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The next three days fills the whole town of Salem with tension. People unconsciously take sides in the Horton vs. Fallon custody battle. A majority take the Horton side, believing people like Nick and Gabi are unfit to raise a child, but a few take the Fallon side out of fear or out of being homophobic. They have people come in and testify on the kind of people Nick, Gabi, and Will are. Then the lawyers give the reasons why the others shouldn't have custody. Will and Justin present how Gabi hired her own stalker and Nick was in prison. Gabi, Nick and their lawyer present the surprising case of how Will tried to kill EJ and how his father took the blame and the case of how Will is gay, though that argument is soon dismissed. By the end of the third day it is pretty clear that Gabi and Nick will loose custody, but it is still unclear if Will will gain custody.

During the three days, Will is very busy. He moves into his new apartment and goes to work everyday and pretends to be friends with Chase. In the little free time he has, him, Chad, and EJ look for something about Chase's history, but come up with few results.

On the fourth day of trial, the baby is born.

During the trial, Gabi only showed up the first day because she was so close to her due date and needed to take it easy. When she went into labor, Nick and Will were both in trial along with Rafe and Sami. Gabi was already at the hospital and a few hours into labor when Nick, Rafe, Will, and Sami heard of her being in labor...

"This custody battle has not been a long one, but it has been a difficult and complicated one." Announces Judge Knight. "But after these three days, we have come to our decision of who will have custody of this child."

The court room is filled with silence. It seems as if everyone is holding their breath waiting for the answer.

"We have decided that full custody will be given, because we have noticed that split custody will not work out with the situation here and will cause complications. We have decided that-"

The judge is cut short as Chad storms though the doors, out of breath. "S-Sorry to in-interrupt, but it is important! G-Gabi has g-gone into labor. She is at the hospital."

After hearing this news, Nick runs out of the courtroom with Rafe following quickly behind.

"Court will be adjourned until tomorrow. You are dismissed." says Judge Knight.

Will is pacing the hospital waiting room, waiting on news of Gabi. She has been in labor for a few hours since he has arrived with Sami.

"Will! Stop pacing. They will call you in as soon as the baby is born. You still have your parental rights to see your kid. Please sit down!" Sami says.

Will stops pacing and goes to sit by his mother. "Sorry. I'm just excited to see my child and find out the gender." Will says with a slight smile.

Sami hugs her son. "I know you are. I'm sure it won't be much longer." As Sami says this, Cameron walks out into the waiting room.

"Will, you can go in and see your child now." Cameron says, motioning for Will to follow him back into the hospital room.

When Will gets within ten feet of the room, Nick walks out and stands in Will's way. "Where do you think you're going?" He demands.

"Nick, move. I'm going to go see my child. I have my parental rights." With that said, Will pushes Nick aside and walks into Gabi's hospital room.

Will walks in and sees Gabi looking down at a bundle of cloth with a huge smile on her face. "Hi, Gabi."

Gabi looks up and gives Will a small smile. "You want to see her?"

Will smiles. "Her?" He walks over and looks at his daughter in Gabi's arms. "She has your hair color."

"Yeah, I guess she does. Her name is Jamie Nicole Fallon."

The last name makes Will cringe internally. "That's a great name." 'And will be even better with the last name Horton.' He adds to himself. "Who named her?"

"I did. Did the judge decide on the custody yet?" Gabi asks and Will can hear the nervousness in her voice.

"No. He was about to, but then Chad ran in and said you were in labor. The judge then announced the court would resume tomorrow."

"Oh okay." Gabi says and she relaxes a little. She looks back down at her child. "Will, look she's opened her eyes."

Will looks at his daughter and sees that she has, and they are bright blue just like his own. "She is definitely a Horton. But she has your features. Even your skin tone." He tells Gabi.

"No, her skin is like in between our skin tones. But yeah she does look like me." Gabi says as her smile gets bigger and brighter.

Right then Nick walks in. "Will I think it is time you left. Gabi is tired, and we would like to spend time with our child."

"Sorry Nick, but Jamie will never be your child. She looks like Gabi and me, not Gabi and you. Tomorrow she will be my child, and she will never know who you are." Will then walks out of the room.