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"Come on England," said America as he attempted to pull his elder brother figure off the door frame, "We promised Canada!"

"I don't want to speak to the Frog!" retorted England as he clung to the door frame.

"It was hard enough convincing Prussia to let London come," huffed America as he attempted to pull England off again, "But seriously! England we have to go!"


America huffed in annoyance. If the Englishman wanted to play hard ball with him, then he would play hard ball. Mustering up all of his strength, he grabbed England around the waist and ripped the elder nation off of his doorframe and carried the angry nation away on his shoulder. England was kicking and screaming at his younger brother.

England was mixed. He wanted to confront France on what he was doing; he also wanted to rip Paris to pieces after what he heard from America. He was angry at the Frenchman for trying to impose his feeling on him. He wanted to also ask why the Frenchman was doing this to him. He was confused about why all of a sudden France was so aggressive in trying to capture his affection. England sighed as America drove; he was just tired of this whole mess.

"Are you okay England?" asked America causing the Englishman to look over in his direction.

"I'm just tired America," answered England, "I'm just tired."

"Now wasn't a good time for France to be doing all of this right?" America had to admit, he was very worried about his brother. He was used to seeing England tired and stressed but never this form of tired and stressed. England looked weary.

"It's never a good time," England sighed. "There is never a good time for anything America. You should know it by now."

"That's not necessarily true."


"Yes England?"

"Please, just be quiet and let me think, alright poppet?"

It was America's turn to sigh now. He just wanted to keep on talking with England because whenever they spoke, it looked as if England was growing less and less stressed. He liked it when England was less stressed and tired, the British man was a lot more cheerful and a lot easier to work with.

"Ve have to go Lundenwic," said Prussia as he knocked on the door again, "You can't hide of this forever."

"I can try!"


"I don't wanna go!"

Prussia sighed and just stared at the door. His little Lundenwic had been scared out of her wits by Paris and now she was refusing to leave her room. The leaving her room part was due to the fact they were supposed to be at a controlled meeting with France and Paris that America and Canada had set up. At first, he had been against it, seeing as how London was acting, but after a long conversation with America, he agreed.

"Come on Lundenwic," he tried once more, "Ve must not be late."

"Go away Vater," whispered London.

Prussia huffed in annoyance. He didn't want to have to do this but London was being stubborn and this would not do.

"Lundenwic Roswitha Vreni Beilschmidt," he said in his military tone. He swore he could hear his daughter whimpering at the tone. He knew it scared her. "Sie erhalten von dort in diesem Augenblick oder so wahr mir Gott helfe, ich mache Sie bereuen! (You will get out of there this instant or so help me god, I will make you regret it!)"

There was silence before the door opened and a terrified London walked out dressed in a Prussian blue pants suit with the Iron Cross on top of her black tie as how he told her to wear it. Prussia smiled when he saw that and ruffled London's hair.

"There now!" he bellowed cheerfully, "Not so bad, ja?"

"I still don't want to speak with them."

"And this is why I didn't give you the choice Liebling."

"…Just shut up dad…."

The tension in the room could be cut with a knife. America and Prussia sat with England and London on one side of the table. Canada and Ottawa were seated with on the opposite side of the table with France and Paris. They were currently in one of America's White House offices, it being one of the neutral areas for nations to meet. It was an unspoken rule amongst them, the bosses work area was the neutral area, perfect for meetings.

"We'll leave you for to talk," said Canada with a smile as he, Ottawa, America and Canada left the room.

There was a heavy silence in the room. Neither side wanted to make the first move as it could ignite something that might run out of their control. Paris's eyes shifted between his brother, Angleterre and Londres. London was unconsciously scooting closer to her brother. England was glaring at France. France was looking straight at England.

"We don't want to be here all day so I'll start," began England.

"Oh, aren't you bold Angleterre," purred France.

"I MEAN IT!" shouted England as he slammed his palms down on to the table. "Now I want both of you two to quit bothering London and me!"

"Bothering?" asked Paris, "What do you mean by bothering?"

"You broke into our house and molested my sister!" retorted England, "You both are lucky that I don't outright kill you!"

"Angleterre, please," began France.

"Don't "Angleterre" me Frog," spat England, "I want both of you to keep away from ze both of us."

"And why should we do that?" asked Paris, "We both love you English people very much, so why should we keep away?"

"Because you're being very troublesome and annoying," whispered London, catching the attention of the men. They had thought that she wouldn't speak due to how much she had been clinging to both England and Prussia in fear. "What you have done is just annoying and troublesome. We all live busy lives and what you both have done has obstructed us from our work, making us all run behind schedule." She looked out from behind England's arm, glaring at the French men. "You both say that you love us, correct?"

They nodded.

"Then can you both quit being such a pain to my brother and me? That is all that we are requesting. We do not wish for the relationship between nations to be damaged but we would wish our personal ties are not ruined anymore than they have been as of recent." She said softly but firmly. "So may you both quit it with those advances?"

France and Paris looked between each other. London did make a point when she mentioned work. They had been so been distracted by their goal to woo their English lovers that they had forgotten about their work entirely. Their boss would not be happy once they got back but it was their own fault. They nodded with a silent agreement.

"Fine," answered Paris, "We'll stop everything but only on one condition."

"Name it?" hissed England.

"You and Londres," chuckled France, "'ave you go on one date with moi and Paris."

England and London looked at each other. It was only one date and then they would be free from the French menaces, right? They nodded between each other in silent agreement.

"Fine," said England, "We accept your condition."

France and Paris couldn't be any happier.

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