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Chapter 2: One Month

Hibari dragged Tsuna to his old room, remembering the way perfectly. Once there, he slammed the door shut while holding Tsuna tightly. He stared at the room with nostalgia. It's just I remembered it, he thought with a small smile. It should be, it's not my own timeline after all, he added quite sadly. But as the scenes of earlier this morning flashed by his mind, he frowned and unconsciously gripped Tsuna tighter. Tsuna winced in pain and said, "Hi-Hibari-san you're hurting me."

Hibari immediately let go and muttered a soft, "Sorry."

Tsuna is getting worried. It's not like Hibari to be like this so he can't help but be worried. It's not like him to show weakness. Sure he does that at times, but not like this. He cupped Hibari's face so he could see his eyes. He looked him in the eye and softly said, "He-Hey, it's alright."

"No it's not. I wasn't thinking clearly and because of that you almost got,- even though I promised, -" Hibari didn't get to finish his answer as he felt a warm frame enveloped his. He stared wide-eyed at Tsuna's brown locks before unconsciously hugging him back. Tsuna smiled at him, even though he can't be seen.

"It's alrgiht," he softly and slowly whispered. "I'm okay."

Hibari didn't say anything; he just kept hugging the boy to ease his pain. Tsuna knew Hibari hates showing emotions and weaknesses, but being unable to save Tsuna from those perverted herbivores is way over the line. He can't forgive himself for acting reckless and pathetic. Tsuna pulled away from the firm hug and said, "Before you say that you won't forgive yourself, please here me out."

Hibari looked at him and nodded. Tsuna took a deep breath and said, "It wasn't your fault, got it? It was mine."


"You said you'd listen." Tsuna pouted. Hibari couldn't help but smile at his lover's antics. He might act scared all the time around him but there are certain times that he would act the carnivore he really is, like now. He ruffled the pouting teen's hair and nodded again. Tsuna glared softly at him for treating him like a child before sighing and continuing.

"L-Like I said to a while ago, it's my fault because I-I could've defended myself but I d-didn't."

"You were scared."

"Th-That's nothing new."

"It doesn't matter. I arrived there but I lose control and-"

"Zip." Tsuna ordered.


"Uh uh, not listening."

Hibari, getting irritated, grabbed the brunet's shoulders and glared.

"Listen to me when I'm talking to you, herbivore." He seethed. Surprisingly, Tsuna smiled brightly and said, "Now that's the Hibari-san that I know."

Hibari softened his gaze and smiled a little. No matter how dire the situation is, Tsunayoshi never failed to lighten his mood. He gave Tsuna a chaste kiss, who blush madly at the sudden action. "Wh-Why di-did you su-suddenly do tha-that?" he stammered while trying pull away from the other's grip. Hibari grinned wickedly and said, "I thought this was the Hibari-san that you know."

Tsuna gulped and asked, "E-Eh? Di-Did I-I sa-say th-that?"

Hibari nodded, still smirking. "Or, would you rather I do something more to prove myself."

It wasn't a question and Tsuna knew that. He shook his head furiously and said, "N-No, that's not ne-necessary."

Hibari grabbed Tsuna's chin and said, "But I think it is."

Tsuna gulped again and for a minute there, he wished that the Hibari a while ago would come back. He didn't notice Hibari's lust-filled stare until his neck was bitten. "Ow!" he cried. His glassy eyes turned towards Hibari and said, "Wha-What's that for?"

Hibari smirked and leaned on Tsuna's ear before answering huskily, "For seducing me herbivore, prepare to be bitten to death."

Tsuna's eyes widen as realization dawn to him, he was about to protest when Hibari bit a sensitive part of his neck. He moaned a little before gathering all his courage and pushed his lover away. "Wa-Wait Hi-Hibari-san! Not now, maybe l-later but not now 'cause we still need to explain everything to them and I still need to know something."

Hibari contemplated for a moment before slowly nodding, somewhat reluctantly. Tsuna smiled brightly before launching himself at Hibari and hugging him. Hibari, surprised at the sudden attack, stumbled backwards and fell hard on his bottom. He smiled however, as he saw his lover's contented smile. He ruffled the brunet's hair before getting up, helping the other in the process.

"And for your information, I wasn't seducing you." Tsuna said. Hibari merely smirked as he saw his lover's pout. They both dusted their pants before Tsuna notices the opened glass doors that revealed a small balcony that could occupy at least eight people. He tugged Hibari's sleeve and urged him to come with him to the balcony. Hibari, understanding the brunet's request, grabbed Tsuna's hand and lead him to the balcony.

Once there, Tsuna gasped at the scene before him. From where they stand, he could see Sakura trees creating an arch way as the entrance of the forest and the mountains behind it, a perfect view for sunset and sunrise. The clouds drifting freely above the mountains as the wind blew. When he glanced down and instead of being afraid because of heights like he usually does, he gasped once more in awe because of the flower garden beneath them. It was composed of lavenders, white roses, white stargazer lilies, hydrangeas, blue cynthias, and others he couldn't name. The garden was arranged in groups forming a circle with a four storey, marble fountain in the middle. It has lotus flowers all around it and a few Carps swimming in it.

Tsuna giggled as he saw some of them jumped to catch the flies that were roaming around the fountain. Hibari couldn't help but chuckle at his lover's childishness. He was about to kiss him again when Tsuna turned around and said, "Whose room is this anyway?"

Hibari stared for a moment; never did it cross his mind that Tsuna might ask that question, before shrugging. Tsuna tilted his head to the side cutely and said, "Eh? Then, is it really alright to be here?"

Hibari nodded. "You're sure?" Tsuna asked again. Another nod and that ended that conversation. Tsuna smiled at him and leaned on the balcony, enjoying the scenery while Hibari hugged him from behind, resting his chin on top of Tsuna's gravity defying hair. Tsuna hid his blush by looking down the garden but his red ears gave him away, earning a small chuckle from Hibari. Tsuna pouted and was about to say something when they heard the door opened. They, or more specifically he, pulled away quickly to glance at the new comers.

He was greeted by eight kids who look like his guardians with some exemptions, causing him to stare and gap. Then he saw a small kid in the arms of Hibari's look alike, sleeping soundly. The Hibari-look-alike step forward and said; more like demanded, "What are you doing in my room?"

Tsuna was too stunned to answer, still staring and gapping at the kids. Kyouya getting irritated, seethed, "Answer me herbivore or I'll bite you to death."

Tsuna 'hie'ed and hid behind Hibari gripping his shirt on the process. Hibari was watching his lover amusedly all this time. Tsuna pouted when he saw the glint of amusement on Hibari's eyes, earning him a ruffled hair. He pouted a little more before turning towards the kids. Each one of them resembled his guardians, even him but when his gaze landed on the Chrome and Mukuro-look-alike he frowned.

Mukuro noticing his change of expression step beside Kyouya and said, "Oya, oya, what's with the sudden change of expression?"

Tsuna flinched before answering, "E-Etou, all of you resemble my family bu-but when I-I sa-saw you and her I-I can't help but frown ca-cause-"

"Kufufu, no need to stutter little bunny, I won't bite." Mukuro interrupted. He ignored the glare that was sent his way by the Hibari though it still gave him shivers down his spine. Tsuna nodded and continued, "We-Well, unlike you guys, their eyes are different."

Mukuro blinked at that and asked, "Different? How so?"

Tsuna released his grip and slowly stood beside Hibari before scratching the back of his head and answering, "E-Etou, for one, both of them have unusual right eyes."


Tsuna nodded before saying, "Ha-Hai. Because, Mukuro's eyes have different colors while Chrome had lost her right eye."

Mukuro and Chrome stared at him with wide eyes. Mukuro dropped his grin and Chrome hugged herself while the rest of the kids stared at them. "Anou, did you just say Mukuro and Chrome?" asked Yamamoto's look-alike. Tsuna nodded again with a hint of confusion in his eyes. Tsuna tilted his head to the side and asked, "Did I say something wrong?"

Mukuro looked down and shook his head before answering, "No, you said nothing wrong. Although I'm quite intrigued to meet this Mukuro and Chrome that you speak off."

Tsuan brightened up at this and said, "Ha-Hai! I believe you'll like them. They're one of the sweetest persons I know."

Mukuro looked up and was about to tease the teen when he felt the sudden change of temperature inside the room. He also felt the strong murderous aura that promised a painful death if they dared to move. The kids shivered, even Kyouya, before glancing at Hibari. He was looking down on his feet, his bangs hiding his eyes and oddly enough the other teen doesn't seem to mind being so close to him despite his aura.

Kyouya was the first one to recover and said, "Again, what are you doing in my room?"

Though that didn't sound as tough as he wanted it to be. Hibari slightly raised his head revealing an eye glaring at him, his other eye still hidden underneath his bangs. Kyouya gulped yet he didn't back down. Tsuna, slightly understanding what's happening, decided to intervene.

"A-Anou, we were just walking around the halls when Hibari-san got us inside. I'm sorry for intruding." He said with a low bow. Kyouya was about to asked them how they got inside when the door was locked when he felt the brunet in his arms shift. He stared at him and watched as those big doe eyes open. He was greeted with a smile and a, "Good morning Kyou-nii! Did I fell asleep?"

Kyouya flicked Tsu-kun's forehead, earning him a small pout before answering, "You think?"

Tsu-kun pouted a little more while rubbing his forehead when he realized that he was in Kyouya's arms. He giggled before asking Kyouya to let him down. Kyouya's irritation disappeared without a trace when he saw the brunet's giggling face. He forced down the smile that tempted to appear on his face before glancing at Mukuro to give him a warning glare. Mukuro chuckled and said, "Just this once."

Kyouya satisfied with his answer, was about to interrogate the other teens when he saw a flash of brown hair pass by him.


Hibari lost all his senses when he heard Tsuna say that the pineapple herbivores were one of the sweetest persons he knew. Am I not sweet enough? He thought, not noticing the conversation before him. To think that this herbivore would make me insecure, he added with a slight inward chuckle. His thoughts however, were interrupted when he felt a small pair of arms wrap around his leg. Then he heard a high pitched voice say, "Onii-chan!"

He looked down and saw Tsuna's younger self, smiling brightly at him. His Tsuna however, was in a state of shock that he didn't bit the loud herbivore to death. He inwardly smirked and said to himself, A little revenge won't hurt.

He hugged the small brunet and carried him to his arms, earning him a lot of giggles and shock children. "Eh?!" Tsuna exclaimed, not seeing Hibari's amused smirk.

Hayato, being unusually quiet all this time snapped out of his trance when he saw his beloved Tsuna-sama being carried by Kyouya's look alike. He took out his dynamites and yelled, "Oi Bastard! Put Tsuna-sama down!"

Tsu-kun gaze at him and said, "It's okay Hayato-kun, Onii-chan saved me a while ago!"

Hayato immediately hid his dynamites and said with a force smile, "Is-Is that so? Then it's fine I guess since Tsuna-sama said so."

Yamamoto and Ryohei, also recovering from their shock, grinned and Takeshi said, "I'm Asari Takeshi and this is Hayato Arcelli! Nice to meet you uh-"

"Hibari Kyouya" Hibari answered, still carrying Tsu-kun in his arms. Takeshi grinned wider and said, "Nice to meet you Hibari-san! Hey Kyouya-nii, he has the same name as you!"

Kyouya huffed, not separating his gaze from Tsu-kun and Hibari. He was calm and cool on the outside but inside he was seething. He dares to touch what's mine, he thought angrily. Ryohei, carrying Lambo on his back went next, "Sasagawa Ryohei to the extreme! This kid behind my back is Lambo Bovino to the extreme!"

The kid, Lambo, was sleeping on Ryohei's back and didn't wake up despite his carrier's loud volume. Hibari nodded at them, completely ignoring Tsuna's existence though his stealing him some glances.

Mukuro chuckled while Chrome is smiling at Tsu-kun's and the others' antics. Kyouya couldn't stand the scene anymore, walked towards the hugging pair and the gapping teen. Tsuna noticing, Kyouya's movements, closed his mouth and glanced at the boy. He smiled sweetly at him, crouched down and said, "My name is Sawada Tsunayoshi, a-a pleasure to meet you."

Kyouya tried hide his faint blush and said, "Kyouya François, pleasures all mine."

He grabbed the brunet's left hand and gave it a quick kiss. Tsuna blushed at the kid's movement and said, "A-Anou, wha-what are you doing?"

"A normal greeting. Perhaps you're unaware?"

Tsuna nodded his head dumbly. He smiled, still blushing, before saying, "You don't have to be so formal. A simple smile and hello is enough."

Kyouya nodded and gave him one of his rarest smiles. Tsuna smiled back and said, "There you go."

Kyouya nodded his head and stared at the glaring Hibari, still carrying a giggling Tsu-kun. "Hibari-san, I think we should leave this room now." Tsuna said. Hibari ignored him and stared at Tsu-kun, smiling at him gently. Tsuna pouted and said, "Mou Hibari-san, don't ignore me."

Hibari raised a brow before looking at him. "Jealous?"

Tsuna blushed hard and said, "W-Was not!"

Hibari chuckled, earning a confused look from Tsu-kun and Kyouya. He let the small brunet down, who ran to his Kyou-nii's side, before wrapping an arm around the other brunet's thin waist. Hibari grabbed Tsuna's left hand, the same hand that little kissed, and bit it hard but not enough to draw blood.

"Ow!" Tsuna exclaimed with teary-eyes, causing the other kids to stare at them. He glared softly at Hibari and said, "So mean Hibari-san."

Hibari scoffed and stared at the two kids in front of him. "Listen herbivores, this herbivore"- he said pointing Tsuna using his thumb- "is mine and mine alone. Touch him and I'll bite you to death, understood?" he declared. The two boys nodded while the other occupants of the room blushed when they understood his words, except for Ryohei who exclaimed, "I extremely don't understand!"

Hayato and Mukuro face-palmed, Takeshi laughed it off, Chrome giggled, while Tsu-kun and Kyouya sweat-dropped. Tsuna giggled at the kids' reactions. They really are the same, he thought. Then he remembered the reason of Ryohei's outburst. He blushed madly and stared at the two kids in front of them. Tsu-kun tilted his head to the side and asked, "Anou, Onii-chan, what do you mean when you said that he's yours?"

Hibari smirked and said, "I mean this."

And he kissed his lover's lips. Tsuna widened his eyes at his lover's actions before blushing madly. Takeshi covered Hayato's eyes, Ryohei for once, stood there without a sound, Mukuro covered Chrome's eyes, and Kyouya covered Tsu-kun's eyes. Their kissed lasted for e few seconds before Hibari pulled away. Mukuro glared at him and said, "Can you not do that when my dear sister is around?"

"Baseball-idiot, remove your hand!" Hayato yelled, but Takeshi kept his hand firm, forcing a smile.

"Kyou-nii! I didn't see what Onii-chan meant!" Tsu-kun whined. Kyouya shook his head and said, "It's not for kids to see."

"Eh? Aren't you a kid too?"

"I'm an exception."

Tsu-kun pouted and puffed his cheeks while Kyouya chuckled at the adorable sight, momentarily forgetting their current situation.

Hibari ignored them and dragged Tsuna away despite the other kids' shouts. He slammed the door shut and went towards the garden they saw. It took them fifteen minutes to reach the garden and another five minutes to have a nice place to rest. They sat under a Sakura tree that faces the room they left, and the garden that Tsuna adorned so much. They were quiet for a moment before Tsuna glanced at his lover and asked, "Have you noticed Gokudera's look-a-like's behavior a while ago?"

Hibari tilted his head and said, "What about it?"

"Well, if he's the same with our Gokudera, usually he would be fussing about me and being loud but a while ago, he's unusually quiet. I wonder if he's alright." He explained. Hibari thought for a moment before saying, "I'm sure that annoying herbivore is fine. Forget about it."

Tsuna looked like he wanted to argue but dismissed the idea. He shrugged before snuggling for his lover's warmth and drifting to a dreamless sleep.

To say that Gokudera Hayato is having a bad day is an understatement. Gokudera Hayato is having the worst day of his miserable life. Why you ask? Well first, when Shoichi and Spanner called them and asked them to watch the tests run of the newly revised version of the time machine they used in the future, they just had to pick a time where he and his lover are doing you-know-what. Gokudera being the good right-hand man that he is, pushed his lover away to arrive at newly built underground vongole base before his beloved Juudaime. Yamamoto frowned a little but since he's used to his lover's antics, he just laugh it off even though he still has a little problem down there.

When they got there, Lambo just have to pour his drink on the machine in the middle of the tests run. Thus, they were sent to the past of ten years ago. Once they got there, he is confused as hell. He saw the mini versions of him and the rest of the tenth generation family but what confuses him more was the adults that looked a lot like themselves, and that one man, the one with pink hair who claims it's red and goes by the name of G, saying that he is his father. Gokudera is not stupid, he knew who his father is despite the fact that he loathes him but he is absolutely sure it's not G. Of course the adult's first reactions were easily foreseen, but answering them was harder. After all, you can't just pop out of nowhere and say, "Hi! We're from the future!" and everything will be alright. But his annoying, idiotic and baseball loving lover just had to think that way. Sprouting every single detail about them from the future! Is he not thinking? One wrong information and it's the vendicare for the both of us! Gokudera thought miserably.

Second worst thing that happened today was that his beloved Juudaime, the very person who first accepted him when no one else in the mafia did, was almost raped by some goons just because they weren't there. He blames himself for it even though Tsuna said it's not his fault. And now, he has to hide himself in the library together with his idiotic lover because their mini versions just saw them kissing. KISSING! Yes, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, kissing! Of course his mini version stood there shocked, eyes wide and jaws hanging open while Yamamoto's mini version is laughing awkwardly before saying, "A-Ahaha, sorry, sorry, we didn't mean to disturb. Come on Hayato."

And he pulled Hayato with him to who-knows-where. Gokudera turned beet red and pulled his lover inside the nearest room, which is the library, before locking the door and burying his face in the pillows on the couch near the door. There was an awkward silence for a good five minutes before Yamamoto decided to break the tension. "Hayato?" he called out.

"What?" the other answered.

"Um, well… Are you okay?"

A tick mark appeared on Gokudera's temple before he snapped, "Am I okay?! We are sent here in the past where I can't remember anything that has to do with me but what I see tells me otherwise, Juudaime was almost raped because we weren't there, and now the mini-us saw us kissing and now you're asking me if I'm okay?! Are you nuts?!"

"Maa, maa, relax! Besides Hibari was with Tsuna-"

"RELAX?! How can you expect me to RELAX when the idiotic bastard was there and YET he FAILED to save Juudaime!"

Gokudera was panting hard after his outburst and he could see the slightly hurt look on his lovers face. He cocked his head to the side and asked, "What?"

Yamamoto gave him a forlorn smile and said, "It's nothing."

"You wouldn't have that face for nothing, idiot. Spill it."

The rain guardian hesitated at first but gave up in the end. "I just wished that you'd show that much care with me as well and not just with Tsuna."

"What the hell are you saying? Don't put yourself with same level as Juudaime." Gokudera said, annoyed.

"I'm not putting myself with the same level as he is. I just want you to-"

"To what?"

"Never mind."

"What is it?!"

"Forget about it."

"What do you mean forget about it?! You made me worried because of your words and now you say to me forget about it?! Are you fucking insane?!"

Yamamoto's eyes lit up as he heard those words while Gokudera blushed furiously as he realized what he had said. "Will you repeat that?" Yamamoto asked softly.

"Hell no! I am not repeating a word I- whoa!"

Gokudera's next words were cut off as Yamamoto jumped on him and embraced him tightly. At first he wanted to push his lover away but as he saw the contented smile on Yamamoto's face, he couldn't help but stare and watch as his lover snuggled against his belly. He let him be for a few more moments before saying, "Oi, get up already."

Yamamoto hummed and before saying, "Nope!"

"Wha-?! Listen here baseball-freak, if you don't get up now I'm not going to let you do this again!"

Yamamoto raised his head up and said, "So does this mean we get to do this again?"

Gokudera's eyes widened as his cheeks turned pink. He started uttering responses but too embarrassed to form a coherent sentence so instead he said, "Get off you idiot!"

Yamamoto laughed whole-heartedly as his lover turned his head away because of pure embarrassment. He leaned his head forward and kissed his lover's cheek and said in a loving tone, "I love you, Hayato."

Gokudera didn't respond but his cheeks turned brighter. Yamamoto didn't expect any answer, so he just smiled forlornly at his lover. Gokudera suddenly grabbed Yamamoto's hand, much to the other's surprise, and gripped it tight before muttering, "I-I.. I do too."

Yamamoto couldn't be any happier, despite the upcoming storm that will be brought to their life, in a few moments time.

Rokudo Mukuro is beyond pissed. Ever since they were sent to Japan ten years ago, he did nothing but to protect his sister and his adoptive brothers. It's true that he did miss his parents from time to time but he has to stay strong for his sister, even she can't even remember him. Until the day they were captured he did nothing but protect his sister. He was experimented, molested, and many other gruesome things that those blasted Mafiosi scientist did to him. During those times he wished for someone to save him. Every night, he prayed to any god out there for his father, his uncles or anyone to save them from this hell hole. But alas, his payers were never heard. They never came. He started hating his father, his uncles and everyone that's a part of the mafia.

He became cold, heartless, emotionless and cruel. He learned how to use people as the disgusting humans used him. He became filled with hatred, so much that he killed their captors at the age of ten. So much, that he even forgot about his former family beside his sister and his newly found friends (though he would never admit it). His hatred of the mafia became so deep, that he almost killed Tsuna and the others. But Tsuna brought him back, forgave him even. He was saved from the darkness that consumed him. He was free again.

He still hated his father and everyone in the mafia. If it wasn't for them, he and Chrome would still be living a normal life. They would be helping Tsuna and his adoptive mother cook every day, annoy the skylark every time at school, and maybe, they wouldn't have to be separated from their real mother. But as time goes by, he accepted the fact that that is a just a dream of the past. They couldn't go back, and they wouldn't. They learned to accept the life they had now. The past never happened and most of his so called siblings can't remember much anyway, what's the point of going back?

They already made that decision. But fate just have to mess up with them and bring them back to the past they had already forgotten. To his parents who shipped them to Japan and never came back for them, even to this very moment.

Oh Mukuro is pissed alright. They are currently staying in their old room and Chrome could see that he is annoyed as clear as day. This is the first time she had seen her Mukuro-sama show that much emotion. Hatred at that. Mukuro is always composed, never really showing much of his true self. So, seeing him this distress is worrying her far more than anything.

"Mukuro-sama…" she started. That pulled Mukuro out of his musings. He turned his gaze to Chrome and his expression softened, much to Chrome's relief. "Yes, Chrome?"

"A-Anou, i-if there's anything I-I can do to help you, p-please tell me and I'll do the best I-I can." She answered while blushing. Mukuro's eyes widened a fraction before smiling softly at her.

"I am fine, dear Chrome. Forgive me if I made you worry."

Chrome smiled at him and he couldn't help but admire that smile. She never lost that smile. Even during the time they were capture by the Estraneo Famiglia. She lost her right eye and organs because of a car accident during their escape, much to Mukuro's chagrin. When he thought he finally got her out of that hell hole that happened. But nonetheless, he was quite thankful that she didn't suffer the pain that he did. Mukuro didn't know if he could take it if he saw Chrome being experimented like that or being touched like she was some toy to be used every night for another man's pleasure.

Mukuro never did tell Chrome that in exchange for her safety, he would be the scientists' sex slave at night and guinea pig at day. For four years he was used by humans and for four years he had protected Chrome's innocence. She would be devastated if she knew. Mukuro was once again pulled out of his musings when he heard a soft knock on their door.

They both stared at each other before staring at the door. When the knocking became louder, Chrome stood up and hid behind Mukuro, afraid that it might be Daemon Spade who is knocking. Mukuro glanced at her before saying, "Come in."

The door slowly opened and slowly revealed Hibari, carrying a sleeping Tsuna in his arms. Chrome stepped beside Mukuro and exclaimed, "Boss!"

Hibari looked at her and motioned for her to soften her voice. Chrome blushed at her mistake and nodded. Mukuro raised an amused eyebrow and teasingly said, "Well, well if it isn't our beloved skylark. How can we be of help?"

Hibari scowled at him and answered, "I'm not in the mood to play with you Pineapple-herbivore but seeing as Tsunayoshi is tired I brought him here."

"Oh? And why here of all places and not your old room?" Mukuro urged on.

"The little herbivores came and started asking annoying questions. We went outside, near the entrance to the forest and there he fell asleep. I figured the ground is not the most comfortable place to sleep, especially after his latest experience. Will you cease questioning me? Pineapple-herbivores aren't supposed to speak anyway."

Mukuro's left eye twitched before he showed the skylark a smirk that promised mischievousness. "Is that so? Maybe I should say no?"

"But Mukuro-sama!" Chrome interjected. "U-Um… Boss needs his rest a-and.. And.."

Hibari smirked triumphantly as he saw Mukuro's panicked expression. Mukuro sighed and said, "Fret not Chrome, I was only kidding. Isn't that right, Hibari Kyouya?"

Hibari nodded and Chrome smiled that shone brighter than the sun while Mukuro forced a true smile of his own. He glanced at Hibari and telepathically said, You win this time, skylark. It seems you planned this from the start.

Hibari's smirk widened as he answered, I don't know what you're talking about Pineapple.

They were having a glaring contest while Chrome is obliviously smiling at the both them, thinking that they must be starting to get along. Hibari walked towards the nearest bed and laid the sleeping brunet carefully. He pulled the blankets up to his chin seeing that it is quite chilly since its winter in this time. He faced the twins, silently asking them the same question that's running through their minds, What now?

"Don't look at me, I have no idea." Mukuro answered his unasked question. They stayed in a comfortable silence for a good while until someone yet again, knocked on the door. Three heads simultaneously glanced at the door before Hibari decided to answer, "Enter."

As the door opened, Reborn entered the room as if he owned the place. He closed the door right after getting inside and said, "How's my dame student doing?"

"Sleeping." Was Hibari's curt reply. Reborn nodded before looking at Chrome. She felt his intense gaze and gulped. "Chrome, will you get some water in case your dame-boss wakes up thirsty?" he asked.

Chrome nodded before silently asking for Mukuro's permission. Mukuro stared at the hitman for a while before nodding at Chrome. She smiled with glee and left the room silently.

"What exactly do you need?" Hibari asked once the door closed.

Reborn smirked and said, "I managed to contact Irie and Spanner and they said that we would be stuck here for at least… A month."


Both teens couldn't believe what they just heard. They'd be stuck here in a month? No way!

"But-!" they both started but the hitman is not yet done. "Yes a whole month with your REAL family."

The teens frowned at the idea, obviously not pleased. They started protesting again but Reborn raised a hand to silence them both before continuing, "Actually, the machine already had its flaws before my stupid cow poured his drink on it. The added liquid to the machine just made it worst."

"That was an accident, stingy bastard." Said Lambo, who just came inside the room. All eyes are on him as he spoke which made me him confused. "What?" he asked.

Hibari looked away while Mukuro chuckled. Lambo knitted his eyebrows at the teen's reaction before turning his gaze at Reborn, who's smirking while hiding his eyes.

Mukuro can't hold his chuckles anymore and laughed louder. Lambo looked at him and asked, "What is it?"

"I-It's just… wait..." he laughed a little more before saying, "How old are you again?"

Lambo raised an eyebrow before answering, "I'm fourteen years old. Why?"

"Aren't you a little too young for that?" Mukuro answered while pointing at Lambo's neck. Lambo, confused, went to mirror near the bed where Tsuna is sleeping before blushing up to his neck. Because there on his neck is a dark red mark that stood out on his toned skin. He faced Reborn before saying, "Stupid stingy bastard!"

Mukuro laughed some more while Hibari and Reborn just smirked at the younger one's reaction, not noticing that the brunet is already awake.

Chrome went out of the room and hummed an anonymous tune when a thought came across her mind that made her stop walking. Where will I get the water? The kitchen? But where's the kitchen? She wondered. She frowned a little before she continued walking. Maybe I should try asking for directions? She thought. A beautiful lady caught the corner of her eye. She has long blond wavy hair and she's wearing a blue dress that reached her knees with a matching ribbon around her wrist and neck. She's beautiful, Chrome remarked.

The beauty of the lady was really something. Chrome must be staring for a while now because the lady turned to look at her direction. Being the shy girl that she is, Chrome looked at the floor to hide her embarrassment. Had she not done that, she would've seen the surprised look of the lady that's making her way towards her. Once the lady reached her, Chrome looked up and up close, the lady is even more beautiful and surprisingly, they had the same eyes.

"Buon pomeriggio, come si chiama?" the lady asked with a smile.

Chrome didn't understand her but the language and voice sound so familiar to her that she adsent-mindedly answered, "Mi chiamo Chrome."

She placed a hand on her mouth as she emitted a soft gasp. Since when did I speak Italian? she wondered to herself. The lady stared at her before shaking her head and saying, "Piacere di conoscerla, Chrome. Mi chiamo Elena."



"Il tuo chiama è bello."

Elena smiled delightedly before saying, "Grazie tante Chrome!"

"Prego." Chrome said as she gave Elena a smile of her own. Now what? she thought miserably. Elena, sensing her distress chuckled and said in Japanese, "Italian is not your native language is it?"

Chrome let out a small sigh of relief before nodding. Elena laughed sweetly and said, "I figured as much. But I must say, you sound so fluent that I thought I was wrong."

Chrome smiled shyly before answering, "I-I was actually surprised myself. I never knew I could speak Italian."

"Is that so? Well you have an amazing talent sweetheart. Would you like me to teach you some more?"

The teen brightened up at that. She'd always wanted to converse with her Mukuro-sama in Italian and this lady is actually giving her that chance. She nodded her head while smiling gleefully while the lady chuckled at her eagerness.

"So, where are you going?" Elena asked. Chrome almost forgot about that!

"I-I'm supposed to be going to that kitchen. My bo- friend is feeling sick but I can't find it." she answered.

"Is that so? Would you like me to take you there?"

Chrome brightened up and nodded before answering, "Yes please."

Elena led the way to the kitchen. The mansion was just too big for a person to memorize its interior in a day. After walking for ten or so minutes, they finally arrived in the kitchen. Thank goodness, Chrome mentally said while panting a little because of the long walk and having her head down. As she lifts her head, she was once again surprised, This is a kitchen? Why is it that it's bigger than Boss's house?

"Here we are!" Elena said cheerfully while smiling sweetly at her, pulling her from her thoughts. Chrome smiled back as she nodded. She grabbed a glass on the nearest counter before heading to the humungous refrigerator. Once open, she could all sorts of foods, ingredients and beverages inside. She stared at it for a few more minutes before taking the nearest pitcher and pouring some water on the glass.

"So, I take it that this is your first time seeing such a huge kitchen?" Elena started. Chrome nodded shyly before bowing towards Elena.

"Th-Thank you very much for your help, Elena-san." She said

Elena gave her a loving smile before saying, "You're welcome dear. How long will you be staying here?"

"I… I don't know yet."

"Hm… Then if you wish to learn more about Italian just go to my room or the garden."

Chrome smiled brightly before nodding her head. "Un!"

"That friend of yours, is he your boyfriend?"

Chrome blushed furiously and said, "N-No! I-I mean… Boss is not my b-boyfriend but-" she paused, smiling sincerely –"He's a very important friend of mine."

Elena chuckled at Chrome's cuteness before saying, "I see. You know, you remind me of my youngest daughter. She looks a lot like you and she acts a lot like you."

Chrome tilted her head to the side, confused with what Elena is saying. Elena just shook her head before continuing, "Well that's not possible. Ignore what I just said. So I guess I'll see you around?"

Before Elena could leave, Chrome called out to her.


"Yes Chrome?"

"I-It's just, I-I'm usually nervous around new people but with you I-I feel comfortable and, and, I-I just want to know… Have we met before?"

Elena looked at her for a while before smiling lovingly, "I believe we already met dear. But I think I still need to clarify some things with my husband and his friends before I could give you a proper answer."

Chrome just stared at her confused before nodding her head. Elena walked towards her and gave her a gentle hug. Chrome gasped as she felt some else's warmth enveloped her. She's not used to someone hugging her besides her friends and family. But unlike the other strangers, this lady made her feel warm and safe. She awkwardly hugged back before pulling away.

Elena held her shoulders and said, "You're such a lovely girl."

Chrome blushed at that before answering, "You're much more beautiful than me."

Said lady widened her eyes at her answer before smiling, "We're both beautiful then."

Chrome looked down to hide her embarrassment but she nodded anyways. "Can you find your way back?" Elena asked.

The teen nodded as the lady let her shoulders go. "Then I better get going."

Chrome nodded as she watched the lady's retreating back.

Who are you?

Lampo is walking lazily around the mansion towards his room, pondering about the events that are yet to come. Yare, yare, things are going to get messy, he thought. He continued walking until he saw a familiar face walking towards Mukuro's and Chrome's room. Said boy stop walking and stared at him before heading towards him. "Onii-san," the boy greeted.

"Annoying little brother." He responded. Lambo just chuckled before turning serious and said, "I take it you know what's happening and what's going to happen?"

Lampo nodded lazily in reply. Lambo heaved a heavy sigh and said, "Yare, yare, not a hint?"

"Not a chance."

Lambo raised an eyebrow before sticking his tongue out. Lampo widened his eyes before giving his brother a light smack on the head.


Lampo rolled his eyes and said, "Stop overreacting, it didn't hurt that much."

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Okay! Just shut up sheesh! How you manage to have the crazy and scary hitman as your lover I'll never know."

Lambo's eyes turned teary at that before looking away. Now it's Lampo's turn to raise an eyebrow before saying, "What? He is your lover isn't he?"

Lambo gave him sad smile before saying, "Lover huh? I don't think that's the appropriate word for us."

"Huh? Why's that?"

"Simple. He doesn't love me."

Lampo stared at him, hard. Lambo, getting uneasy by his brother's hard stare, exclaimed, "What?"

"Then what are you? Fuck buddies?"

Lambo blushed at that before smacking his brother's head, hard.

"Ow! What's that for?!" Lampo asked, clutching his aching head.

"We're not fuck buddies! I'm still a virgin for your information!" he explained.

Lampo stared at him, to be precise, his neck before saying, "That's not what the hickey on your neck is saying."

Lambo, getting annoyed and embarrassed by his brothers comments, gave Lampo a hard shock. Lampo yelped at the sudden pain before glaring at his brother. His glare didn't last much though as he saw his brother's eyes. Lambo rarely open both of his eyes and since both of it is open now, he could clearly see the pain behind his façade. "Hey, what's really going on between the both of you?" he asked.

Lambo widened his eyes as he realized that he opened them both and had his brother read him. He sighed and said, "It's nothing much really."

"Seeing that much hurt in you is not nothing."

"He hasn't moved on yet." he said.

"What?" Lampo asked while blinking.

"He hasn't moved on yet." he repeated.



"With whom?"


"Who's Luce?"

Lambo groaned at his brother's stupidity before sitting down on the floor and rubbing his head. "Why do I have an idiot for a brother? Tsuna-nii is much smarter than you."

Lampo smacked his head again earning another protest before answering, "Well I'm not the brat and I'm not aware of who this Luce is."

The younger teen sighed before covering his face with his hand. "Luce is the former leader of the Arcobaleno and Giglio Nero Famiglia." Lambo started. Lampo looked at him with a bored face but on the inside, he's listening intently.

"I don't really know what happened to their relationship but… I can see the love in Reborn's eyes whenever he's looking at Luce's pictures. It's not his usual cold look but warm and full of love. Had I not seen with my own eyes I wouldn't even believe Reborn is capable of doing that.

"But he is. And he's still in love with her."

Lampo stared at him before asking, "So why do you think he agreed to be your lover?"

The younger one pondered with his thoughts for a moment before saying, "Maybe because I remind him of Luce?"

Lampo snorted, "Yeah right."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Lambo snapped, offended.

"Like how is that possible?"

"Whenever I'll say something that will catch his attention, I think Luce told him those words before."

"Huh? Like what?"

Lambo smiled as he remembered a specific memory before saying, "He has pretty curls. He widened his eyes after hearing that, before smiling at me and saying I know."

Lampo just stared at his brother's dreamy expression before sighing loudly. "Well, you're old enough to decide for yourself. I just hope you know what you're getting yourself into. That's going to be a painful relationship, you know."

Lambo smiled sadly and said, "I know."

They stayed in silence until Lampo broke it by saying, "Okay I need to go and sleep for the rest of the day and eat later at night. See you around little brother."

"What a lazy brother." Lambo commented.

"We're two of a kind brother. Nice chatting with you." Lampo bade as he waved an arm while walking towards the hall without looking back.

"Yeah, nice chatting with you too, Onii-san."

Then Lambo entered Mukuro's and Chrome's old room.

Daemon walked from one side of his room to the other while thinking what could've happened to his children to make them react that way towards him. He was thinking so deep that he did not hear the creaking of his door.

"Daemon?" a sweet voice asked. Daemon snapped his head towards the door and there he saw Elena.

"Elena!" he exclaimed as he ran towards her. "You're here?"

"Yes I wanted to surprise you and the kids." She said with a sweet smile. "But it seems, I'm the one who's surprised."

Daemon's breath hitched as he realized what she meant. "You already saw them?"

Elena shook her head and said, "No, just Nagi."

He let out a huge sigh of relief before muttering, "Thank God."

"Why? Is there something I should know about? And don't try to lie to me Daemon Spade, the future Nagi that I met didn't even know me."

Daemon is sweating bullets as he watched his wife glare at him. This is NOT good, he mentally wailed. He let out another sigh before deciding to answer his wife.

"Something serious happened in their time that made them forget about us. I-I still don't know what but we're figuring it out." He explained.

Elena's eyes widened as she heard her husband's answer. She was expecting an accident or something but from the tone of Daemon's voice, it's more than just an accident. She wrapped her arms around her and asked, "Will they… Will they ever remember?"

Daemon shook his head and said, "I don't know, Elena. I don't know. But we'll make them remember, I promise you that."

He hugged his wife and Elena hugged him back. At this moment, they needed each other's comfort far more than anything. They stayed in each other's arms for a few more minutes until they heard someone knock at their door. They both pulled away before Daemon said, "Come in."

The huge door opened revealing a little Mukuro and a little Chrome beside him. "Father what exactly is going-"

Mukuro stopped in his sentence as he saw his mother beside his father. "M-Mother?"

Elena smile sweetly at him and spread her arms to welcome them in a hug. Chrome ran to her arms while Mukuro walked slowly, still not believing that his mother is already here.

"I thought you won't be here until the end of next week?"

Elena gave him a teasing smile and said, "I can't come earlier and surprise my own children?"

Mukuro smiled at her before hugging his mother tightly. He greatly missed his mom though he wouldn't admit it. Believe it or not, Mukuro is a mama's boy while Chrome is a daddy's girl.

"I miss you too sweetheart." Elena whispered in his ear. Mukuro's smile widened before replacing it to a mischievous smirk.

"So does that mean father lied when he said you're coming next week?" he asked playfully as he and Chrome pulled away from their mother's hug.

"Hey! Why am I being targeted here?" Daemon protested. Elena, playing along with her son said, "Hm… I think you're right Mukuro. Daemon how could you lie to your own children?"

"Wh-What? Elena not you too!"

"What do you think Nagi? Does daddy deserves a punishment for lying to the both of you?" Elena asked Chrome, ignoring Daemon.

Chrome pondered with her thoughts before saying, "A-As long as we won't hurt him."

"Seriously, stop-"

"Then it's decided!" Elena exclaimed, clapping both of her hands. "Ready?"

Both children nodded while their father is sweating bullets.


Daemon is backing away from his advancing family.


And the three of them tickled the man of their home. Daemon laughed loudly while trying to protest while his family tickled each and every ticklish part of his body. A moment like this is something he needs after meeting his children that hates him. Simple moments like these that he hopes would last forever.

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"Buon pomeriggio, come si chiama?"

"Good afternoon, what is your name?"

"Mi chiamo Chrome."

"My name is Chrome."

"Piacere di conoscerla, Chrome. Mi chiamo Elena."

Please to meet you Chrome. My name is Elena.



"Il tuo chiama è bello."

"You're name is beautiful."

"Grazie tante Chrome!"

"Thank you very much Chrome!"



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