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Pitches pov

as he sat within his hollow cave with nothing but silence to keep him he company his powers had just returned after a full year of being tormented by his own fearlings but now his powers had returned and all would pay for the pain he has felt after so long not being believed in and he knew exactly who to take revenge on first someone who had not accounted for first time he had tried to defeat the guardians but now after perfect planning this person would finally pay for not joining him and instead those putrid guardians who bribe children and soon the world would fall into darkness and be filled with nothing with nightmares all ruled by him

a loud dark laugh echoed threw out the cave very soon jack you will know my pain and how I have suffered soon you will know what true loneliness is like soon very soon jack frost very soon another dark laugh echoed threw out the cave

Break line

No ones pov –

at the north pole within Santa's workshop yetis and elves could be seen working to the bone preparing for Christmas toys being wrapped and painted each showing great detail in each Childs request to Santa also known as north to his friends not only the yetis were working but also all five of the world's greatest legends form the Easter bunny to the tooth fairy also even the sandman but the one who had brought all these guardians together was none other than jack frost each guardian had decided to take a little time off their busy schedule to come see what they could do to help north with Christmas since this would be the first Christmas after pitch blacks defeat and another reason would be because of the newest member of the guardians little family jack frost he had somehow convinced them that Christmas would be a fun way to bond and of course tooth and sandy had instantly agreed of course it had taken some more serious persuading to get bunny to agree but luckily he had also taken a liking to jack as well. As the guardians had just finished the last of the tree decorating they all stood back and admired a job well done but there was still something missing and the one to speak up would of course be the quietest guardian sandy who began to show a image of a star that sat on the top of a tree shining bright as could be , oh your right sandy stated tooth I almost forgot the funnest part of decorating the tree putting on the Christmas star oh and I know just who should do it slowly she turned to the uninterested teen spirit jack she began would you please put the star on the tree

Um sure tooth but why ask me why not sandy or bunny I'm sure either of them would like to

, well I just think since we wouldn't even be having a Christmas still without you it's just right for you to have the honor of finishing the tree,

Thanks tooth I don't know what to say

Well I think I do I say hurry up and finish the tree you bloody show pony I aint got all day mate

Slowly flying up to the top of the tree with only a moment of hesitation jack reached to the top and placed a shining golden star on the top of the tree and with a mischievous grin he floated back down feeling as though he was finally accepted

But what none of them did see or hear was the dark horrid shadow that gave out an evil sinister laugh.

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