The Doctor felt the TARDIS spinning out of control. His body flung against the wall. He could hear Jim Moriarty cackling in the distance. I need to get up, I have to stop him, the Doctor thought. But as soon as he tried to stand, the TARDIS would take another sharp turn and he would end up in another section of his own machine. Anger and terror started to cloud his senses. He was in an out of control TARDIS, his own TARDIS nonetheless that was being driven by a mad serial killer, to go see villains who have been "waiting still as statues" to see him. Usually the Doctor was very calm and laid-back, but this was a completely different situation than he was used to.

"Why are you doing this, Jim?" the Doctor screamed in what he thought was his direction.


The Doctor didn't press him anymore, or Moriarty would probably throw the Doctor out of the TARDIS, into oblivion, and that would mean that he would have the TARDIS in his possession If Moriarty could have the TARDIS in his control...the Doctor didn't even want to think of the consequences. So instead of asking anymore questions, the Doctor just remained silent and let the TARDIS toss his body around, while he listened to the sound of Jim Moriarty press button and pull levers, and let out the occasional screech of laughter.

This happened for what seemed like light-years in the Doctors mind. He was powerless, and that was a huge problem, the Doctor never liked being powerless. Once again there was a sharp turn and the Doctor was flung onto the door of the TARDIS. He started to panic, that door he had just run into was a push door. So, if he hit it hard enough, he would be ejected from his own machine. Luckily, the door just groaned a little bit. But when he slammed into the door he felt something hard press into his side. His luck was beginning to turn because the thing that had just his body was his Sonic Screwdriver. He picked it up, and almost screamed with happiness and relief.

His hands were trembling, due to adrenaline, and it took a while to steady his hands enough so he could get solid aim. He pointed the Sonic Screwdriver at the power source of the TARDIS. This was incredibly dangerous, it could either do nothing, or temporarily stop the TARDIS, or let off an explosion large enough to wipe out the entire galaxy, but what else could he do? He held the Sonic as far away from his body as he could, snapped his eyes shut, and pressed the activation button.

He waited for a sign that something had happened, maybe a small popping noise, or a fiery explosion large enough for genocide, but unfortunately and fortunately neither happened. The Doctor cursed under his breath, he knew that he had gotten his hopes up much too high, disabling the TARDIS couldn't be done with a simple Sonic device, it had to be done over a large span of time with rare Gallifreyan instruments, which he could never get due to the fact that Gallifrey is, well, gone.

"Oh Doctor, I thought you were better than that. I mean, really, a Sonic to disable the TARDIS, come one! That is literally one of the first things they teach you about when you are allowed to time travel," Moriarty called out form somewhere in the TARDIS.

The Doctor opened his mouth to reply, but then he thought about what Moriarty had just said. How did he know so much about the TARDIS? And then the Doctor thought back to earlier, how Moriarty had cheated death with Sherlock, how he claimed he knew all the secrets of the Universe, and most shockingly, the Doctor's real name. The Doctor started to put all of these thing together in his mind, and then came to a terrifying and impossible realization.

"Jim Moriarty, you are a Time Lord, aren't you?"

"Very good Doctor! I was getting very worried that you weren't going to figure it out, and then I was going to have to spoil it for you. But, you are pretty clever, almost as clever as a human."

"I am worth more than any number of petty humans!" the Doctor snapped back at him. He knew he needed to calm down, he loved humans more than anything else and would never means to insult them like that. Jim Moriarty was playing his anger like a harp, plucking just the right string every time to trigger the perfect reaction.

"Oh my, Doctor! I thought you enjoyed the company on those, well how did you say it, 'petty humans'." Suddenly, the TARDIS gave a little shudder and the whooshing noise accompanied with flight ceased to fill the air. "Looks like this is our stop! Doctor, would you be a dear and open the door to check where we are?"

"Why should I?" the Doctor spat back at him. "You're the one who wanted me here i the first place."

"I want you to be the first one to meet my friends, considering you're the one they want to meet!"

The Doctor didn't want to show any signs of weakness to him, so he agreed to go to the door. He propped one leg up and attempted to stand. This would be his first time standing since he was knocked unconscious He put all of his weight on that one leg and pushed up. It was trying and shaky business, but he eventually stood up. Black dots started to swim in front of his line of vision, and he was starting to fall over, but he needed to get to that door. He needed to prove to Jim that he wasn't just a failure of a Time Lord.

He started to walk towards the door, but when he felt himself starting to get light headed, he picked up his pace. He felt like he was going to faint, but the door was just fifteen feet away and when he got there he could lean against the door frame.

He sprinted those fifteen feet and immediately collapsed against the door frame when he got there. The spots in front of his eyes were fading and his head was starting to clear. He straightened up and turned towards the door.

"Go on, Doctor. Open it up. You do know how doors work right?" Jim Moriarty's lips were curled in a smirk that made the Doctor's blood boil.

The Doctor grabbed the door, and threw it open. The Doctor was expecting to see a space crowded with people and monsters, but what he got was a desert with no signs of life at all.

"I don't see any 'friends'," the Doctor remarked in Jim's direction.

"Blink," Jim simply replied.

The Doctor knew who he was going to be dealing with from that moment on, but just to be sure he snapped his eyes shut for a fraction of a second. When he opened up his eyes, he could see the faint shape of a stone statue in the distance. The Angels have the desert, the Doctor thought

Even though the Angel was far away from him at that moment, he knew that he couldn't risk it coming any closer. The Doctor stuck his head out of the TARDIS a little bit, and trained his eyes on the creature. For a minute, everything was calm and silent, but it obviously couldn't have stayed that way.

When he had his eyes on the Angel, the Doctor realized that he had no idea what Moriarty was doing. He swiveled his head around just in time to see Jim Moriarty lunge at him. Moriarty stuck out his hands, placed them on the Doctor's chest and shoved as hard as he could.

The Doctor tumbled forwards out of the TARDIS and landed face first in the hot sand. He stood up and turned around just in time to see the TARDIS vanish out of sight and into some unknown in the universe. The Doctor was so angry he could have spit, but his anger soon into cold-blooded terror. He suddenly remembered the Weeping Angel, and then jumped around to face it.

After he turned around, he saw not only one Angel, but a whole group, with so many, he couldn't even count the number. And to make it worse, one was about five inches from his neck. He reached for his Sonic Screwdriver, but then remembered that it was shaken out of his hand when he was rolling around in the TARDIS. And to top it all off, he still couldn't move without wanting to faint due to exhaustion.

He was outnumbered, without a weapon, and sick. But it wasn't time to give up yet. "Geronimo," he whispered under his breath, as he fought to keep his eyes open.