stronger. But I can still feel that dang blush on my face.

This time she looked really shocked, I took the moment to walk over and sit down next to where she's standing.

Then she gives me the cutest freakin smile I've ever seen. Stupid Erza and her nice smiles… "You're not going to fight me today?" she asks. "I can do whatever I want!" I yell.

We just stay there for awhile, and to be honest, it's pretty nice just being here with her. After who knows how long Erza says "We should probably get back to the guild…"

She was right; the sun was already down now. But I wanted to ask her one more thing. "Hey Erza, why were you crying anyway?" I ask

She stiffens up a bit then lets out a 'Hmph' "I wasn't crying!" she says stubbornly, sticking her nose up and walking away. I laugh. Never knew she could be like that.

Back at the guild Erza seemed, different. In a good way, but different. She was more open; she actually talked to a few people.

I felt like she was showing us the real her, and she finally felt like my friend, my comrade, my nakama. The Erza that she showed today wasn't that mean; still a little mean though, she was Erza.

'So this is the real Erza, huh?' I think to myself, 'Well I guess she isn't that bad.'


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