Chapter 1: First Mission

Written by: Ren Tamiya

Synopsis: Yoh Oyamada/ Yoh is your typical book writer who loves to play the piano. Hao on the other hand is a very rich CEO who wants to conquer Japan. Many wanted to bring Hao Asakura down. Hao is never interested in sexual relationships or romantic relationships not until he met Yoh, the one who changed his life forever. What if Yoh doesn't want to be with Hao. Well, he will definitely live up with his saying "What an Asakura wants, what an Asakura gets."

Warning:M - Yaoi, Mpreg, cursing

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"So you made him agree?" He asked as he scanned the newly placed information's in front of his desk.

"Yes sir, Kalim. He did agree for one sole purpose." Horohoro answered after placing the white envelopes in the table.

"Revenge?" Kalim asked.

"No. He never liked revenge. Knowing him, he is doing it for the risk and adventure or because of Faust." Horohoro replied solemnly. He took his snowboard from the table and placed it near his chair then he sat in the chair and began typing something in his computer.

"He never changed." Kalim mentioned with a smirk.

"He will always be Yoh." Anna said.

"Oh hey, have you read his new book?" A cute girl asked.

"Pirika!" Horohoro exclaimed then he added, "You are back!"

"Of course, nii-chan. I successfully finished my mission and I am going to help you with your next mission with Ms. Anna, Tamao-chan and Jojo-kun." Pirika answered proudly as she placed her bag in her table. She then opened her bag, grasped the book and placed it at the top of her table.

"Hey, that's Yoh's new book, right?" Horohoro asked amusingly.

"I think you're the only one in this office who hasn't read the book, Horohoro." Anna mockingly stated as she looked at Horohoro amusingly.

"Shut up, Anna. I just haven't got enough time to read those stuffs." Horohoro reasoned out which garnered a mocking laugh from his sister and Anna.

"So what is it about?" Horohoro asked.

"You should read it… I think it's about us and our journey. It is certainly good." Pirika commented as she placed the book at the top of Horohoro's table for him to see. Then she added,

"Remember not to damage it. It's one of my collection, onii-chan."

Asakura Company…

"President Hao, have you decided who to invite to the upcoming party?" Hao Asakura's secretary asked.

"Yes but I also want you to add other guests in case I had forgotten them in the list." Hao instructed as he placed the list on the table for the girl to check and see.

"Yes, Mr. President." The girl bowed.

"Oh and Mayumi." Hao called out.

"Yes, Mr. President?"

"Don't forget to give an extra entrance ticket to those who are gold and silver members." Hao reminded.

"Of course, Mr. President. Anything else, Mr. President?" Mayumi asked.

"Nothing. You can go now." He said.

So Mayumi bowed again and went outside the president's office.

"Diethel and Faust… huh? They don't interest me a bit but maybe… they could bring interesting events in my company." Hao murmured to himself and smirked a bit.


"You were called here too?" Ren Tao seriously asked.

"Yeah, he called mea few minutes ago." Ryunosuke Umemiya answered.

"I was glad that he called me too." Manta shyly added.

"I- I never saw him for a lot of years. I am so excited to see him again."

"You are excited. That's against your expression, Manta." Ryunosuke tsked as he patiently sat in his chair.

"I-I'm sorry." Manta silently apologizes.

"How will you be a CEO if you still don't have the confidence ne? Manta-kun?" A voice asked. The three of them looked at the source of the voice and they were beyond shocked. Manta suddenly jumped at the person and hugged him tightly.

"I can't believe I will be able to see you again." Manta exclaimed.

"Believe the unbelievable, Manta-kun. How are you both Ren and Ryu?" He asked his two friends.

"YOH!" Ren and Ryu both shouted. Many people are looking at them but they don't care. All they care now is that Yoh is currently in front of them.

"Sorry for not contacting you earlier guys. Erhm…. Yo!" He greeted.

Then they started to shout insults towards there friends while Yoh just sheepishly smiled at them and laughed at their antics.

"Sit down." Ren motioned.

Yoh then sat beside Manta.

"How come you only called now? What's the catch?" Ryu asked seriously.

"No catch at all." He lied.

"Maybe but you are keeping something, nii-chan." Manta added.

"Correct but well… let's order first before I speak." Yoh told them.

They shrugged it off and started to order their choice of food. After ordering, Ren confronted Yoh.

"What's up?" Ren asked in a straightforward manner. He looked at Yoh eye to eye.

"Nothing much. I just want to ask you three about the Diethel Family. How much do you know about that family?" Yoh asked with a small smile.

"Is that your new mission?" Ryu asked.

"Not really. I told you before, I quitted already and I have no obligation whatsoever to come back. I just heard a very intriguing piece of information but I want to hear your side of story first." Yoh answered back and looked at Ryu who nodded in acceptance.

"Diethel family is currently lead by Lyserg Diethel after the death of his parents 3 years ago. It was a massacre from a criminal called 'The Basilisk' who was never found after the so called death massacre of the Diethel." Manta started first. Yoh nodded his head being proud of Manta.

"True enough but ever since that time they are nowhere near as Manta's company. Before, they are the second most powerful but now they are very far from us already." Ren added as he crooked his forehead.

"And now they are planning to be partners with the Asakura Family. They must be nuts as hell." Ryu blurted out as he sipped from the wine he ordered before Yoh came.

"The worst part is that Hao is accepting the proposal from that stupid family. I don't know what come up to him but I don't care as long as the income won't go down because of the Diethel." Ren angrily added.

"He is also ganging up with the Faust. They are very famous in the underworld and they are never to mess with. Except if it's the group of Hao-san then it is fine. Then again we are not yet sure but some people said that they are still doing illegal experiments on cloning and they are using dead bodies." Manta shook his head of the information's he knew then he added curiously,

"Why, nii-chan? What information do you want to know about them?"

"Thank you, unfortunately, I already know that information's. I need a few more to file a case or blackmail them into submission." Yoh told them.

"Why? What's the catch?" Ren asked intensely.

"I have gathered information that they are planning to take over Asakura Enterprises, and bring down Tao, Umemiya and Oyamada Companies around the globe. I don't know how they are going to do that but I assume Hao won't allow it and he won't be killed that easily. But I am here to specifically warn the three of you about there game. It might not be obvious but they are planning something. I just want you to watch your back. You are all important to me." Yoh took a deep breathe and looked at them one by one.

Ryunosuke patted Yoh's hair, Manta started crying and Ren looked anywhere other than Yoh.

"We already know that you cared for us. So… thanks." Ren embarrassingly admitted with a small blush in his face.

"Oh my little brother is growing." Ryu teased.

"Arigatou… *sniffs sniffs* Onii-chan!" Manta declared as he wiped the falling tears.

Yoh truthfully smiled at them.

"Hey… this is not the time for tears and memories." Yoh mentioned to them. They all smiled back at him.

The food arrived and they started to eat.

"We should do this more often." Manta commented with a slight nudge to Yoh.

"Perhaps if we have a lot of free time." Ren said.

"Don't worry, just call me. I am always free." Yoh encouragingly stated.

"By the way, are you invited in the gathering, Yoh?" Manta asked.

"What gathering?" Yoh asked.

"You know… Asakura party in the Charles de au Hotel this Sunday. Familiar?" Manta tried to explain.

"Oh! Yeah… the party. Hmmm… yes I got an invite from Asakura's secretary. It was gold ticket." Yoh answered.

"How come you got a gold one?" Ryu asked.

"Oyamada… sound familiar?" Yoh asked. Ryu and Ren nodded there heads in understanding. How come they could forget?

"I am sure it is out of respect. I assume all of you got gold once too?" Yoh once again asked. The three nodded.

"Another reason why I called is that I want some of my friends to sneak in as your invited guests. I know the three of you won't invite anyone else." Yoh smiled.

"What friends?" Ren asked.

"Oh! Some couple of old colleagues. They wanted to investigate just in case there will be an attack in the party." Yoh honestly answered.

"Sure." Manta easily said.

"Alright I'll agree." Ryu said then he added, "For my little brother."

"Now you are teasing me, Ryu-nii." Yoh pouted slightly.

Even if he is a boy he still has a very feminine psyche. He has a cute pout, sweet kissable lips curvy body and sexy eyes. Any guys will fall for him if they haven't guessed that he is a guy by nature.

"You are still so cute, imouto" Ryu teased a bit more.

"Mou! I am not your sister, Ryuu-nii. I am a brother…. B.R.O.T.H.E.R.!" Yoh declared.

"Stop being childish, Yoh!" Ren barked in anger. He liked Yoh being so cute but because he liked it, he hated others seeing that side of Yoh.

"So will you agree too, Ren?" Yoh asked with his puppy eyes.

"Fine." Ren surrendered.

"And Manta-kun." Yoh called.

"Yes, nii-chan?"

"Do you mind if I will be your female partner? I don't know what they are planning but they are going to dress me up as a girl and my ticket will be borrowed by those colleagues of mine." Yoh slightly begged but he knew that Manta will surely agree. Seeing Yoh in a dress will be more than epic.

"But I thought you quitted that job?" Ryu asked.

"I did. It was just a request. One of my colleagues is planning to pose as me with a girl partner and obviously it is much impossible to have two Yoh over there, right?" Yoh mentioned.

"True. Alright then, I agree." Manta nodded his head.

"Great!" Yoh exclaimed.

They continue eating while having light conversations about random things.


"Great news guys!" Horohoro announced.

"What?" Anna and Pirika asked.

"Yoh's friends agreed to the plan. And I will be posing as him. Anna, you will be my date." Horohoro declared.

"Yoh will be with Manta-sama. I will be with Ren-sama and Tamao will be with Ryu-dono. What will Joco do?" Anna asked.

"Oh him? He will be…"


"WHAT?!" Joco shouted. The other covered there precious ears.

"Calm down, Joco-kun." Pirika said.

"This is unfair. I hate being a servant." Joco moaned angrily.

"But you are already a servant." Horohoro murmured.


"It was a joke. I thought you are a comedian, you must know that it was a joke, right?" Horohoro reasoned out. Joco nodded in agreement and laugh at the 'joke'.

"That was really funny, Horohoro!" Joco said as he laughed out loud.

"He is definitely crazy." Everyone taught.

"Well let's see each other tomorrow for the plan. I expect you all to be here earlier than usual. Sunday is just around the corner and I don't want anyone to be hurt on the day of the party. We are the special force of the police and we will act according to justice. Everyone dismissed." Chief Kalim stated ending there work for that day.


"What are you planning?" A man asked.

"Just some sort of a threat. Nothing more." A petite man answered with a small smirk.

"You will definitely fall for my trap…" He taught seductively.


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