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Chapter 1

Stinkin' Rich!

She's my cherry pie
Cool drink of water
Such a sweet surprise

Tastes so good
Make a grown man cry
Sweet cherry pie

Brittany sang along with the beginning of her favorite song before quickly hitting the snooze button, she didn't want her mom to whine about her needing to choose more appropriate music again. Yeah, as if. She loved this song way too much, it made her feel badass. Well, more badass than she already was of course.

She chuckled to herself when she recalled how just last week she fucked Quinn "I'm holier than thou" Fabray. Thanks to that the entire school now basically worshipped the ground she walked on, well more than before that is.

She walked to her en suite bathroom to take a nice hot shower.

When she was done, she looked through her closet to find her favorite pair of jeans. When she found them, she matched them with a black thank top, studded black boots and her black leather jacket.

After applying her make-up and making sure her hair was curly enough, she got her car keys and headed downstairs.

"Brittany Susan Pierce, do not tell me you are wearing that God awful jacket again!" her mother chastised. "Mom, it's badass, just like me right?" Brittany whined.

"No Brittany, I forbid you to be, as you put it, badass. You are a young lady who walks around like a female version of Casanova. You do know that I hear all the gossip too, right Brittany?" her mother seethed.

"Yes mom, I'll try to behave. But the jacket stays!" Brittany conceded.

"Fine, now go you're going to be late" her mother sighed.

"Okay mom, bye!" Brittany yelled.

She walked outside to her black mustang, her baby, and got in. She putted the radio on and started driving to another hell day of school.

"Hey Fuckerman, what the hell are you doing by my locker?" Brittany was not amused.

Noah Puckerman was a self proclaimed badass who wanted everybody to call him Puck. And apparently he thought that that's the reason they should hang out. She didn't share that idea. Obviously.

"Relax Pierce, I just wanted to congratulate you on popping the cherry of Fabray! I mean come on, that's epic!" He yelled so hard that almost the entire hallway looked their way.

"Will you shut up, Fabgay is already angry at me and I don't want to listen to her whining about being girlfriends again. It's getting old" Brittany hissed.

"She should've known better, you're more of a fuck-and-ditch kinda type" Puck Grinned.

"Fuck you Puckerman, I could be someone's girlfriend, I've just never met anyone who's worth it."Brittany mumbled. She could totally do that dating shit, she just didn't want to, she thought angry.

"Whatever you say Pierce" Puck said before walking away to God knew where. Not that she cared.

"BRITTANY FUCKING PIERCE! Great, Brittany thought, there she was.

"Hello ladies, how can I help you?" she said, facing the cheerios and eying them up and down.

"How dare you show your face here?" Quinn seethed.

"Well, I get up and drive to school. It's as easy as that Fabgay. Just as easy as fucking you I might add." Brittany smirked.


Did she just seriously slap her?

"Hey, that was totally uncalled for!" Brittany yelled, now getting pissed as well. "I told you it was a one time thing, yet now you're mad because I don't want to be your little girlfriend? Fuck you Fabray, you sucked anyway. I didn't even orgasm, so suck on that!"

Quinn turned a dark shade of red and walked away with her cheerio friends following after her, some of them making 'call me' signs.

"Move along, show's over!" Brittany yells.

After the hallway was empty, she turned and inspected the red hand mark on her left cheek in the mirror off her locker. Well, that was a sucky morning.

Brittany could only think one thing as she looked in the mirror.

Fuck. My. Life.

After two excruciating boring hours of class, Brittany made her way out of school to go under the bleachers, glad that she had study hall which she decided to ditch.

When she arrived there, Puck was already waiting for her with some weed. "Dude, I heard what happened this morning, how you're doing now?" he asked concerned.

"Yeah I'm fine, I insulted her by telling her I didn't get an orgasm though."

"OUCH! That must've hurt." Puck laughed.

"Probably, but she deserved it so whatever. Give me the weed now, I need it."

"Here you go dude, by the way I got some news you're going to be really interested in"

"What Puck?" Brittany may not have liked Puck very much, but he did always know the most helpful things, like who just broke up and wanted some comfort-sex, who wanted to have some lets-make-my-boyfriend-jealous-sex, etc.

"Well, there's going to be a transfer student who is apparently very hot. What the dude I've got it from literally said? Well because you're practically pulling out of me" Puck trailed off.

Brittany rolled her eyes, he was so dramatic. More so than the Hobbit, and that was hard.

"She has the body off a Victoria Secrets Angel, she has the face off an actual angel, but here it comes: she's fucking sex on legs. She always wears this catholic girl outfit and she apparently teases a lot. They call her: The angel who acts like the devil. But get this, not only is she sex on legs, but she's also a virgin!" Puck exclaimed excitedly.

Now that got Brittany's attention. She loved virgins. There's something intriguing about taking a girls virginity. But this girl acted like sex on legs? If Puck's guy says so it must be true, his sources were never wrong. She had a feeling she was going to like this girl, she seemed like a challenge, she thought.

"So, what's her name" she asked curiously.

"Santana. Santana Lopez." Wow, even her name sounded sexy. Well, it seemed like she got herself a new challenge.

"I call dibs Puck, she sounds perfect. Looking innocent, having a banging body, a beautiful face and a hot name? Yeah she's definitely mine. But I'll tell you what, after I'm done with her you can give her a go."

"Fine Pierce, you're lucky you're my friend" he grumbled.

Yes, Brittany thought smirking, this was going to be very interesting.

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