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Every time something happens, I just can't help but draw parallels. I have two best friends who know my secret (Castiel and Lysander). I have Jazz to keep me in line. I have a double identity, one as Danny Fonten and the other as Cadell. I have to keep my secret identity a secret, even with all the ghost attacks. Ghosts attack all the time, even during school. I have my two best friends to cover for me.

Of course, there are differences. For one, the media does not bad mouth me or anything. People here genuinely believe I'm here to help, which I am, despite me being a ghost. I don't have my parents, but thanks to Vlad I don't have to worry. Vlad isn't my enemy either. I think the biggest difference would be with me and Sam.

Sam, my lovely Sam, moved out of her house. She moved to Sweet Amoris and goes to Sweet Amoris High now (her and Rosa have become good friends- which I'm happy for since Sam needs a 'girlfriend'. She also has Kim- the alikeness between them two are almost frightening). I couldn't have my girlfriend living alone though, she lives with me. It's easier than you think since Jazz and Nathaniel got together.

Nathaniel and Jazz found an apartment and share it. Of course, Jazz was originally gonna live alone even if she was with Nathaniel. However, that changed when we figured out how Nathaniel's father was treating him. Now, he lives with Jazz.

In some way, this new life is very similar to my old one. However, I am happy of the differences, expect the difference with Alexy. I had no idea he was hitting on me until Sam saw and wouldn't stop laughing. Of course, she didn't tell me. Jazz was the one who finally just told me. Things got awkward after that.

"Danny, come on!"

I turned and saw Sam. She was waving me over and I ran to her. I grabbed her and kissed her, yep, I am defiantly happy with this different, new life of mine.