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Chap 6

Bones went over to Jim and checked his vitals, finally announcing that Jim was going to be fine

Tom was not pleased by the turn of events. He knew this was going to be hard on the kid, but passing out? That didn't seem like JT at all, but then again, no one knew what happened to him after they had been captured. JT had been immediately separated from the rest of the Twelve, although for the first twenty-four hours they had listened to his screams before they were paraded into the square.

Still, he knew he should save JT from this part, since he could.

We were all told to come to the square to hear something, though when my parents told me what it was, I didn't pay attention. Apparently, Kodos had told everyone that he would be conducting the meeting in two parts, and that attendance was mandatory for everyone, including children. The square was packed full of people, and we were about ten people from the edge, which was likely why I survived. Once we were all there, Kodos issued his proclamation, and gunfire broke out. We looked for a way out as more people were mowed down, but all the exits to the square were lined with the militia group. I remember my dad shoving me to the side roughly, taking the bullet that I am sure was meant for me. He went down, and my mom screamed. In the next moment she was hit too, but she wasn't dead. They had shot her in the stomach. I fell to the ground next to her, not even hearing the screams around me anymore. I put pressure on the wound, trying to stop the blood. There was nothing I could do to help her.

Suddenly someone grabbed my hand, and yanked me away from my mom, who had at this point passed out and her breathing had become erratic. I let the person drag me to my feet, and ran at their urging, not even noticing who was with me or where I was. All that mattered was that my mom and dad lay dead somewhere behind me. It wasn't until we got to the cave that I noticed anything, and then the first thing I noticed was the bloodstains on his clothes.

He still had me and a younger boy holding his hand as he went into the cave. Inside was a boy armed with a knife. "Stop. Who are you?"

The boy holding my hand dropped it. He said something too hoarsely for me to understand in my still dazed state. He embraced the other boy who had dropped the knife with a clatter. The one with a knife pulled the boy down to the ground, and just whispered to the younger. Fifteen minutes later, the younger one stood sharply and ran out of the cave with no warning, ignoring the other's desperate calls.

He made to go after him, but was stopped when one of the youngest kids started sobbing. He stopped and knelt down beside the little girl. "What's your name?"

"Lexa," the girl cried. "Want Mommy. Loud noises scary.'

Sky, or Sam- whatever his name is- looked at me. "It'll be okay Lexa. Give me a second okay? I promise I won't go far." He pulled me out of the cave. "What happened? We came here because a couple of the parents thought something was going on. We heard gunshots."

"They killed them all. They're all dead. Mom and Dad, Miss Eliza-"

Sky's voice cracked. "They're all dead?"

"That boy saved me and that other little boy. I think he lived a few blocks away from me. Kyle or something."

"That boy is my brother. He was supposed to have died three years ago. I just hope he's okay."

We went back into the cave where Sky started giving orders and comforting the kids at the same time. It was really quite the feat. It was two hours before the JT, who I'm sure you all realize by now is the one who saved me, returned with four more kids and a sack full of food. Before Sky could even talk to him, JT ordered him to call him JT, and to give everyone fake names if they were old enough to be perceived as a threat. Then he was gone again. For three days he brought back more kids and food until there were thirty of us.

Then he went out again, staying away for a full day. He didn't come back with any more kids. Sky found him a few hours later collapsed at the bottom of the hill. We carried him into the cave and stripped off his shirt. The amount of scarring was disturbing, and Sam ended up getting sick from the sight. His open wounds were treated by a dermal regenerator that Sam had. Their uncle had been a doctor. For another week JT was violently ill and kept apart from the rest of the kids. when ever he woke up, he would tell us to ration the food as much as possible, and Sky heeded this. When his fever went down, JT told all of us over the age of twelve what Kodos had done.

"I've been his prisoner for three years. I noticed the number of guards in the compound were much lower than usual, so I hacked his files. I found his plans, and I knocked at the guards in my room and made my way to the square and rescued you," he pointed at me, "and another little boy. Kodos likes experiments. According to the notes I found, this is all part of a social experiment. He's the reason the crops failed and he has blocked all communications off world."

"What about Mo-" Sky tried to ask something.

"All communications have been shut down, Sky. The only way to get the message out is from the heart of Kodos's compound, and trust me when I say that's next to impossible. There are too many guards, and getting hit by one of those projectile weapons hurts terribly."

"You were shot?!" Sky was so scared, it was almost funny.

JT just brushed it off. "I was seven. It was a long time ago. My first escape attempt didn't end very well. He's a weird guy, you know. Wouldn't let me out of my cell until I told him I'd kill him." He shook his head in confusion, but continued. "If we are going to survive this, we need to make the food last, because the next shipment isn't due for six months. The food I brought back is not going to last us more than two months, and that's only if people get the bare minimum they need to survive. The other thing is we all need to set watches. If guards come, we need to have the time to get everyone out."

"You're just a little kid!" a thirteen year old girl cut in. "What would you know about surviving? Even as a prisoner, you still didn't have worry about food."

I'll never forget the look on his face. It was both blank and expressively angry at the same time, and it gave new meaning to 'if looks could kill.' He looked he was six times his age in that moment.

And his words... I'll never forget them, especially after I learned what they meant...

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