Hey there! It's me again...and again...y'all can't get rid of me MWHAHA. Ahem. Anyway, I just whipped out drabble after drabble, and decided to make it a series. There's going to be twenty-five drabbles in the series, all different characters, all different lengths. So I hope you enjoy!

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When he was but a young…whatever he was, he loved to swim through the rivers, hunt with his family through the lust forests of what is now South America. Everything was beautiful, and animals of all kinds lived in the freedom of nature.

However, when he was but twenty-nine and ready to take leadership of the troupe from his father, he was forced to migrate into the frigid North with his troupe. It was then that he was separated from his family by human hunters. He was frozen in a block of ice while joyfully running to what he thought was his troupe, looking for him. Twenty-thousand years later, he finds out that humans have never changed.

He since learned that humans hunted most of the animals he had ever seen in his youth to extinction. Today, that was happening all over as humans expanded their territories into other animals. Back in his day, whenever another troupe invaded another's territory, they would be chased out. The animals today couldn't chase the invaders out – they'd be skinned alive.

As Link looked out upon the world through solemn eyes, he felt a bit of uneasiness. He prayed to whoever would listen that, now the humans were ruling the earth, they were teaching their children how to properly take care of it. Link missed the lush forests and clear waters. Perhaps, if the new generation would listen, then they could save the earth before they hunted it to extinction. As Link's father had taught him centuries ago, "We only get one world."