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I didn't trust Erza when I first met her, now that feeling is coming back to me; maybe because I'm blindfolded walking aimlessly to wherever Erza was taking me. She was pulling me by the wrist with her amor-less hand.

Now that I think about it, she's been actin weird lately. She doesn't talk as much, she always seems in a hurry, and she won't let me walk into town for some reason. Maybe that's where we're going to. I decide to ask even though I already know she won't answer me.

"Oi, Erza, where are we going?" I ask

"You'll know when we get there." She says back. Figures.

After walking for a while I feel Erza stopping me, "We're here." She said, she sounds pretty excited. She takes off my blindfold and then, I see it.

In the center of town there's a big fountain, it has some spell on it so the water doesn't freeze in the winter. But it wasn't the fountain that surprised me, it was the ice sculptures; my ice sculptures, surrounding it. I expected a few different things from Erza, but definitely not this. She even took off her armor this, it must be important to her.

Erza will take off her armor for only a few occasions. But she did look beautiful. She had on a blue winter coat, dark jeans, and black boots. It was probably pretty cold outside to her, it doesn't really affect me. I was wea-wait…WHERE DID MY SHIRT GO?! I decided to let it go since Erza is already used to my habit.

"How." Is all I could say, I turned to her and she had that cute smile on her face again. "They're all your creations, some of them were gifts to me, and others I sort of took…" She said, looking kinda guilty. She may have taken a few of my sculptures, but what she turned them into was amazing. "I got permission from the mayor to do this. This is also why I wouldn't let you walk into town." She finished.

The way she decorated everything was amazing, there were sculptures of anything Christmas related surrounding the fountain, and the Fairy Tail symbol at the top.

"Well, how do you like it? She asked, apparently wanting me to give her a score or something. "I borrowed a landscape designing book for Levy, it was a good thing it had a section on ice sculptures."

I grinned. I knew what I was about to do was cheesy, but I was going to do it anyway.

"Ya know, there's one thing missing…" I started. Erza panicked, "There is, what?!" she said/yelled to me. She started going through everything she did again, trying to see what she missed. Erza was always looking to improve in any way she could. I thought she was cute when she got all nervous like that.

I used my ice magic to make a rose- and yeah it's cheesy, I know-then held it out to her. She snapped out of her nervous tantrum and just looked at the rose for a moment. Then she smiled and laughed slightly.

"Really?" She asked, looking at me with her 'You do know how cheesy this is, right?' face.

"Yes, really." I said back. She took the rose out of my hand and looked at it closer. "It's lovely." She said.

"But you don't have to give this to me, tonight I was supposed to be thanking you." She said, handing it back. 'Figured she'd do somethin like that…' I thought. Then I pushed her hand away, "I insist." She laughed slightly.

"What're you thanking me for anyway?" I asked, what is there to thank me for?

"Well for everything I'm thankful to you for." She said in her 'Obviously' voice. What does she have to thank me for?

"Like what?" I ask.

"Like what? Well, a lot of things. Like when I first came to the guild, without you I probably would've never opened up to anyone. If you hadn't found me that day by the river, we probably never would've become friends. I would've never become friends with Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, and so many other people." She said. I was a little shocked to hear her say that. All of this, all the good times she had, all the good friends she made, because of me? Guess I never looked at it that way.

"There was also that time you let me cry on you, I really needed that at the time. It reassured me that you, that everyone in Fairy Tail was there for me. I needed to be reminded of that. Then there was the time when I was insisting on someone to cut off my arm, so the poison in it wouldn't spread. Lyon agreed to it but you stopped him before he did because there might've been another way. I wouldn't have my arm right now if you hadn't done that; it would've been a big setback to not have my right arm. I am right handed." She pointed out. She was right; I did do all that for her. I guess I never thought much of it; Erza's my best friend and I would do anything for her.

"There were so many times that you put me first, comforting me, bringing me to my senses, giving me everything that I really don't deserve. That's why I did this, it's my thank-you gift to you." She finished.

Did I really do all of that for her? I mean I don't see why I need all of this. This area was blocked off to me for almost a year, so she was probably working on it for that long. And if she researched beforehand, then how long did this really take?

"But, there's one I want to ask you…" she said. Ask me? I saw her blush, that instantly made me do the same thing. What was she going to ask me? (SUSPENSE)

She started getting all nervous; it was very… not like her.

"Mira told me a long time ago that you…like me." She said. Her face was turned away from me Oh crap. Mira, why do have to do this to me? I could picture her innocent face turning into an evil one, laughing at me. Curse her.

She looked at me, her face was still red. "Is that true?" she asked

I felt my face get really warm. What was I supposed to tell her? That I've loved her for 9 years? Dang it Mira, why'd ya have to go and tell her about this?! I wonder when she told her…

"I mean, I understand if you don't want to answer; it was probably just Mira messing with me anyway. When she told me that we were still rivals so… yeah, she was probably just messing with me." She said really fast.

She really wasn't acting like herself; if she was she'd probably be grabbing onto the front of my shirt, forcing answers out of me by now. Yeah, that's what normal Erza would do.

"Well um…I should go. But I really do appreciate everything you've done for me over the years, so thank you." She said. She was starting to walk away when I somehow found something to say.

"When Mira told you that, she wasn't messing with you. I do like you, a lot; I have for awhile now." I said. I don't know where those words came from, but I'm glad I said them. Her face was really red now; I didn't know where her skin ended and her hair started.

"R-really?" she seemed pretty surprised.

"Yeah, really." I said, then somethin hit me. "Hey, why did you ask me that?" I asked. If she asked me that then would that mean she liked me back? Oh Mavis, I hope so.

"Well, I, um…" she mumbled. Then she shook her head.

She walked over to me and asked, "Do you know the saying 'Actions speak louder than words'?"

"Umm…yeah. But how does that have to do wi-" I was cut off by her lips. Oh my Mavis, she was kissing me. I mean, I've kissed her before-but that was when we were little; and it was on a dare-but this was different. The kiss didn't last long but, it was still a kiss. And Erza chose to do it.

When she broke I was still in a daze and she wouldn't look at me. She walked away quickly and said, "Thanks for the rose by the way."

There aren't a lot of people who can get me like this but…she can.

Leave it to Erza.

Behind a brick wall near the center of town. (Mira POV)

Cana, Levy, Lucy, Juvia, Happy, and I were spying on Gray and Erza.

"I never realized how much Gray's done for Erza…" Lucy said. She looked touched by the whole situation.

"I can't believe Juvia had the wrong Romantic Rival the whole time!" Juvia said with tears in her eyes. Then she walked over to Lucy and started apologizing. I feel a bit bad for her, but this is a good thing; maybe she'll finally realize how perfect she is for Lyon.

"Hey Mira, remember that time 5 years ago?" Happy asked. Of course I remembered, I never thought it could get cuter than that but with what was happening right now… I don't know what's cuter. Maybe I should get Happy's advice.

"Happy, what do think is cuter, this or 5 years ago?" I ask "Definitely this." He said back. I smiled. He was right, this is cuter.

"What do you guys mean '5 years ago'?" Levy asked, saying '5 years ago' with a mysterious tone.

"Apparently, 5 years ago, Erza was crying and no one knew what to do. But then Gray came in and comforted her. I wasn't there but Mira told me about it." Cana answered.

"Yep, it was adorable. Happy was there too!" I said with my hands on my face shaking my head back and forth. "Aye!" Happy added in.

"Why does Gray-sama have to love Erza?!" Juvia said, still crying. Why did she come along? I guess she just heard Gray's name and decided she should go.

And then, in the middle of our big discussion, it happened, THEY KISSED! I was fangirling so much, and there was no one to stop me; everyone else was freaking out too!

Our reactions

Me:" hcjfjfiosfjdlnvoshf*FANGASM*jkofdsjonldkf*FAINT*"

Happy: "I knew it I knew it I knew it! THEY LIIIIIIIIIKE EACH OTHER!"

Lucy: "OMM (Oh My Mavis) what just happened? Did you see that? Did I see that?"

Levy: *High-fiving Happy* Oh yeah, they do liiiiiike each other!" Happy: "Hey don't steal my thing Levy!" Levy: "Sorry..."

Cana: Oh yeah, I knew Erza had it in her! *Somehow finds alcohol from thin air* LET'S CELEBRATE!"

Juvia: NO GRAY-SAMA NOOOO! WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO JUVIA?! *Raincloud appears over her head* Drip drop drip…Juvia is depressed…she can't compare to Erza…"

How Gray and Erza didn't hear them, no one knows.


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