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"Ok yes Elise I know I will..." said Zoe (off the phone for a minute) "hello everyone I am on the phone give me a few mintues" whispeard Zoe (back on the phone) "yes I am sorry I have people are here and I am oh my god I heard that" (off the phone again) "hi Kaori give me a few minutes I am on the phone wave to our friends" said Zoe (back on the phone) "yes oh yes Elise ok you will be coming here for an ultrasound ok just to see if I'm you know see you soon bye" said Zoe as she got off the phone.

"hi Kaori so how are you?" asked Zoe "who was that on the phone?" asked Kaori "that was Elise" said Zoe "what is wrong with you?" asked Kaori "nothing is wrong with me I want to tell you about that phone call because I couldn't tell you last 2 months and and I am on 4 months now and I want to tell you this and it's come here Kaori" said Zoe Kaori came up to Zoe "I'm expecting a baby" whispeard Zoe "a baby?" said Kaori as she fainted "Kaori don't faint like that it was a death faint Kaori scared the crap out of me" said Zoe.

At the lunch room

"Kaori you said that Zoe is pregnant?" asked Moby "yes" said Kaori "with my baby is that what you are trying to say?" asked Moby "yes Zoe tolled me" said Kaori that made Marisol turned around and heard what Kaori and Moby were talking about "is Zoe my best friend pregnant?" asked Marisol "yes" said Moby "why are you asking us that?" asked Kaori "nice how far is Zoe?" asked Marisol "4 months I heard" said Kaori "I am 5 months pregnant Elise is 6 months pregnant Zoe is 4 months pregnant Seeiah is just had a baby girl 2 months ago and her name is Audery" said Marisol.

Few months later

Elise was close to her due date she was 9 months pregnant Marisol is 8 months pregnant and Zoe is 7 months pregnant.

Time continued to roll on by, the babyy inside Elise continuing to grow.

Anyway it was a relaxing evening, in the SSX world cricit, everyone had all gone to sleep. Leaving Eddie and Elise to have a rare "just them" moment

Eddie was watching TV, while Elise put the new little sweaters for her new baby. They were all pink , with the same little red heart on it as Marisol's shirt had.

"How do you even know it's a girl?" Eddie asked "We never got the gender results,"

"A mother just knows dear," Elise said.

end of chapter 1