Anniversary Surprise

Author's Note: I kept with the idea that Blaine isn't very romantic at all and just expounded on it. Hope you enjoy! This has been in the work since before Klaine's anniversary so it is way later; I seemed to have forgotten about it.

"I want to do something special for Kurt." Blaine told his best friends, Wes and David.

"You always do something special for Kurt." Wes said.

"It's our anniversary on the 8th and Kurt is going through a lot in his life right now. I just want to prove to him that I can be the perfect boyfriend that he needs right now. So, Will you help?" Blaine said.

"I'll help." David said.

"Great, Do you have any ideas?" Blaine asked them once David had forced Wes to agree to help.

"Ideas, It's your boyfriend. Where are your ideas?" David answered outraged.

"Uh, I don't have any good ones. Kurt will hate all of the plans, they are not all romantic and I need to be a good boyfriend to Kurt. That's why I came to you in the first place for your bright ideas on how to impress Kurt. So, Will you help me?" Blaine told them.

"Blaine, Think about this. Kurt won't like the fact that your anniversary surprise did not even come from his own boyfriend." David pointed out.

"Fine, You want ideas, We'll give them to you." Wes said.

"Wes, Do we really have to help Blaine? You know it won't end well or us." David told Wes after Blaine had left. Blaine had gotten a text about McKinley High's Surprise Glee Club rehearsal then had rushed off in order to make it in time.

"I know Wes. Blaine needs to learn that Kurt just wants him to spend a little time thinking about him instead of his friends doing it for him. Do you remember what happened the last time Blaine asked for our assistance?" David asked his friend.

"OF course I do. Who can forget that epic song failure? Do ya think I'm sexy did not impress Kurt at all, it just made him laugh. It impressed Jeff though by having Nick sing it too, great idea by the way." Wes answered him, smiling.

"I know some of my finest work. Finally getting Niff together." David agreed with Wes with an even bigger grin on his face.

"Now think about this little fact. How do you think Kurt will react when he finds out that Blaine's romantic evening were not even his own boyfriend's ideas but someone else's. We need to get

"Maybe you can actually tell Kurt what you're planning." Jeff told them as he and Nick came up behind them.

"He'll probably want to help you in order to get Blaine to think for himself for a change when it comes to Kurt." Nick agreed with his boyfriend.

"Agreed, Kurt isn't dumb, he has caught on by now as to where Blaine gets his ideas from considering everyone knows Blaine isn't very romantic. Come on, his idea of romantic is to watch Harry Potter movies; eat Redvies and drink Diet coke whilst cuddling. So not romantic!"(AN: That actually sounds perfect to me!)

"No fires, tragadies, or true disasters; Kurt will kill us for really harming his boyfriend." Jeff was the closest to Kurt, having roomed with him while he was at Dalton Academy.