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2 days later

Elise was 2 days early but she is still ready Zoe, Eddie, and Marisol were watching SAW a horror movie that Zoe had lent to them. Right now it was at a real climactic part, were someone was about die.

"No don't go..." Eddie began as the character in the movie was going into a room were Zep was until Zep kiiled a man "aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" Marisol, Zoe, and Eddie screamed and then started laughing Elise saw the Jigsaw talking to that man in one of his traps.

"AH!" Elise cried just then

"Elise," Eddie said "Nothing's happened yet why are you..?"

Then Elise's water broke "oh my god oh my god Eddie" said Elise Eddie saw Elise's water broke "Eddie I think my water just broke" said Elise Zoe and Marisol heard Elise they ran up to her "Elise what is happening?" asked Zoe. "It's Time" said Elise that got Kaori and Mac up.

"Kaori Mac," Eddie said trying to explain what was going on as fast as possible "Elise's having the baby now. me, Elise, Zoe, and Marisol need to go,"

Until Edddie got Elise and her friends out of the door and into the health care room "Mac It's time for tackling" said Kaori and then she tackle Mac.

"AH!" Elise screamed in labor

She, Zoe, Marisol, and Eddie were now at the hospital, Marisol was helping deliver Elise's baby.

Elise gave Eddie her evil eyes. The eyes a woman gives her husband when they're in labor. She gave him a look that said "You did this to me! You did!"

It took 4 hours of lasting the labor until Elise screamed again Seeiah and JP must of heard it.

At the spa

"JP did you hear that I fought I heard Elise?" said Seeiah "nope sweet heart I did not" said JP until their daughter was crying again "do not worry Audery mommy's coming" said Seeiah as she was going to check on her daughter.

At the race track

Moby and Brodi must of heard it.

"Moby I fought I heard a death faint" said Brodi "I did not hear anything it might be just the wind or something else" said Moby.

Back at the house

"Take that Mac" said Kaori as she tackled her boyfriend "ow Kaori that's not cool" groaned Mac Kaori had tackled Mac too many times.

Back at the hospital

Elise held her new baby girl

"She's so adorable," Eddie said

Zoe grew tears in her eyes

"Congrats," Marisol said "So what's her name?"

"I was thinking about that so I think her name should be Katie" said Elise.

"Nice name but why Katie?" asked Zoe.

"Marisol kept telling me how she wished for a girl, I kind of wanted one to," said Elise.

"I was thinking of Manny if we had a son," Eddie admitted

And so, a few days later, Katie was able to leave the hospital and join the SSX Ticky family with Elise and Eddie Zoe and Marisol loved the baby too.

end of chapter 2