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France was laughing and celebrating with Paris as well as his people as the New Year began. This year, unfortunately, there wasn't a conference to be hosted during the New Year so everybody was celebrating and doing their own celebrations. He and Paris watch as the Eifel Tower was lit in a spectacular light show as well as the fireworks display happening overhead.

"What do you hope for this coming year?" asked France as he and Paris were making their way home from the celebrations.

"To find a lover for the year," answered Paris with a sigh, "unlike last year where Londres rejected me again and the crazy girlfriend did not help…."

France chuckled as he ruffled his younger brother's hair, "Don't dwell on that girl too much as well as little Londres, she's just a stubborn one like her brother."

Paris was silent for a second as he thought it over. Every year for the past century, he had wished for the same thing, for Londres to be his again like how it was several centuries back. It wasn't his fault that Londres broke it off, though…he still didn't know why Londres had broken up with him then. They had been doing so well together until something happened, he couldn't remember what though, that caused his Londres to become distraught and ended it in 1800. He wished for the days where he and Londres could walk together without her hating him in some way and when she would look at him lovingly. But sadly, those days hadn't made a reappearance.

"But what about you France?" asked Paris causing his brother to look over at him, "What did you wish for?"

It was France's turn to sigh now, "For Angleterre to be back to how he was all those years ago so that we could be together again. I wished for the days we were together."

"The English," says Paris, "they are cruel to our hearts aren't they?"

France nods, "Oui, they are." But a smirk soon appears on his face as a thought comes to mind.

"Grand Frère, what is it?" He was worried about why his brother's face was twisted like that.

"How about this year," France looks towards the sky, "We make those wishes come true." He looks back over at Paris, "This year, we make Angleterre and Londres ours again."

Paris blinks in surprise to his brother's statement before the idea fully seeps into his brain. With both Frenchmen, the English siblings wouldn't be able to resist them. Londres would be his again and Angleterre would be his brother's. Paris looked up towards the sky and smiled happily. Yes, this year was going to be the year that he would have Londres back.

England and London were enjoying the fireworks display alongside their people. It had been quite an exciting year for the both of them from the stress of London being away for part of the year, to the Diamond Jubilee, to the Olympics, to the Paralympics. It would have been hell to have to go back to England's house after the show with the number of people there with them but luckily her majesty had allowed them to stay at the Palace to avoid all the traffic.

"A spectacular show as usual," says England as he and London make their way towards the Palace.

"Got that right," cheers London, "I hope 2013 will be just as awesome as 2012! I mean, we got to show the world how undeniably awesome we were!"

England chuckles, "Almost 947 years and you still sound like Prussia sometimes, what am I going to do with you?"

"I don't know, but Big Brother," the adrenaline rush had started to fade from her system, "what did you wish for this year?"

England pauses in his laughing to actually think about the question. He hadn't even thought about what he wanted for the year.

"I'm actually not sure Rowena, what did you wish for?"

"Same," shrugs the girl, she turns her gaze up towards the sky, "Maybe another awesome year, possibly?"

"Uh Rowena…."

"Yeah an awesome year would be just totally awesome…."


"But awesome just has to be the theme for this year…."

"LONDON!" shouted England.

"WHA –OW!" Why did she always forget about that lamppost?

England bursts into laughter as London sits back up and rubs the spot on her forehead where she collided with the lamppost.

"I think it's better off if you wish to remember that lamppost for next year," chuckles England.

"Aw shut up Big Brother!"

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