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Later at School Medical Wing

Noda walked into Hikaru's room and looked at her. He noticed that her shirt was wide open and she wasn't wearing a bra. Upon seeing this he started to get aroused. Wow she has amazing breasts. So plump and perfectly shaped. He thought. Shit, now I have an erection. Damnit. Not knowing what to do, and not wanting to walk around with a hard on, he decided to pump one out. She won't wake up for another thirty minutes or more anyway. He sat down on a chair next to Yuki and unzipped his pants. Noda then pulled out his throbbing cock and slowly started pumping it up and down. He started to go faster and faster, moaning as he went. Eventually he couldn't hold it in anymore and white liquid shot from the tip of his penis. He groaned loudly and then went limp. Noda then got up to clean the mess. He wiped it up with some paper towels and then sat down with Hikaru, after covering her chest.

"Hikaru I'm sorry I just did that but I know you'd forgive me. Plus if I didn't then I would've had a boner for the next hour or so." He looked down at her lips. They look so soft and lush. Should I try? What if she wakes up?" He thought. He leaned in and kissed her cold lips. But just as he was pulling away she slowly opened her eyes.

"N-Noda? Is that you?" She said sweetly.

"Hikaru, you're awake!" He said picking her up out of the bed and hugged her. He gently placed her back in the bed.

"I know you just woke up but Yuri wants to talk to us about the fight yesterday." He said standing up.

"Umm okay but I have a feeling that she will be scolding us all." They laughed and walked to the SSS headquarters. They walked in and sat on the couch next to Hinata and Otonashi.

"Okay listen up guys. Yesterday was tricky and it seems that Angel has gotten stronger. We need to step up our game. But for now it seems to be test week and you know what that means. Angel is going to be stressed but I have a plan to embarrass her. Close the blinds." Yuri pulled up a window named 'Operation Switch-a-roo'. She explained that a few SSS members will be in the same test room as Angel and that they were to switch her test with a fake.

"Okay, the team who will be with Angel is Otonashi, Hinata, Takamasu, Ooyama, Takeyama, and me. The rest of you, do whatever you want." She said.

"Ugh! That's boring. What are we supposed to do for the entire week?" Noda said, obviously annoyed.

"I don't know. That's your problem." Yuri said, getting pissed. Why does he have to be such an idiot? She thought. She got up and walked away, not wanting to start a fight. Everyone else followed her out, except for Noda and Hikaru.

"Hey, Noda! What do you want to do, hmm?" Hikaru asked, sitting in one of the chairs.

"Well, I'm going to take a nap." He said, lying down on the couch. Hikaru got up and walked over to him. She got on her knees and rested her head on his chest, slightly surprising him. She took her finger and started drawing circles on him.

"A nap sounds nice right now. I think I'll join you!" She smiled at him, getting one in return. He nodded his head and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. They both drifter off into sleep, smiling.

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