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"Today we will be covering Tarsus IV. As most of you undoubtably know, it was the largest single slaughter of people in the history of the federation, with more than half of the planet's population being destroyed. It all started with a famine that struck the crops, destroying the colonists' food source. The next shipment of food was not due for another four months, and it is suspected that a freak storm had destroyed the communication lines from the planet, making it impossible for a clear signal to received. The government that had been in charge had been usurped, a new governor replacing the old named Kodos. Kodos's first order of business was to gather half of the the colonists in the main square of the town. There, he issued a proclamation." Here, the professor brought up an audio clip.

The revolution is successful, but survival depends on drastic measures. Your continued existence represents a threat to the well-being of lives means slow death to the more valued members of the colony. Therefore I have no alternative but to sentence you to death. Your execution is so ordered. Signed, Kodos, governor of Tarsus Four.

"The militia that was following Kodos had blocked off the squares exits, and fired on the still shocked crowd. they never stood a chance. Out of 4,000 colonists, one hundred survived the initial slaughter, escaping the warrant on their heads. Of those one hundred, seventy starved to death or were hunted down. Of the remaining thirty, twenty were children between the ages of three and sixteen. It is from within those twenty that the Tarsus Twelve come from. Those twelve children were caught by Kodos's men and actually brought before Kodos, where he made the decision to not kill them."

A few people in the room let out sighs of relief.

The professor frowned heavily. "This was not a kindness on the part of Kodos. He planned to make examples out of the twelve, hanging them by their wrists in the square, being whipped and beaten by the guards. Food was placed within their sight, often so close they could smell it, but they were not given food but twice a week. Starfleet arrived two weeks into this punishment, according to those who were on the list to survive. We managed to rescue all of the children, but three of them committed suicide over the years. Who knows why the Tarsus survivors names were not given out?"

Uhura raised a shaking hand. "To protect them, since Kodos was never found. Starfleet wanted to ensure they did not become targets."

"That is correct, at least partially. It was also to allow those children to grow up without having Tarsus IV run their lives. Each of you will write a journal about someone on that planet at the time, whether it be one of the dead, one of the twelve, one of the guards, Kodos, or one of the people chosen to live. I warn you now, this is a very serious assignment, and if you make light of it, you will fail my class and your other professors will be informed."

The class gulped, each silently vowing to be very careful with the assignment.

Kirk left the class, shaking slightly. Tarsus IV was a nightmare far any that were truly connected to it, and no one, not even the Tarsus Twelve were as connected to it as him.

He was tempted to forgo the entire assignment, risk failing the course, in order to avoid having to think back on the terrible things that had happened.

His aspirations to become captain rejected this. He had survived Tarsus, and he could handle writing a journal about it. He took out his PADD and began writing.

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