Excruciating pain raced through Anna Marie's face as her Mother's hand slapped across her cheek. Red shapes resembling Priscilla D'Ancanto's hand, lay imprinted on her daughter's face. Marie stared up into her mother's dark pupils with apathy, not daring to speak a word. She took each slap without question. Not speaking up. Not stopping her Mother from abusing her. Marie's face showed no emotion as tears and makeup streak down her cheeks, racing to her chin and off into her lap. Priscilla continued to beat her daughter until she grew tired and shoved her into the wall. Blood ran from the back of Marie's head as her Mother walked out of the house and drove off in her car.

Still in a daze, Marie rose from the floor and began to cry as she ran through the house, gathering clothing and stealing money from her Mother's secret stash. She threw her items into a large duffel bag. Marie wiped her eyes and pulled her white streaked, chestnut brown hair away from her face and into a ponytail, pulling her hood over her face. Marie walked towards the car keys, ripping them off of their hook. She pulled open the car door with ease and slid the keys into the ignition. The roar of the Mercedes drowned out Rogue's cries as she drove. Somewhere, anywhere. Anywhere, but here.

Rogue's eyes fluttered open quickly, tears blurring her vision of Central Park. She sat up on the park bench and held her legs close to her, rocking back and forth. Her fingers found her lips as images of Cody flashed into her mind. "I'm so sorry," she whispered to herself, lowering her finger from her lip and into her gloved hand, "it's my fault." Rogue wiped the tears from her eyes with the sleeve of her fleece sweater. She blinked again, composing herself. She slung the duffel bag over her shoulder and pulled her hood over her face.

She walked across the street and into a bar, carefully keeping her skin hidden, she walked into the bathroom and pulled away her hood. She stared at her new self in the mirror. Her eyes bloodshot and skin bruised, she used the paper towel and water from the tap to wipe away the New York grime from her face. Revealing a shy, pale girl underneath. She stared at herself in astonishment, knowing that she's a freak of nature, a mutant, yet she can look as normal as anyone else. She threw the paper towel into the garbage can and opened the door of the girl's washroom to find two men on the other side of the door, smiling at her with food filled teeth and disgusting breath. Their eyes swept up and down her body, sending shivers up her spine. The bald man inched closer and asked "What's in the bag?" Rogue quickly walked past the men and into the bar, uttering "Nun' a' your business." They stepped in front, attempting to stop her again. "What is a little lady like you doing in a bar so late at night?" he eyed her unbuttoned jacket and smiled devilishly at her. She turned to the man and spit in his face, running quickly out the back door. The men quickly followed her out of the bar and into an alley. Rogue stared at a dead end and whipped her head back around to see the two men quickly walking towards her. The taller man shouts to her "What the hell was that?! You think you can just do that without spilling a little blood?" as he inched closer to her Rogue steps back, smashing her spine into the brick wall. The shorter, bald man grabbed her duffel bag and threw it behind them as the taller man held Rogue's throat, keeping her against the wall. The bald man stared at Rogue with a distasteful look as she eyed the duffel bag. The man opened the duffel bag to find only clothing and no cash. Rogue smirked making the bald man throw himself at Rogue, shoving the taller man to the side and wrapping his gloved hand around her neck. He pulled a retractable pocket knife from his coat and started to dig it into Rogue's skin."'Think this is funny?" the bald man asked. "Take off those-gloves and it'll be- funnier. Or ya could just let-me go." Rogue answered back, struggling for air. The man drove the knife deeper into her throat. Rogue cried out in agony, trying to pull her glove off. A dark figure turned into the alleyway, pulling a staff from his coat, he shoves the taller man into the brick wall. His hand grabs onto the bald man's collar as he wrenches the man away from Rogue, "'A believe 'da lady ask'd yah t' let 'er go." the man affirmed as he threw the other man into the wall. "'Ya okay chere?" the man held out his hand to Rogue, thinking she'd be frightened. "Ah'm fine." She stated as she grabbed her duffel bag from the ground and pulled it over her shoulders, unaffected by the blood slowly trickling down her neck. She turned and walked out of the alleyway. The saviour not far behind. He walked speedily in front of her with a look of pure shock on his face "Ah just saved ya and ya ain't even gonna say thanks?" Rogue sidestepped away from him and continued walking. The man stepped in front of Rogue again. She looked up from the ground and was met with dark ruby and onyx eyes. She sighed "Thanks for savin' me from those horrible men, Ah could have died!" She dramatically tells the stranger. "Happy now? and are ya' g'nna keep following' me Cajun or will I have to call somebody to get ya' escorted away from me?" Remy seductively smirked at her "Fiesty, 'dats 'ow 'ah like 'em." Rogue rolled her eyes and continued walking. Remy stopped following her and shouts to her "Can 'ah at least get ya' name chere?". Rogue turned around sighing, "If I tell ya' will ya' quit botherin' me?!" He smirks as she walked towards him. "It's Rogue." she whispered and quickly turned on her heels walking as fast and as far away as she can get from the Cajun. Remy smiled to himself, "Rogue."