It was a dark day for the mages of Fairy Tail, they were all mourning the death of Lisanna in their own way, Mirajane and Elfman were crying in front of her grave, sitting on top of the Kardia Cathedral was Naruto Uzumaki, his eyes red from crying, around him the winds raged as his magic reacted to his heightened emotions.

Memories flashed before his eyes, times he had spent with the silver haired girl, eating and talking in the guild hall, going on simple job requests together, time they spent just walking around Magnolia just chatting and enjoying the sights, the kiss she gave him. His heart felt like it was breaking.

He became aware of someone screaming before he realised it was him, he was screaming. The winds had picked up and a serious storm was now raging above Magnolia as the red and blonde haired teen stood atop the cathedral screaming at the heavens. The roof he was standing on began to crack as pieces began to float into the air. The sky god slayer's power continued to raise drastically, a black streaked blue aura of magic began to surround the teenager and slowly began to grow larger. Soon it was like a bright blue beacon of magical energy.

"Calm yourself Naruto!"

Naruto's eyes were glowing a brilliant blue as he looked at Makarov who was floating not far ahead of him "Why, Lisanna is dead! Don't you care at all!?"

"Of course I do, I love all of Fairy Tail like they were my own children!"

Tears fell from the teenagers eyes "Please help me master, it hurts so badly!"

Makarov looked at the sky mage with pity in his eyes "I will, I promise child."

A sudden increase in magical energy forced Makarov to shield his eyes as the winds became more violent as Naruto's black streaked blue aura began to shift and become slightly darker, seeing the need to act quickly Makarov used his Titan magic to enlarge his arms enough to grab Naruto, with regret on his face he squeezed just enough until the young sky mage passed out.

Makarov grabbed the blonde as the storm above dissipated leaving a clear sky with no clouds to be seen over the city "Rest for now my boy."

Naruto slowly regained consciousness sometime later and found himself in the forest surrounding Magnolia "What's going on?"

"Take it easy Naruto."

Said maelstrom looked to his left and saw Master Makarov sitting next to him "Master? What happened?"

Makarov sighed "You were beginning to lose control. You emotions were feeding your magic and causing it to go out of control, you asked me to help you so that is what I'm doing."

Naruto blinked in confusion "What do you mean master? Help me how?"

Makarov dropped a job slip on the teen's chest "Here."

Naruto picked up the job slip and read it before his eyes widened "Hey this is a ten year quest, are you sure about this Gramps, I mean I've only just become an S-rank Mage."

Makarov nodded "Yes, I want you to take care of this mission, while you do this I'm going to arrange some transportation for you."

Naruto narrowed his eyes "Transportation to where gramps."

"You need to get away from here for a while, so I'm sending you back to Konoha for a while."

Naruto shook his head "You can't be serious Gramps?"

Makarov just nodded "I am, I want you to stay there for a while, do some mercenary work, try and make some friends. A broken heart can't be easily healed, some time away from here will do you a world of good."

Naruto just looked away while blinking away his tears "Fine."

Knowing he wouldn't get anything else from him Makarov patted the teen on the shoulder before he stood and headed back to the guild hall. The whisker marked teen stayed lying down for a while before he sat up and looked at the job slip.

'A mage using dark magic of some kind magic to bring the dead back as Zombies, our town has several powerful wizards of the past buried there. Take care of this mage for us. Reward 4,000,000 Jewels.'

"4,000,000 Jewels, seriously that's sweet. But this job is ten years old at least, who knows how bad the situation could be, most likely those powerful mages the job slip spoke of have already been revived, this could be trouble."

The teenage mage got to his feet and dusted himself of before stretching "Might as well get going then, the slip said Thriller Bark, if I remember right that's an island just of the coast of the Country of Seven, just along the northern coastline, that's still quite a distance from here" He stood thinking for a moment before he grinned "Looks like I'm flying."

Taking in a deep breath Naruto began to eat the air and felt his magic reserves top off "Alright, now that I've eaten it's time to get going, Sky Gods Black Nimbus!"

Taking a deep breath Naruto released it through a magic circle in the form of a black cloud that floated just above the ground, smirking Naruto jumped on the cloud which was surprisingly solid "Alright time to go Black Nimbus!"

The Sky Gods Black Nimbus was quite possibly his most useful spell, it was a cloud of air that only he could stand on, it was incredibly fast and with Naruto's ability to eat air and replenish his magic it was dead useful for covering large distances very fast. Naruto grinned as down below he saw the train line that ran from Magnolia to Onibus Town. Swooping down low so he could fly along the tracks he caught sight of a train some distance ahead "Come on Black Nimbus, faster!"

Easily catching up to the train Naruto grinned as he watched the passengers look at him and soon the whole train was looking at him, he flashed the passengers a thumbs up as his hair whipped around clearly showing his Fairy Tail stamp before he overtook the train, he sped right through the Onibus station and just kept on going, soon after he was passing over the mountain ranges of Mt Hakobe. He flew for almost five hours before he decided to stop because it was getting dark, he spotted Waas Forest at the bottom of the mountains and headed towards it.

Reaching the top of the trees he leapt from the black Nimbus and left it fade away as he used his wind magic to glide through the trees to the ground "Okay time to eat!" then he remembered that he had no supplies "Damn it Gramps, you could have given me some supplies."

Pulling out a kunai with a sigh he started searching the forest for something to eat.

As soon as the sun had risen Naruto had formed another Black Nimbus and was flying again, he reached the coast within an hour and a half and was soon laughing as he flew across the water kicking up streams of displaced water as he went, as he neared Thriller Bark he noticed a dark shadow moving beneath the water right below him.

"Looks like I've got company."

Not wanting to waste any time dealing with whatever it was Naruto raised his right hand with his index and middle out which he blew on before he swung his hand towards the shadow beneath him "Wind Sickle!"

The scythe like blade of wind cut through the water with only slight difficulty, the shadow stopped moving before fading away as the water turned red. After killing his sea predator stalker it was almost a half an hour later that he laid eyes on the Island of Thriller Bark, the island was covered in a thick dark fog, as he reached the shoreline he found a large port town that seemed deserted, the rest of the island was mostly forest with a small mountain in the middle of the island.

Reaching the port he dismissed the Black Nimbus and began to may his way along the wooden dock through the fog, hearing movement just ahead of him he called out "Excuse me, I'm a mage from Fiore here about your zombie problem?" The only response he got was a low moan and shuffling "Oh no" through the mist he could see a single form come towards him and once he was close enough Naruto was able to tell that yes, it was a zombie, specifically it was a Rune Knight "Shit, the Mages Council must have sent some Rune Knights here, damn it Wind Sickle!"

The curved blade of wind easily cut through the zombie at the waist, but as it dropped Naruto took note of the fact that the legs had stopped moving but the torso was still moving, it was clawing at the ground trying to reach him "Fucking creepy, Wind Sickle!"

The second blade of wind cut the head from the torso which went still, but much to Naruto's growing horror the head was still 'alive' and trying to bite at him "Oh that is just fucked up!"

Kicking the head like a ball Naruto carefully and silently made his way into the port town of Thriller Bark, as he did the fog cleared slightly into a light mist revealing the houses and shops along the main road. A road which was filled with stumbling zombies, some were villagers, some were Rune Knights, but all of them had the same stitched up body parts that he had noticed on the first Zombie "Shit."

As if the world was out to get him one Zombie heard his swearing and gave a low grunting moan which drew the attention of the other zombies "Damn it! I need to take out their heads, but there's so many, looks like it's time for some more extreme spells" taking a breath he exhaled into both hands as he cupped them together in front of his mouth and then thrust them towards the oncoming hoard of Zombies "Sickle Vortex Wave!"

Hundreds of sickle shaped blades of winds shot from his hands and cut through the hoard, perhaps around fifty zombies fell in the attack but there were hundreds of them still approaching him, crawling over the slain zombies towards him and totally freaking Naruto out "Back the fuck off!"

A blast of wind sent the zombies sailing back giving him some space, a magic circle appeared around the teen and black winds formed around him blocking him from sight and covering his body like armour "Sky God's Tornado Armour!"

Rushing at the hoard his armour cut through the zombies like they weren't even there, when he was close to a zombie they would try to grab at him but their arms where shredded by his Tornado Armour then the rest of them when Naruto would throw a punch or kick at their heads or torso, sensing no end to them Naruto leapt into the air where he stayed there using his Tornado Armour to fly, he looked down on the port town and could barely make out the streets full of zombies through the fog "Damn it, I knew this would be bad."

Sensing the wind shifting he shifted his body to narrowly avoid a sword strike, he looked through the swirling armour and saw a zombie, but this one was different. He has several bandages covering part of his skull face and he has no eyes and no nose. He wore a samurai gi with intricate designs and a pair of worn Geta, he has a blue stomach band, but with a different design to his gi. He also wears a blue scarf that covers part of his mouth.

"Not bad, I wasn't able to sense you; if you hadn't attacked me I wouldn't have known you were here."

The Zombie dropped to the ground silently but continued to stare at him, dropping his armour he floated down and landed on a roof "Can you speak?"

"I can, but I don't speak with those weaker then myself."

Naruto shook his head as he began to gather his wind magic "Well lets at least be civilised, I'm the Sky Sage Uzumaki Naruto, recently promoted S-Class mage of Fairy Tail."

The zombie tilted his head in acknowledgement and then drew his sword "I am Ryuma."

Naruto froze in shock "So I was right about the situation being worse, you're Ryuma the King, one of the greatest swordsmen in history, the man who killed a dragon with only his sword."

Ryuma nodded "Correct."

The Sky God Slayers instincts creamed at him and he ducked as Ryuma dashed towards him incredibly fast with his sword in mid swing, the sky mage tried to sweep the zombies legs out from beneath him but the zombie vanished only to reappear above him ready to cut him in two 'Fast!'

Rolling to the left Naruto managed to just barely dodge the sword which cut through the ground with no trouble, seeing the blade still in the ground Naruto countered by jumping and tried to land a kick to the zombies face, but Ryuma leaned back and avoided the kick, suddenly blood was flying as Ryuma sliced upwards cutting through the teens calf muscle and making him retreat to a safe distance.

"Damn, the legends about you don't do you any justice, you're way better, you were able to cut me with the blunt side of your sword" Felling his calf muscle stitch itself back together he praised his unique healing abilities, he watched as Ryuma sheathed his sword "Battojutsu huh?"

Ryuma merely nodded before he vanished and reappeared right in front of Naruto in mid draw, but Naruto merely exhaled "Sky Gods Bellow!" the intense twister of black winds struck the swordsman dead on and sent him crashing through several buildings which were shredded by his bellow.

Knowing that wouldn't be enough he threw his hands forwards as a golden magic circle appeared in front of him "Chain Bombardment!" his golden kunai tipped chains shot from his magic circle and rained down on the area Ryuma ended up in, the houses that hadn't fallen where skewered by the chains. Sensing the air being displaced to his left he turned and fired another barrage at Ryuma who shattered them all with a single swing of his sword.

"Damn it! Try this, Wind Sickle!"

The ancient zombie swordsman drew his blade faster than Naruto could follow and cut through his Wind Sickle spell and followed through with it by jumping towards him and trying to cut him in two, Naruto narrowly managed to avoid the sword but watched in awe and slight fear as several houses behind him were cut in two by an unseen force.

Ryuma caught the blonde haired teen of guard as he watched the fall out of the single swing and slashed him across the chest leaving a deep wound that began to bleed badly, Naruto leapt back and tried to throw some Wind Sickles but Ryuma was faster and scored a slice to the teens arms disabling him.

"I'd ask you to surrender but we both know you won't."

Naruto grinned through his pain "Not a chance zombozo."

Ryuma disappeared and slashed at Naruto's neck aiming to decapitate him "Sky Gods Tornado Armour!"

Ryuma's sword clashed against Naruto's Tornado Armour which held against the powerful sword strike, Naruto as he was close enough kicked out at Ryuma forcing the zombie to back up, keeping on the offensive Naruto took off after him and lashed out with several kicks which Ryuma blocked with his sword.

Remembering someone from his past Naruto smirked as he exhaled "Sky Gods Bellow!" Ryuma moved to avoid the bellow but as he did Naruto sprinted at him and leapt into a flying kick "Sky Gods Dynamic Entry!" Ryuma was caught off guard and took the wind enhanced jumping kick to the face, but before Ryuma could react or even stumble from the force of the kick Naruto struck out with a spinning kick "Sky Gods Leaf Whirlwind!"

Ryuma was sent crashing through several houses from the force of the kick, as Ryuma was down Naruto dropped his Tornado Armour and used the Sky Gods Healing Spell to heal the wounds on his arms and chest.

Suddenly there was an explosion of dust and debris as Ryuma came dashing at him with his sword ready to be drawn.

Leaping backwards Naruto fired a single chain from his right hand, Ryuma destroyed this chain and continued his charge but Naruto thrust his left hand towards the ground in front of him "Gale Force Palm!" the wind spell kicked up enough dust to block Naruto from view causing Ryuma to stop his charge. Once he stopped Ryuma sheathed his katana but kept his hand on the hilt as he took a stance.

When the dust settled Ryuma saw that Naruto hadn't moved, in fact he was standing there with a small smile on his face "Come on, let's end this Ryuma."

"Brave, foolish but brave."

Naruto merely grinned as his body tensed, suddenly it was over, Ryuma moved faster than Naruto could see, but it was all according to plan, as Ryuma was right in front of him a glowing purple barrier sprung to life with the kanji for defence on it, this barrier began to crack but somehow held together as Ryuma's sword struck it.

Seeing him right where he wanted a dark grey magic circle appeared in Naruto's right hand "Spiralling Sword!" the winds swirled and took the form of a rounded sword that spun like a tornado, Naruto grinned as he thrust his newest spell through his barrier and then through Ryuma, the swirling winds tore Ryuma apart at the waist sending his torso to the ground while his legs were shredded.

"Impressive, you drew me into a final confrontation."

Naruto nodded to the torso of Ryuma "Yeah, I knew I stood no chance against you in a fair fight, there's a reason you're known as the world's greatest swordsman, so I lured you into a trap" Ryuma didn't move, and Naruto could sense the magic that was reviving him fade away. Naruto shook his head as he began to eat some air to regain his magical energy and then cast a Sky Gods Healing spell to recover his fatigue "Damn that was tough. If I hadn't have tricked him I'd probably be dead."

Once he was healed he picked up Ryuma's sword and examined the blade "This sword is impressive, it should have shattered against my Jutsu Shiki, but it doesn't have even a single scratch."

Sheathing the sword he placed several Jutsu Shiki on it to stop it from being drawn from its sheath and to stop anyone else from touching it before he walked back towards the docks, once he reached the end of their pier and shredded any zombies in his way he found a large chest which he stored the sword in before heading deeper into the town trying to find some answers.

As he reached the dock the ground began to shake and several houses collapsed in on themselves "What the hell was that!" The young sky slayer looked around but couldn't see anything, so he tilted his head back and began to taste the air "Whoa, there is something powerful out there. This power is coming down from the mountain."

Shaking his head the blonde haired teenager began to make his way towards the mountain, as he made his way through the town he would occasionally send a blade of wind to cut through the head of a zombie. it wasn't long before he exited the town and began to march through a dark forest.


Naruto stopped and blinked in confusion "Was that some kind of monkey?"

"Sure was smooth skin."

The blonde shook his head "Smooth skin, wow that was some insult. You want to give it another try before I blow you away."

"Monkey, monkey. Oh blow me away. What is that your catch phrase or something."

Naruto just smirked "No, but Monkey seems to be yours huh, want a banana monkey boy."

The voice coming from the trees was obviously angry "Monkey, monkey, you human piece of shit, Spider Sticky Net!"

The S-Class mage watched calmly as a net of sticky spider webbing came shooting out of the trees, he merely waved a hand and the net was sliced to pieces buy his wind blades "Try again."

"Monkey, SHUT UP! Prepare to die human!"

Out of the trees came a weird giant combination of a monkey and a spider. He had the head and hands of a monkey, and body of a spider. His spider body was black and yellow striped. He had bandages wrapped around his hands, and wore what seemed to be an aviator hat, with one goggle covering his left eye. Part of the hat is black. His right eyes had shadows around it, and were missing one of his teeth. He had bandages wrapped around the middle of his torso, and had a monkey tail.

"Jeez your one ugly bastard, oh I know, instead of a banana how about a makeover instead."

The monkey zombie screeched in anger and fired a blob of webbing at him but Naruto simply side stepped it and threw a blade of wind at the monkey cutting him in half down the middle "Do me a favour and simply die, again."

The spider just looked at him with a look of horror on its face as it fell to pieces. Naruto quickly made his way past the remains of the weird zombie and continued towards the mountain. As he reached the base of the mountain he looked up in slight awe and no small amount of fear "That's no mountain."

There before him was a massive red skinned zombie, currently sitting down but still as big as a mountain "Fuck. Is that- could it really be" he watched as the giant slowly got to its feet and stared down at him "Oar's the Continent Puller."

AN: Sorry for the delay but I've had a serious case of writers block lately.