Disclaimer: The Hunger Games and all of its plot twists, characters, and amazing love triangles belongs to the wonderful Suzanne Collins.

Peeta on the Everdeens' Luck

Peeta watched Katniss as she bravely walked up the steps onto the stage. His heart ached for her. The thought of the beautiful girl going into the arena made him sick.

He couldn't believe Prim had been chosen. She was so young, and he knew that Katniss would never allow her to sign up for tesserae. The odds of her name being called were so slim, and yet fate had not been on the Everdeen's side today. Katniss loved Prim more than anything, and she was so selfless, so, of course she volunteered in Prim's place. Katniss had always been selfless; she always put Prim first. It was one of the things Peeta loved about her.

The square was silent except for Prim's quiet sobs as she looked up at the stage from Gale's arms. Gale. He didn't know what to think about him. Peeta had loved Katniss since they were children, yet she never gave him a second glance. He loved Katniss with everything he had, he loved the way she fiercely protected Prim, how she so courageously hunted every day in order to keep her family alive, how her eyes sparkled when she spoke about something she was passionate about…

Everyone knew how close she was to Gale, a fact that made Peeta burn with jealousy. Gale was her best friend, her companion. That much was clear. However Peeta always wondered if there was more – if Katniss looked at Gale as more than a friend, a hunting partner.

He tore his attention back to the stage, where Katniss stood as Effie Trinket babbled on and on about something. The only living victor of District 12's – Haymitch – slouched passed out in a chair next to the mayor, not even paying attention to the new tribute it was his responsibility to protect and guide safely home.

Peeta glared at Haymitch in hated. Katniss deserved a mentor who would take care of her, and help her get home. Not some drunken idiot.

He tensed as Effie glided over to the second glass ball on the stage. His view of the reaping changed now. Now a part of him wanted to get called, so he could protect Katniss. He knew that no one else – except Gale – would look out for her in the arena. Anyone else would turn on Katniss the second the gong sounded, all childhood familiarity and friendship forgotten.

Of course, the choice was not his to make. He held his breath as the pink wigged lady teasingly swung her hand around in the orb. Finally she snatched a slip of paper from the sea of white.

"Peeta Mellark!"