Written by: Ren Tamiya

Synopsis: Yoh Oyamada/ Yoh is your typical book writer who loves to play the piano. Hao on the other hand is a very rich CEO who wants to conquer Japan. Many wanted to bring Hao Asakura down. Hao is never interested in sexual relationships or romantic relationships not until he met Yoh, the one who changed his life forever. What if Yoh doesn't want to be with Hao. Well, he will definitely live up with his saying "What an Asakura wants, what an Asakura gets."

Warning:M - Yaoi, Mpreg, cursing

Anime, manga and characters: Definitely not mine

"The CEO of the Asakura Enterprises had recently opened a new company at Tokyo, Japan. He is well known for his transportation business which includes trains, buses, ships, airplanes, cars, motors and a lot more. He also owned different hospitals, schools and restaurants around the world. Mr. Hao Asakura, also known as The King, came from a long line of Japanese Noble and he managed to own most of the big companies here and abroad." The newscaster reported.

"This is, by far, one of the biggest companies I owned. This company in Tokyo will centre on our food and clothing industry all around the country. We are hoping to extend our success to all of our partner companies." Mr. Hao Asakura answered during the press conference held last Saturday at the famous five star hotel, Hotel Charles de au.

"You know how much I detest this, right?" Yoh asked in a serious manner.

"Oh, I know you love me too much." A guy with a blue spiky hair purred sweetly. He touched Yoh's shoulder caressing it gently. Then he added,

"I know you want it, Yoh."

Yoh slapped the hands of his companion and decided to back away against the wall. He was trapped between the cold wall and his 5'7 friend. He is greatly towered against his 5'5 height.

"Horohoro, this is not right." His breathe hitched and his heart is pumping aloud.

"You can't escape, Yoh-kun. This is where you belong." Horohoro evilly smirked as he drew his face close to Yoh.

"Horohoro I am sure everything will go well even without me." Yoh sheepishly chuckled a bit even in a tense situation.

"You still have that slacker and laid-back attitude of yours. Sooner or later it will bring you down, Yoh-kun." Horohoro whispered directly to Yoh's ears.

Suddenly the room's door opened up revealing an impatient blonde haired lady with a red bandana.

"How long will you let me wait?!" She impatiently tapped her shoes in the ground as she crossed her arms in front of her. Her black eyes are glaring at the two people inside the room.

"Now Anna, you are breaking the sweet aura already." Horohoro backed away from Yoh. Yoh sighed inwardly and looked at his bickering friends.

"I don't care what aura you are talking about, Usui Horokeu! Just tell him what we want and we are done with our mission." Anna angrily noted.

"I told him already." Horohoro answered.

"And I told him I won't do it. I already resigned from this job a long time ago and nothing could change my decision." Yoh honestly said as he picked up his bag from the corner.

"Don't run from your responsibility, Yoh." Anna called out. Yoh was walking away from them.

"Ever since I pledge to keep quiet after my resignation, I don't have any responsibilities related to this one." Yoh answered without turning.

"This is our last request, Yoh. We have to end the Diethel family. They are planning to have an alliance with the Asakura family. They want to kill the CEO and take over." Horohoro voiced out. Yoh looked at him with his seemingly laid-back smile.

"I am sure that the CEO is not as stupid as the Diethel think he is. He will never allow anyone to kill him." Yoh looked at his friends. And then he added,

"Let alone give the company to the Diethel's. They are those persons that are stupid. Surely they wouldn't want to be in the bad side of a Yakuza, right?"

"The Tao Family is also targeted by the Diethel." Anna said after a pregnant and uncomfortable pause.

"Then I have heard that Faust's family is also helping the Diethel." Horohoro added.

"Faust, huh? How can I help?" Yoh smiled.

Yoh, being himself, still had the passion to go into any adventures as long as he knew that it was right.

"Asakura family rumored to have killed the parents of the current President." Horoho gave a brown envelope to Yoh.

"Why would Faust interfere?" Yoh asked as he opened the envelope.

"He has a debt towards the Diethel family. He is just paying it off through helping them in their, supposed to be, mission." Horohoro answered with a smirk. He knows he won this time.

"Are you up for the challenge?" Horohoro asked.

"Seems interesting especially with the Faust involved. Count me in." Yoh closed the file.

Tao Family Manor…

"Master Ren, a phone call for you." The butler bowed as he brought the wireless telephone to his master.

Ren Tao looked at the butler and grasps the phone.

"Hello." Ren greeted nonchalantly.

"Still very cocky, are we?" The person on the line said with a chuckle.

Ren's eyes went wide as he heard the voice on the phone.


"It's been a while, Ren. How about some lunch?"

"Meet me at the usual." Ren answered as he smirked

"Bye." The voice briefly said and the line went dead. Ren was still shocked that 'he' called him.

"Who was it, young master?" The butler asked.

"Nothing of importance. I want you to prepare the car. We will go to the usual."

Asakura Company…

"Mr. Hao Asakura, are you really going to accept there proposal?" A man with an Auburn hair asked.

"Yes." Hao answered with no hesitation.

"Why? You are not going to get anything from them." The man asked curiously. He crooked his head when he saw Hao chuckled a bit.

"Oho… this will be fun." Hao smirked at his last statement before getting out of the room.

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