A/N – Wow. It's all over. It's hard to believe, but we're finally done. I hope you guys like the ending. I can't believe this is all over. I love each and every one of you guys that stuck with me, even as I took - was it really a whole year or more? - a long time to finish. Thank you so much for giving me the encouragement to finish, and finally end Paige's journey.

"I seemed to have missed a lot while I was resting" Dad chuckled in his office while we all – me, Logan, Ororo, Hank, Warren, Marie, and Bobby – spread out in the room.

"They're rebuilding the Golden Gate Bridge straight away, and even a few mutants stepped forward to help speed up the process" Warren told us. "That is good news indeed" Dad smiled.

"Kurt called" I remembered. "He found his family. He's decided to stay at the circus for now, but he thinks that in a few years he might decide to settle down and join us here" Dad smiled. "He's always welcome. And I noticed that we would need to be planning a wedding – at the manor, I hope" everyone looked at Logan and I, and Ororo finally noticed the solitary-diamond ring on my ring finger.

"Oh! When did this happen?" she asked, racing over to get a closer look at the diamond.

"Just after we found Jean, but before she escaped. After I became an Xavier, and by extension, Marie" I smiled at my sister and Dad.

"We were plannin' on having it out on the grounds next summer, if you don't mind, Chuck" Logan said. Dad grinned. "Of course. After all, you're marrying one of my daughters" everyone laughed and Marie blushed a bit.

"Hey, she was my girl before she was your daughter" Logan argued playfully.

"Daughter trumps girlfriend" Marie laughed at Logan. I smiled at my family. We had everything. Well…I placed a hand on my stomach. Soon enough, we'd have it all.

The day was sunny and bright, the garden was lined with tabled covered in food, Hank stood underneath an arch way, ready to marry the couple. Logan and Bobby were getting ready in Logan's room while Marie and I were dressing in Ororo's room.

"It's so beautiful" I sighed, looking outside. I saw Dad waiting outside by the door, waiting to walk his daughter down the aisle.

"We need to remember to thank Storm for making sure it was fair weather today" Marie said, slipping on her shoes. I smiled and linked arms with her. "Logan and Bobby are already out there, everyone's just waiting on us" I told her, and we walked outside arm in arm.

"Paige" Dad greeted as I leaned down to kiss his cheek. "And Marie" she leaned down and kissed his other cheek.

"You both look beautiful" he smiled fondly at us.

"I look huge" I correctly, placing a hand on my very pregnant stomach. "It's a baby, sis, not an abundance of food" Marie laughed. I sighed and stepped forward with my small bouquet as Marie grabbed Dad's arm. She truly was a vision in white. I smiled as I passed Kurt, who looked extremely happy to be back and working at the school. I winked at Jimmy as I passed. He had been a great help through my pregnancy.

The wedding itself was beautiful and the perfect ending to our chapter. I can't say it's the end, because it never really does end, does it? Not even with death does the story ever truly end.

And so we all lived. There was never another Professor Xavier after Dad, but our family stayed in charge, and there were forever X-men to help keep everything in order. And we lived, on and on, till the end of time. Happy.