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Chapter 7

I needed to talk to Santana, I needed to explain why I said what I said, I needed her to trust me again.

But I also needed her to explain to me why she was so guarded and why she lead Sam on. It was just so confusing.

'Hey Brittany, I heard what happened' Puck said while slowly approaching her.

Brittany was sitting on top of the bleachers, trying to think of a way to talk to Santana.

'Hey, yeah I know screwed up so just leave me alone' Brittany said looking down.

'B, listen, you didn't screw up' Puck began.

Brittany just raised an eyebrow.

'Okay so maybe a little, but she screwed up too! She's the one who totally overreacted at that diner, she's the one who held Guppy Lips' hand this morning, she's the one who didn't say anything when he was telling you about how they were going to be together! She has hurt you too! Yes you screwed up, but so did she! I mean, come on Brittany! If you held a scoreboard next to you two, yeah you have like one or two more screw ups, but nobody's doing that. So instead of sitting here like a kicked puppy, get up and go get your girl!' Puck ended his speech with a fist pump.

Brittany let it all sink in. Puck was right, they both screwed up! And Quinn did say that Santana pictured herself marrying her, so that had to count for something, right?

'You're right Puck, I just need to talk things out with her' Brittany said half-smiling.

'Oh yeah, there is one thing...' Puck said while scratching the back of his head.


'Well, she kinda said to Quinn that she's going to pursue a relationship with Sam'



'WHAT? NO! SHE'S MINE DAMMIT!' Brittany growled.

Fucking Sam trying to swallow her chance at getting Santana whole like a python.

'But there is one good thing' Puck rushed to say.

'And that is?' Brittany questioned, this better be good.

'I got Fishy Lips kicked out of school' Puck grinned.

'How?' Brittany asked smirking.

'I put some drugs in his locker and tipped off Jewfro. Simple as that' Puck grinned.

Brittany punched Puck in the face and then hugged him.

'What the hell?!' Puck screamed, holding his bleeding nose.

'You should've told me, I wanted to get him kicked out of school too!'

'Fine, sorry, next time you're in! Just don't give me a bloody nose again, Quinn doesn't dig that okay?'

'Fine, I won't. Now I just need to find out where Santana is'

'Quinn told me she went home, here is the address' Puck handed Brittany a piece of paper.

'Thanks Puck, gotta go! Bye!' Brittany yelled while sprinting towards her car.

She was going to get her girl back, she had to talk this out.

After Brittany bought a bouquet of red roses, she drove towards Santana's house. She was excited and nervous to see Santana again.

All she focused on was finding the right house so she could go and talk it out with the Latin Beauty.

When she saw she was in a neighborhood with all kinds of mansions, she knew she had the right place.

She stopped at the biggest of them all.

She couldn't believe how beautiful it was.

It was a white-brick mansion, with a lot of windows and open space. It had two towers and she could she the beginning of a pool on the side of the mansion.

It was very impressive.

'Wow, my girl's loaded, I'm like a gold-digger or something and she's my sugar-momma' Brittany snickered, until she remembered why she came here in the first place.

To get her girl back!

She parked her car and walked towards the gate.

She decided against ringing the bell and just climbed over.

When she got to the other side, she rushed towards the mansion, she couldn't get caught now.

She picked the lock of the front door and quietly closed it.

When she turned around, her mouth dropped open.

The hall was massive! Everywhere she looked there were diamonds, chandeliers, gold, shiny decorations, statues, a large stairs.. she could go on for days!

She shook herself out of her stupor and ran up the stairs. She guessed Santana was in her bedroom.

When she was upstairs, all she could see were two large hallways with a lot of doors and another stairway.

Great, now what?

She decided to just keep going up.

When she ran up five stairs, she was exhausted and frustrated.

Who the fuck wants that many stairs? Certainly not Brittany, that's for damn sure!

She looked up and saw yet another stairway, but this time it was slightly smaller and it looked like it lead to the top of one of the two towers.

Maybe Santana had her bedroom there?

She walked up the stairs, she couldn't run anymore, and looked around her.

There was just one door.

She opened the door without hesitating, she didn't care it was rude, she wanted to see her girl okay?

The room was huge, like everything else in this house.

The room was so gorgeous, just like the petite Latina.

The walls were a light blue and the chandelier hanging from the ceiling was covered with diamonds.

Her bed was queen size, had white sheets and a lot of with fluffy pillows.

The carpet was also white, just like the desk, doors and night stand were.

She didn't see Santana so she had to be behind one of those doors, right?

She walked to one of the five doors she noticed almost immediately and saw a huge bathroom, with a bath so big it looked like a miniature pool and a shower with glass doors. But no Santana.

Behind the second door was a walk-in closet she could easily get lost in. When she turned around to go to the next door, she saw a glass door.

Behind that door was a lot of underwear. A lot.

There were tongs, boxers, slips, hipsters, push-up bra's, lace bra's and so on. In all the colors and fabrics you could imagine.

She started to get a little turned on but pushed the throbbing away, she was here to fix things. Not to perve on Santana's underwear.

And Santana obviously wasn't in this room.

Behind the third door was a make-up room. It was every girl's dream to have a room like this, but Brittany wasn't really impressed.

She didn't obsess over make-up, she obsessed over girls.

And the girl she was currently obsessing about wasn't in this room.

Behind the fourth door was a fitness room where she could already imagine Santana working out and sweating.

But again, no sight of the sexy Latina.

She shook her head in frustration and walked towards door number five.

Her heart started beating faster and faster. Behind this door was her girl.

But when she opened the door, all she saw was a library with a lot of books. Thousand and thousands of books. Literature, mystery, romance, etc.

But no Santana.

She groaned and walked towards the first door, ready to go back downstairs to one of the other rooms when she saw a ladder next to the last door.

No. Fucking. Way.

'Seriously, I have to climb something again?' She grumbled to herself.

She sighed and clam up the ladder. When she slowly sat down on the floor, relieved she was done climbing, she looked around her and gasped.

The walls were also with here, but the wall facing the ladder was made from glass. The ground was covered with the same white carped and hundreds of with pillows and blankets.

And on one big fluffy pillow, in the corner by the window, was Santana.

Santana who looked like she'd been crying with her red rimmed eyes, red lips and tousled hair.

But she still looked gorgeous.

She wore a tight white tank top, pink cotton shorts and white socks with pink dots.

Her hair was in a loose bun, with some curly strings falling in front of her face, making Brittany want to reach out and push it behind her ear.

Brittany coughed, causing Santana to look towards her.

Her eyes went wide and she looked shocked.


'Hey San' Brittany shyly said.

'What are you doing here? How did you even know where I live? And how did you get in?' Santana couldn't believe this.

Brittany said she could go fuck Sam and said she wish she'd never met Santana, so why was she here now?

'Quinn told Puck who told me, and I climbed over your gate. Also, I'm here tot talk'

'You what?! You climbed over my gate? And how did you even find my room?' Her room was really hard to find if you didn't live here.

'I'm sorry, I just didn't think you would let me in and I really wanted to talk to you. And I honestly don't know, I just kept climbing those stupid stairs. By the way, you should really consider getting an elevator, there are way to many stairs' Brittany chuckled nervously.

'It's not that bad, I'm used to it. And what do you want to talk about? You were kinda mad earlier and I'm not in the mood to get yelled at again. I mean, you basically dumped me and we're not even together!' Santana said coldly.

She knew she also made some mistakes, but Brittany had really hurt her.

'I know, and I'm so sorry. I know you're not a slut San, you're a virgin for crying out loud. And I don't regret meeting you, I really like you okay? I was still hurt from yesterday and I felt hurt and betrayed. I guess I jumped to conclusions... And when we get together, I promise to never dump you! I really like you okay...' Brittany trailed off, not knowing what else to say.

'You're forgiven' Was all Santana said.

'What?' It couldn't be this easy, right?

'Yeah, I mean I've liked you since the day I met you and I don't want lose you already, so yes you're forgiven' Santana smiled.

'YES!' Brittany cheered.

'But, why did you go crazy?'

'Because you were still holding his hand, and you didn't say anything when he said you two were going to date and stuff. Why didn't you? Why did you hold his hand when you want to be with me? And why do you think about marrying me, but you still pursue a relationship with Sam? I'm just confused San, I need to know where I stand. I don't want you shutting me out like you did after our lunch date yesterday, I want to at least know what I did wrong so I can make it up to you' Brittany gave Santana a crooked smile.

'I didn't say anything because I was shocked okay? I mean there you are looking super pretty and being mad and stuff. I just didn't know what to say. And I guess after our fight I needed to talk to someone. Sam was the only one I could turn to at that moment, and he was so sweet... I guess it felt right at that moment, you know?

Brittany felt herself getting mad again, at Sam and herself.

Stupid Guppy McTrouty.

'But now I why, it's because you are the risk here. Sam is comfortable and easy. He's simple. You are passion and danger. But you're also someone I can see myself with in twenty years. I'm sorry for hurting you. After I cleared my head, I called Sam and told him I can't go out with him anymore because I like you and only you' Santana said nervously.

'Really? Santana, you don't know how glad I am to hear that!' She finally had her girl all to herself.

'Yeah, now you don't need to worry about him anymore' Santana said sweetly,

'Sam actually got kicked out of school so he and his family are moving to California' Brittany refused to make eye contact with Santana.

'What? Why did he get kicked out?'

'Puck did it! I didn't! I promise honey!' Brittany rushed to say, she didn't want to get in a fight with Santana again.

'Seriously? Stupid Puckerman, but I guess you're glad huh? Now you don't have to be so possessive' Santana teased.

Brittany got up and pulled Santana till she was standing against the wall. Brittany grabbed her wrists and pulled them high above Santana's head.

She pushed her body against Santana's and couldn't help but get aroused by the feeling of Santana's perfectly round breasts against hers.

She locked eyes and growled.

'You. Are. Mine. Understood?'

Santana didn't trust herself to speak so she just nodded.

'Good, because otherwise I would have to show you who you belong to' Brittany husked out, biting Santana's earlobe and smirking when she heard Santana moan.

God what this girl did to her, why did Brittany have to be so perfect?

Brittany stepped back and got the roses off the floor.

'Here, these are for you. Beautiful roses for a beautiful girl' Brittany smiled.

'Aww, thanks Britt' Santana blushed. How could this girl go from sexy to adorable in one second?

'Britt huh?' Brittany smirked.

Santana looked at her feet and shrugged.

'You call me San so I figured you wouldn't mind, but if you don't want me to call you that it's fine'

Brittany one finger under Santana's chin and made her look her in the eyes.

'I love it when you call me that, especially when you are so sexy while doing it' She winked and sat down as if nothing happened.

'You tease' Santana playfully glared at Brittany and sat next to her, the roses long forgotten thanks to the sweet girl next to her.

'Says the girl who teases the entire world with her outfits. I don't want you walking around like that anymore by the way, no one gets to see you that close to being naked but me' Brittany said while raising one eyebrow.

'I'll wear whatever I want to Britt' Santana said while rolling her eyes.

'Fine, but you are going to have to deal with the fact I'm possessive and jealous' Brittany conceded right away, she was whipped okay? Whatever.

'I can deal with that, with you I now know I have nothing to worry about' Santana smiled.

'Yeah, Quinn told me about your ex. You know I would never get that crazy, right?'

Brittany was concerned, she couldn't just turn-off the switch that made her possessive. But come on, look at Santana, she had a reason to be possessive okay?!

'Yes Britt, I know that. I feel safe with you, because I know that on the inside you're just one big fluffy bear' Santana smiled.

Brittany's heart melted.

'Yeah, but I'm your big fluffy bear, now let's take a nap together, you look tired'

'Okay, stay with me? You can have dinner here, my parents are working anyway' Santana hopefully asked.

'Of course I'll stay, and is our date still on Saturday?'

'Of course silly' Santana giggled.

'But I'm kinda tired, wanna take that nap now?

'Sure, let's sleep babe' Brittany said while putting an arm around Santana.

'Babe? I like the sound of that' Santana said brightly.

'Good, me too. Makes everyone know you're mine'

Santana just ignored that last comment and snuggled into Brittany's side.

Brittany pulled a blanket over them and held Santana in a tight embrace.

When she heard Santana's breath getting even, she got out her phone.

Step 4 is accomplished, I'm asking her to be mine officially after our date Saturday. See you on monday, FYI: Sam is taken care of... -Brittany

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