Will was about to explode. The baby secret was like acid to his insides. It was killing him not being able to tell anyone, especially the love of his life, Sonny Kiriakis. Ever since he was told he was going to be a father, he couldn't eat, sleep without nightmares, or look anyone in the eye. However, the worst part was lying to Sonny wheneveSonny asked what was bothering him.

Will decided he had to tell someone, but couldn't bring himself to tell Sonny, because the thought of losing him was too painful. Will, unable to tell Marlena, who was dealing with her own drama issues, decides to tell Sami.

"Mom, you home?" Says Will while walking into his mothers apartment.

"Ya, hon, but I was just about to meet Gabi. Can this wait?" Answered Sami, who was in a rush to leave.

"No mom, it can't wait. It's important."

"Okay... What seems to be the problem?"

"I-It's about G-Gabi's child..." Will stammered.

"H-Has something happened?! Is Gabi alright?!"

"Mom, Gabi's fine. Nothing happened."

"Then what's this about?" Sami questioned, giving Will a suspicious look.

"It's about the baby's father," said Will, dreading telling his mom the well hidden secret, was unable to look at his mother.

Sami gave Will the same suspicious look. "You mean Nick?"

"No, mom. Nick's not the baby's father..." Said Will, giving his mother a look that hardened her heart to stone. "I-I-I am."

Anger and stubbornness filled Sami. "What the hell are u talking about, Will?! That's impossible!"

"No, it-it's not. It was after the big explosion. I was doubting who I am, and had just had fights with Dad, Tad, and um, um," Will could hardly say his name. "and...Sonny. I found Gabi,and we were both upset. Then..." Will quietly trailed off unable to finish.

"I'm assuming you were going to say 'Then one thing led to another.'" Sami furiously finished.

"Yeah," Will mumbled, staring holes into the floor. "If you're the father, then why is Nick saying the child is his?" Sami asked while pacing the room.

"Well.. When Gabi chose to keep the baby, Nick found out and asked for her hand in marriage. They then decided it would be better for the baby if they raised the child with Nick as the father, instead of me. Which then forced me to promise not to tell anyone the truth...even Sonny." Will says the last part as tears form in his beautiful blue eyes.

Sami, seeing her son so distraught, quickly walks over and gives him a hug.

"Sonny doesn't know?" Sami asks gently.

"No, and it's tearing my up inside not being able to tell him," Will mumbles, tears now quickly streaming down his face.

"Will you need to tell him."

"Mom, I-I can't. I-I won't lose him. I love him."

"I know, honey, I know. But if Sonny hears from someone else, someone other than you, you might really lose him."

"Okay." Will wipes the tears from his face. "Thanks, mom. I'm going to go find Sonny." Will then quickly leaves the apartment.

When Will is gone, Sami quickly takes out her phone and calls Rafe. After about two rings, Rafe answers.

"Rafe, we need to talk. It's important. Meet me at the pub in 10 minutes."

Sami then leaves the apartment, on her way to tell Rafe the major news she just learned.