Author Note: Some people may consider this a weird crossover, but I think I can pull it off ;D

Well, I love Danny Phantom and I'm obsessed with it and My Candy Love. I am only on episode 12, and I apologize when things are wrong because I have the memory of a gold fish (Fun Fact: Goldfishes have a 3 second memory…) Therefore I am like this: Hey, Have you seen my sunglasses?...Have you seen my sunglasses? Did I eat today? Did I play My Candy Love today? Do penguins live in the North Pole or the South Pole?

I'm not random; I'm just so fast that no one else can catch up! XD

Seriously, this came to me in a dream…I need to get my dreams checked because they are pretty weird…

P.S. the title, Amour Fantôme, very roughly means love ghost, but it sounds better in French, and it has a nice ring to it XD


Title: Amour Fantôme

Summary: Danny Fenton's life turns bad. He's been betrayed by Tucker and his parents. As a result, he and Jazz move to a little town called Sweet Amoris to start a new life while Sam stays behind, going undercover to keep them updated. But will love arise between two? Will ghosts threaten the new life? Find out… Amour Fantôme

Crossover: Danny Phantom and My Candy Love (Amour Sucre)
T for Teen

Genre: Suspense/Romance/Humor/Mystery

Disclaimer: I do not own nor claim Danny Phantom. I do not own nor claim My Candy Love AKA Amour Sucre.

Note(s): A bit AU for Danny Phantom. He's seventeen, and Jazz is too (She's older by a few months therefore still says, little brother). Takes place after D-Stabilized, but Phantom Planet never happened.

Also, who should they meet first? Officially meet, at the school? Nathaniel, Ken, Lysander, Castiel, Kim, Violet, Cappiune, Rosayala (who would be referred as Rosa most of the time), or perhaps Jade? Maybe even Melody? Please let me know in your review!


Danny's P.O.V:

I can't believe it! I'm finally seventeen! I think the best gift was that I had a growth spurt. I was now taller, and my hair has already grown out these past few years. Sam convinced me to change me look though. I now wore black pants with steel-toed combat shoes. Sam trued to get me into skinny jeans, I draw the line there. Plus, I love my white and red shirt too much.

In these years, Sam and Tucker have changed a bit too. Sam, my secret crush, wears black skinny jeans, black combat boots, a black choker with matching bracelet, spider earrings, a purple tank top and a black crop jacket. Her hair is a bit longer, but she still keeps it in a ponytail with a green band-thingy (I'm a guy, I don't know these terms!). Tucker wears his yellow shirt with dark cameo pants and his normal red beret with his many PDAs. Sadly, my parents still wear their jumpsuits.

"Happy birthday Danny!"

I smiled at my friends and family. It wasn't much of a party. Just me, Jazz, Sam, Tucker, and my parents.

"Danny, open mine first!"

Mom smiled at Dad's child-like attitude. Dad handed me a neon green box.

"Dear," Mom said, "It's from your father and I."

I opened the neon gift. Inside, there was a pair of Fenton Phones, but they looked different. They were not as large as they used to be. They would be not as noticeable if I wore them. The colors were different. The metal was still there, but the main color was black.


"Jack, inside voice."
"Sorry, Maddie."

I smiled at the antics of my parents and Jazz handed me her gift. I opened it and smiled. My sister's gift was a thermos, but it was larger and I could tell it was modified.

"It's from me and Tucker," Jazz said.

I could kind of tell that, because it was too modified for 'Ghost Getter 1' to do on her own.

"Thanks guys…"

"Jazzypants!" Dad said while wiping a tear from his eye, "Going into the family business!"

Tucker still had his arms crossed. Personally, I don't know what is up with him.

"Here Danny."

Sam handed me her gift with a blush, which caused me to blush too. It was wrapped in black wrapping paper that was covered with spiders. I opened it. I smiled.

"Thanks Sam."
It was a neon green chain that I could put on my pants that had a little 'bedsheet ghost' attached to it. I smiled warmly. My family, and my friends, are the world to me.

Sam blushed and Tucker grumbled under his breath. After the 'party', Sam, Tuck, and I started to walk to the theaters.

I let out a gasp as a blue wisp escaped my mouth and I groaned.

"Never a break…"

Third Person:

"Okay, Tucker," Sam said, "what is your deal? You've been very rude and in a bad mood since yesterday and asked to talk me alone, what is your deal?"
"My deal," Tucker said with a scowl, "Is Danny."

Sam blinked, "What?"
"I mean, he's changed Sam! He's thinks he's so high and mighty and abandons us!"

"Danny does not abandon us!"

"Think Sam, think! Has he ever thanked us? Us, the people who are reasonable for Danny being a superhero?! Or the people who helps him when he's in trouble? The people who get no credit what so ever!?"
Sam wasn't sure what to think. She sighed, "Maybe you're right Tucker…"

Tucker smiled.

"Whoa…I'm gone for five minutes to deal with Boxy, and suddenly I see a miracle! Tucker Foley, being right! And Sam agreeing! What is he right about anyway?"
Tucker scowled and Sam looked sheepish. Danny landed on the ground and transformed back into Fenton. He wasn't worried about people, since they were alone and it was pretty late.

"Nothing Danny, just he's right….You're working yourself too hard?"

Danny looked confused, working too hard? Nothing interesting has happened for the past two weeks besides the normal visits of Skulker and Boxy… ahh the joys of summer…

Tucker scowled for a moment and sent a thankful look to Sam, who nodded. Danny blinked, still being utterly clueless.

After the movie, Sam and Tucker said their goodbyes to Danny when they reached his house. He smiled and waved them goodbye back.

"Okay, Tucker, what was it you wanted to say?"

They were walking down the street, late at night, alone.

"Well….. I told Danny's parents that he's half ghost… and we have a plan…."

Danny just got into bed. He plopped down and fell asleep only to wake up to his phone ringing loudly. He groaned and answered it.


"DANNY! Danny, you got to get out of there?"

"Sam? Didn't you just leave?"

"That's not the point, Danny; I'm on my way over there. I've called Jazz, Danny, be careful… and whatever you do, make sure Jazz is with you at all times, so your parents don't do anything!"
"My parents' don't-Sam," Danny said, now awake, "What's going on?"
"I'll explain when I get there!"

All Danny got as a reply, was the dial tone…

"Sam," Danny said quietly as he opened the door. His parents were asleep, and he didn't want to wake them. After Sam called, he went to Jazz's room to find her awake and crying. She didn't explain anything though. She had a suitcase packed and Danny's suitcase was in her hands. She had handed it to him and told him to pack. Danny didn't understand, but did as he was told, trusting Jazz. He packed everything from some clothes, to all his money. Jazz was down in the lab, putting them into the specter speeder when Sam arrived.

"Danny," Sam said and he could see that she was crying. She came inside and Danny closed the door. Sam sighed.

"Danny, you have to listen to me! Please."

Danny was confused and clueless. Yet, seeing Sam's tears, he listened. He held her in a hug to comfort her as she explained everything. Everything, that Danny dreaded to hear, and on his birthday too. Tucker was through being his 'lackey' and told his parents the truth. They had a plan that they were going to go to the GIW and try and remove his ghost half.

Danny gulped, "Remove my ghost half?"

Sam bit her lip and nodded. Danny was frozen.

"But…doesn't Tucker remember what would happen if I lose my humanity?"
"Tucker," Sam said in disgust, "has the idea that it wouldn't happen. Danny, your parents…they want to dissect you…Tucker told me that they planned to."

Danny looked down, "And you agreed with Tucker?"

"No… I was playing along. Danny, Jazz and I have a plan. You have your bags packed, right?"

Danny nodded.

"Good. You and Jazz are leaving. Leaving Amity Park to a new town. I'm gonna give Jazz some money, don't give me that look, we both know my parents have too much money. As soon as both of you are far enough away, I'm gonna put my acting skills to the test. I'll alert your parents that you're leaving and 'getting away', I'll act like I'm with them, Danny, but know that I never will agree with them…. I need to stay here though, undercover. I'll keep them off your track and update you on everything…"

"Sam," Danny said sadly, "I can't leave you."

Sam looked at him, a bit surprised. She put her hand on his cheek.

"Danny, you have to go. You can't….Danny; if you die…I can't let that happen. I love you…"

Sam kissed Danny, by surprise. Danny smiled into the kiss slightly. He parted so they could catch their breath.

"Sam….I love you too."

Sam's eyes filled with tears. Some from happiness in the moment, and some in sadness and heart break. Danny reached into his pocker. He pulled out a ring. Wes… Sam thought as she saw the words on it, no….it says…Sam….

Danny put the ring on her finger, "wait for me…"

"I will."

Danny kissed her again then phased down into the lab. Jazz looked at him knowingly. He blinked.


Danny blushed, sisters… they just know….like they have some sort of telepathy… geesh….

Jazz and Danny got into the specter just as his parents, Tucker, and Sam burst into the lab.

Danny felt a pang in his heart at his mother's words, maybe I can reason with them…


Jazz looked at her brother sadly as she started the Fenton Specter, planning to just make a hole in the roof to get away.

By now, Danny's heart felt broken. Sam held an ecto-weapon, but her eyes showed regret and sadness. Tucker was as hard as a stone.

Jazz used the weapons on the specter to fire a hole in the roof. She flew the specter out. Danny waved goodbye sadly. Jazz looked at her brother,

"Don't worry, little brother, it's gonna be okay…"
"I know, Jazz… I know…."

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