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Chapter 10

That Brittany was nervous for tonight was an understatement. She felt like she could faint any second.

Yesterday she skipped school and spent the entire day preparing the most perfect date in the world. She just knew Santana was going to love it, but she was scared she would fuck it up.

What if Santana had a dress on which showed a lot of cleavage and she couldn't stop staring? What if she told Santana about her sexual fantasies?


She was screwed, she didn't know what to wear? What would Santana want her to wear?

Badass, girly, sexy, cute? Okay she didn't have any cute or girly clothes but what is that's what Santana wanted?

She needed help.

Quinn, please come to my place asap, I don't know what to wear tonight and you know Santana best and I want to woo her and to do that she needs to like how I look! If this date fails I'm not gonna marry her and get cute Latina-babies and then I won't have horny-pregnant-sex with her and my life will be over! PLEASE? - A Nervous Badass Brittany

After five minutes of running up and down the stairs, Quinn finally texted back.

Fine I'll be there in 5. And you are so whipped it's not even funny - Q

Brittany was about to respond when she got another text.

Just kidding, it'll always be funny to see, hear and read how whipped you are. Don't even think about denying it, I won't come over if you do that!

Brittany grunted, fucking Quinn.

She shook her head and decided to put on some sweats and a tank-top before Quinn arrived.

Only Santana was allowed to see this rocking body.

'Hey Brittany' Quinn barged in and looked around before jumping on Brittany's queen sized bed.

'Get off my bed Quinn' Brittany growled.

What? So she might have had a dream which involved her bed, Santana and a pair of handcuffs and she didn't want Quinn to ruin that fantasy for her with her jumping on her fucking bed.

'Someone's a little grumpy but I'll let this one slide. Now, tell me the problem' Quinn sat on the pink beanbag in the corner of Brittany's room and looked curiously at Brittany.

'I don't know what Santana wants me to look like. Does she want me Badass or sexy or what?' Brittany panicked. She was nervous okay?

Quinn sighed and shook her head.

'I know what Santana would love, Brittany, but if you want me to tell you I need something in return' Quinn smirked devilishly and got her phone out of her purse.

'What do you want?' Brittany asked, already dreading the answer.

'I want you to say: I, Brittany Susan Pierce, am completely whipped by Santana Marie Lopez' Quinn smirked.

'You're going to tape it aren't you?' Brittany sighed.

Fuck her life. But at least she found out Santana's middle name which was totally hot.

'Yes, yes I am' Quinn pressed the "record-button" and motioned for Brittany to say it.

'I, Brittany Susan Pierce, am completely whipped by Santana Marie Lopez' She growled.

Quinn giggled and put her phone away.

'That'll do for now. So, you want to tell you what Santana would love?' Quinn wiggled her eyebrows and laughed, this was just too funny.

'No I just let you blackmail me for fun' Brittany deadpanned.

Quinn just ignored her and flipped her hair.

'She loves it when you look badass. It turns her on that you are so tough, jealous, rough and possessive with her, So basically: if you look badass she just about creams her panties okay?' Quinn sounded almost bored and with the amount of times Santana discussed this particular object with Quinn, it was really boring.

Brittany felt her cheeks turn red and she felt herself get turned on.

Who knew Santana Lopez liked it rough?

'Stop thinking whatever you're thinking and put on these clothes. Good luck tonight' Quinn smiled and walked out of her room.

Brittany quickly said a "bye Quinn" before stripping and jumping into the shower.

While standing under the hot stream of water, she could't help but think about ravishing Santana, pinning her hands above her head, nipping at the delicate caramel skin of her neck and chest, lightly bite those dark delicious nipples and...

She shook her head and decided to not let herself get carried away, she needed to focus on getting ready not getting off.

But as she lavished her body with her strawberry body wash, she couldn't help but think one more Santana and rough sex related thought.

If Santana likes it rough, tonight I'll show her how rough I can be, Brittany thought to herself smirking.

'Quinn, where have you been? I've been calling you for the past hour?!' Santana yelled at Quinn.

'Relax, I had a major case of diarrhea and I like to do the number two on my own toilet' Quinn calmly explained.

'Okay, too much information Quinnie. Now, I don't know what to wear!' Santana was searching through her closet like a crazy person looked for medication.

'San, relax. You could go naked and Brittany would still think you're the most beautiful person in the universe' Quinn chuckled, Brittany was too whipped for words.

'Of course she would like it if I went naked Quinn, she tried to hook up with me 6 days ago?' Santana was irritated to say the least, she needed to find the perfect outfit. She didn't need Quinn to say stuff she already knew.

Quinn just rolled her eyes and sighed.

'Fine, I'll be serious now. How are you going to do your hair, make-up, nails and accessories?'

'My hair is going to be down with loose waves, my make-up light and natural, my nails are going to match my outfit so I don't know yet and I'm only going to wear earrings' Santana was nervous, what if Brittany thought she looked stupid or weird? Deep down she knew it wouldn't happen but she couldn't help but worry.

'Oooh I like it! And are you wearing heels or flats or what?' Quinn already knew Brittany was going to be drooling over Santana.

'I think I'm going to wear pumps, they make my ass and legs look amazing. I just don't know what color because I'm still waiting for your advise Fabray!' Santana was getting annoyed, she didn't want to talk about stuff she already figured out, she wanted to find the perfect outfit!

While Santana was thinking about ways to strangle Quinn, Quinn made her way to Santana's closet.

'OH MY GOD! Santana get over here, I've found the most perfect outfit!' Quinn yelled, shaking Santana from her murderous thoughts.

Santana quickly ran over to Quinn and cheered.

'This is perfect, thanks Quinnie and sorry for being a bit of a bitch...'

'That's okay San, now go and get ready you have only five hours left!' Quinn smiled when she saw Santana run towards the bathroom, those girls were something else.

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