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Chapter 9

Brittany felt something on her chest and grumbled, why does Lord Tubbington always feel the need to wake her up during the most perfect dream ever?

She could remember it like it happened two hours ago.

She and Santana talked, admitted their feelings, Fishy Lips was gone and Santana was still going out with her on Saturday.

And the best thing? In her dream, Santana was snuggling with her.

She couldn't believe it, that's why she's so pissed off that her oversized mumbo jumbo cat woke her up.

She tried to push Lord Tubbington off, but for some reason she felt pressure on her waist. It almost felt like an arm.

Nah, she thought to herself, that was impossible.

After 3 more times of her pushing and Lord Tubbington resisting, she decided it was time to open her eyes and give the cat her you-better-get-away-now-catty-cat-look, it always worked.

But when she opened her eyes, she didn't see her cat. Oh no, she saw something far from a fat furry cat.

She saw the beauty that was Santana Lopez.


Wait, what?

Before she had a chance to contemplate what was going on, she was pulled out of her thoughts by Santana opening her dark caramel eyes.

'Hey Britt' Santana smiled. Wow, if Brittany thought Santana's voice was like heaven before, than she died and went there right now!

Thanks to the sleep it was even raspier than normal and it was too sexy for Brittany to handle with Santana on her body.

'Hey sleepyhead' Brittany smirked. Nothing wrong with a little teasing.

'Oh shut it Teddybear McRainbow' Santana said giggling.

'Don't call me that, I'm not a teddybear. I am badass' Brittany pouted.

'Uhuh, because badasses pout all the time?' Santana smirked.

'Whatever, let's just get something to eat okay? And please don't call me that ever again' Brittany pleaded, she could handle being called whipped but this crossed a line.

'I'll think about, now let's go to the kitchen' Santana jumped up and quickly clam down the ladder.

'Wait for me San!' Brittany yelled.

She followed after Santana and ran as fast as she could. When she passed Santana, she turned around and picked her up bridal style.

'Britt' Santana gasped.

'Don't worry, I've got you' Brittany winked.

Santana just giggled and tried to hide her bush by burying her face in Brittany's neck.

'Where to, milady?'

'All the way down and then down the hall on your left' Santana said softly, still hiding her blush.

Brittany smiled goofily when she noticed Santana was still blushing and carefully made her way towards the kitchen.

'So, what do you want to eat?' Santana asked while making her way towards the refrigerator.

'I'll have whatever you have, I eat just about everything'

'Do you want some lasagna and chicken parmesan? I have some leftovers'

'Sure' Brittany smiled. 'Can I help?'

'No, just sit down and relax. What do you want to drink?' Santana asked while reheating the food and getting some glasses from the cabinet.

'You' Brittany said without thinking.

Santana blushed a deep shade of red.

'NO I DON'T!' Brittany quickly yelled.

'So you don't want to drink me?' Santana said with an eyebrow raised and her hands on her hips.

'What? Yes, I mean no, I mean... I want some cola, thanks' Brittany mumbled while looking down at her hands.

'Brittany, I was just teasing you' Santana chuckled.

'You were? Well, I had no idea how dirty you were Miss Santana' Brittany said while keeping eye-contact with Santana.

'You don't know me very well do you then?' Santana smirked.

'I guess you'll just have to tell me everything about you'

'I guess I'll have no other choice' Santana quirked an eyebrow and then turned around to get Brittany's glass.

'To us' Brittany raised her glass.

'To us' Santana said, raising her glass as well.

They looked deep into each others eyes and focused on only each other until they were interrupted by the soft "ding" of the oven.

Santana got some forks, knives and napkins. Then she got the plates with the food.

'Here you go' She said, still dazed from their staring-contest.

'Thanks San'

They ate in silence and quickly cleaned everything up.

'It's late, I should go home' Brittany said, hoping Santana would ask her to stay.

'Yeah, I guess so. I'll see you tomorrow?' Santana wanted Brittany to stay, but she knew she couldn't control herself if she was so close to the blonde again.

'I'll wait by your locker for you, if that's okay with you' Brittany wanted to show everyone that Santana was hers and hers alone.

'Yeah, that would be great' Santana's heart started beating faster after hearing the possessive tone Brittany used.

She liked it that the blonde wanted everyone to know she was hers, she felt cared for.

Santana lead Brittany to the porch and smiled at her. Wow, she thought not for the first time, she has the most amazing blue eyes.

'Goodnight San' Brittany put her hands around Santana's waist and pulled her tightly against her.

It felt right having the petite Latina in her arms.

She gave the Latina a kiss on the cheek and ran towards the gate and clam over.

She turned around to wave one more time before she got in her car and drove home.

Santana stood on her porch, still holding her cheek.

'Goodnight Britt, have a very good night' She whispered still dazed from the almost kiss.

It was friday morning and Brittany was on her way to school. She was excited to see Santana and a little nervous. She hoped that Santana didn't think last night was a mistake.

When she heard a car honk she flipped the red truck off and decided to relax and go with the flow.

She parked her car in her usual spot and all but jumped out of the car, she didn't want to waste time she could spend with Santana.

People turned to give her strange looks when she ran towards the entrance of the school, but she couldn't care less.

She just wanted to see Santana.

Her mind started to wonder how Santana looked today, would wear a dress or shorts and a top, heels or sneakers?

She couldn't wait to find out.

When she approached Santana's locker, she smirked at the dirty thoughts immediately invaded her head.

She knew Santana looked hot, but today she looked so innocent that she couldn't help the dirty thought which invaded her mind.

She quickly shook her head to clear her head, she needed to stay strong.

'Hey Britt, give me a second I need to find my history book' Santana said searching through her locker.

'Sure, take all the time you need' Brittany said happily.

She took the opportunity to check Santana out.

She had on white ballet flats with little bows which made her even shorter next no Brittany's tall persona.

Trailing her eyes up smooth, perfectly toned caramel legs she couldn't help but imagine Santana wrapping those long legs around her waist while she pounded into Santana...

Santana moved so she could reach further up in her locker, causing Brittany to focus on her light pink summer dress.

It was tight around her round, perky breasts and the heart-shape made sure that there was a little bit of cleavage.

Enough to make you wonder what she was hiding under her dress, but modest enough to make her look like an innocent little angel.

From the waist down it was loose and it made Santana look adorable.

She looked so small and fragile Brittany just wanted to cuddle her to death, or even better: push her up against a wall and ravish her.

Santana finally found her book and turned to Brittany smiling.

'When we're dating, are you still going to perve on me any chance you got?' She chuckled.

'Probably' Brittany said smirking, raking her eyes up and down the Latina's petite form.

Santana just blushed and shook her head.

'Are you always this charming?'

Brittany wrapped her arm around Santana's waist and started walking in the direction of Santana's first classroom.

'You bet your fine ass I am' Brittany winked.

Santana just rolled her eyes.

When they arrived at the classroom, Brittany gave Santana a tight hug before walking away.

'I'll see you at lunch?' Santana yelled before Brittany could completely disappear.

'No, I need today and tomorrow to plan our date. I'll pick you up at 7, wear something fancy. AND STAY AWAY FROM THOSE FOOTBALL PLAYERS, I DON'T FUCKING TRUST THEM!' Brittany yelled back before turning the corner and walking towards her car.

Santana chuckled and shook her head, before entering her classroom.

She couldn't help but let her mind wander to Brittany during her class.

What were they going to do? Was her dad going to like Brittany? What was she going to wear?

Yes, to say she was nervous was an understatement.

Just before the bell rang, indicating the end of first period, she got a text from Quinn.

Tomorrow I'll be there at five, we're going to blow Brittany's mind! XOX -Q

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