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I've been writing this story for a while, and finally finished it! This is a sort of AU to Eraman's "Big Brother/Little Brother Wes" stories. If you haven't already read those stories, along with "Relocated", "Traitor", and all of their other stories, GO READ THEM! They are amazing! I doubt I did their characters justice, but as always, I'm hopeful. Also, brownie points to whoever catches the little quote from Harry Potter (adapted of course)!

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The room was stifling. Blazers and ties were draped over the backs and arms of chairs, on tables, or simply crumpled up on the floor. The owners of the clothing were gathered in front of the only window that would open, crowding each other in competition for a small breath of cool winter air. The main heat at Dalton had been messed up, causing the academic buildings to become almost unbearably hot, and to make things even better, the electrician was stuck in traffic. The Warbler's practice was one of the more bearable rooms as it had a few small plug-in fans and was normally avoided by the majority of the student body. The aforementioned Warblers were standing almost uncomfortably close to each other by the one openable window, stepping on feet and trying to avoid moving as much as possible. If they had a choice, they wouldn't have been there, but a practice was scheduled, so they were all waiting on Wes, who was speaking with the principal about the upcoming regionals. It was quiet in the room, nobody feeling the need to waste any of their breath unless it was to tell someone to "move over!"

It was after one of these times, where Fred had muttered to Trent to move a bit to the right, that it happened. Trent had shuffled in the direction, but didn't see the blazer near his feet. The dark haired boy tripped and grabbed for the nearest solid object near him, which happened to be a very surprised Jeff, who in turn grabbed onto Nick, who tripped and knocked Kurt over, who brought Blaine with him, who brought someone else down, continuing the domino effect. The Warblers were soon all in a large, uncomfortably warm dog pile, laying still for a moment and groaning before a muffled voice came from the very bottom of the pile.

"Sorry." Trent said guiltily.

After five long minutes, the boys managed to untangle themselves from each other and one-by-one extricate themselves from the pile. They separated and, unwilling to make a repeat performance, sat in various spots around the room, rubbing sore muscles and ignoring Trent's repeated apologies.

"I'm really sorry, guys! I didn't mean-"

"It's fine, Trent!" Thad said impatiently, "You don't need to keep apologizing!" Trent fell silent, and so did the rest of the room, before Nick spoke.

"I'm bored." Jeff nodded, agreeing, and the other Warblers exchanged panicked looks; Niff bored was a recipe for disaster. They needed to find a distraction before the room caught on fire- again.

"Hey! Look! There's…" David cast his eyes around the room in desperate search for something to occupy Niff, and his eyes landed on a bookshelf in the corner. "…Yearbooks!" Everyone looked over in interest; they all loved looking through the older yearbooks and laughing at bad candids and hairstyles. The troupe of teenage boys headed over to the bookshelf, carrying fans with them to plug in where they would be sitting. Each boy grabbed two or three books, having lots of options. There were yearbooks dating back to the '40's, all the way up to the previous year.

Kurt looked questioningly at Blaine about the excitement about the yearbooks; at McKinley, the only people who ever looked back through the yearbooks were the ones who vandalized them, and Rachel Berry, who just wanted to see herself in all those clubs.

Blaine chuckled and explained quietly. "Well, first, everyone loves to laugh at the ridiculous pictures, or make fun of each other for their past pictures. Besides that, each one was signed by every Warbler of that year, some writing notes to future generations or their underclassmen friends, others just signing their names.

Jeff opened his to a random page and snorted in laughter causing everyone to look his way. He picked up the book from 1996 and displayed the picture to the room. It was one of the candids, featuring three guys who were clearly in the early stages of their years at Dalton, obviously trying to impress by studying hard. The act was ruined by the fact that only one of them was actually looking at their textbook, and his eyes were unfocused and was completely zoned out. The boy on the far right was staring at his watch as if begging it to go faster, and the boy on the left was busy drawing an impressive-looking sketch of a dragon as opposed to his biology. Everyone chuckled, and some upperclassmen reminisced back to the days of doing nothing but studying, trying to fit the false stereotype of a perfect Dalton student. That phase passed very quickly.

"Oh! Look at this one!" Frank said, grinning wickedly. "I forgot about your haircut from freshman year, Trent!"

Everyone saw the picture and started cracking up at the haircut, which was slightly fluffy and flipped up comically at the ends. "Oh shut up." He grumbled half-heartedly.

After that, the activity quickly dissipated into a game of Tease Your Classmates About Old Haircuts and Bad Pictures.

"Hey, David, is that you?" Thad snickered, and David's dark complexion turned darker. It had been taken during exam week, enough said. Then he smirked and retaliated.

"Thad, is that you right next to me?" Thad turned red as everybody laughed. The air was soon filled again with talking and teasing.

"Oh my god, Rock. What were you doing?" "Nothing…"

"Joseph, why is Noah giving you a piggy-back ride?" "My feet hurt!"

"Blaine, why are you falling off of a table?" "I tripped!"

"Guys!" Luke had been trying to get his classmates' attention for the past few minutes with little success. "GUYS!" At the sound of the Warbler's raised voice, everyone fell silent and turned to him. There was a smirk on his face as he displayed an open yearbook. "Look at Wes!" He burst into laughter as the Warblers rushed to see the picture, and they all soon erupted into loud laughter.

Everyone was rolling around on the floor at the sight of the picture. The picture showed a tiny Wes, who had obviously not gone through his growth spurt- however short he was now, he was tiny back then- being dangled from his ankles by two older looking boys, with a girl tickling Wes' sides. All four were cracking up, and Wes was red-faced with his arms crossed, trying to protect himself from being tickled. It was highly amusing for the Warblers to see their normally so put-together friend looking so young and carefree.

After recovering their breath, David and Thad- after finishing the necessary cooing over how adorable Wes was- took hold of the yearbook and studied the picture thoughtfully.

"I don't recognize these guys, do you?" David asked Thad, who shook his head. "No. They must've been seniors when Wes was a freshman. But what was a girl doing there? That looks like the inside of the Dragon. Girls aren't allowed in the dorms."

David shrugged, "Yeah, it does look like the Dragon. I don't kno-" then he grinned. "I got it. Read the caption, it lists the people in the picture."

Thad looked at the caption and nodded in understanding. "I see. The caption says, From left: Jerry Jonston, Wesley Montgomery, Justin (Justine) Gideon," here, there were nods of understanding, "and Mark Connors."

"That explains it." Nick said. "Cross dresser." All of the boys who hadn't understood earlier nodded in understanding now.

Jeff grinned. "Wes looks so cute!" Everyone laughed at the exclamation, but most agreed. Nick laughed and smirked. "Okay, who else wants to find his yearbook picture?" All of the Warblers agreed and gathered around a bit closer, the heat not even bothering them anymore. David flipped the pages of the yearbook until he reached the beginning of the yearbook picture pages, glanced at the top of the page and froze, shock visible in his expression.

"What is it, David?" Thad tried to look over his shoulder and saw what David was staring at. "What the hell?"

"What is it?" Clamored the rest of the Warblers, all trying to read the page. David spoke, looking up from the book. "Senior Class of 2004." The boys froze.

"2004?" Blaine asked, shocked. David closed the book and displayed the dark blue cover, Dalton Academy for Boys, 2003-2004 read on the front, clear as day.

"What was Wes doing at Dalton that young? He was what, eleven then?" Kurt asked.

"Twelve." A new voice echoed around the room, causing everyone to turn to the door. Wes was leaning against the doorframe, eyebrows raised as they all stared at him. He sighed and made his way over. "I was twelve. Wow, it's really hot in here." Everyone looked at each other in surprise; they had completely forgotten about the heat.

"I guess it is." David said, still staring at his best friend. Wes knew all eyes were on him, so he sat down with his arms resting on his knees and looked expectantly at them. "I know you all have questions." That was all it took. The room erupted in questions, voices layering over each other to create a cacophony one would not think would come from an experienced a cappella choir. Wes did not try to answer them all, merely sitting there and waiting for the noise to die down. Once it did, and all eyes turned to him.

"Well, lets try one at a time, shall we?" he suggested, and a few people chuckled at the touch of humor. "Thad?" He asked, and the dark haired boy looked to him, confusion reflecting in his eyes.

"Wes, you don't have an older brother who went here back then, did you?" To everyone's surprise, Wes laughed. At everyone's bemused looks, he spoke.

"Well, I do have forty-two older brothers." The Warblers looked, if possible, even more confused than before.

"Wait. What?" was echoed around the room, making Wes grin.

"You guys didn't think that I was always the big brother Wes, did you?" At everyone's slightly guilty expressions, he sighed fondly. "You know, things did happen at Dalton before you all arrived." Most of the Warblers blushed, but smiled anyway.

"But what-?" Kurt started to ask, but was interrupted by Wes. "In my early years here, I was sort of adopted by the Warblers from back then. Well, the Warblers along with most of the students in the Dragon." He smiled. "Like I said, I wasn't always big brother Wes. Quite the contrary, actually."

The Warblers, especially the underclassmen, exchanged amazed looks. It was just about impossible for them to picture Wes as anything but what he was now, it was as though he had simply popped into existence the way they knew him now; responsible and caring. Picturing a younger Wes was simply odd, like picturing a Kurt that sang Mellencamp and dressed in plaid, or a Blaine that never jumped on furniture.

"But Wes, why were you there so young?" Nick asked, and all eyes were again drawn to Wes. He sighed, considering the best way to tell them. They were his family; his little brothers. They deserved the truth.

After a minute, Wes sighed again and spoke. "I had a pretty crappy life before I came to Dalton," he began, and it dawned on the others that they had never heard him speak about his family or life before Dalton before then. "I was sent to live with my grandparents when I was born, but I got sent here when I was twelve. Basically, my father paid the school a ton of money so that I could come here so young." He added when it looked like a few people were going to ask how he was accepted.

"But, why were you sent to live with your grandparents?" Jeff asked, "It obviously wasn't money issues if your dad could pay Dalton enough to have them keep you here." Everyone looked to Wes in interest; they had wondered that too. They were all surprised at the cold look on his face.

"My father," he stressed the word. "Not my dad." Then he seemed to realize what tone he was using and unclenched his hands, softening. "I'd rather not get into that right now." A slightly awkward silence followed, but Trent broke it.

"So, who were the guys in the picture?" Wes looked up. "Which one?" he asked, and David flipped to the page again and pointed to the picture. A warm smile grew on Wes' face.

"Yeah, who's the guy on the far left? Jerry, I think? He looks a lot like you," someone in the crowd said, and Wes laughed.

"You wouldn't believe how often we heard that. Actually, when I arrived here, someone asked the guys who were showing me around how exactly they had shrunken Jerry." He smiled. "Jerry was the chairman of the council during my sixth grade year, and was the one who suggested that I join the Warblers. Only non-competition, of course. He was the best big brother I could ever have, and definitely one of my best friends. We still keep in touch." He looked at the picture again and laughed when he saw the girl/boy. "That's Justine, or Justin is her real name. I think this was the day that they discovered I was insanely ticklish, and were trying to convince me to…" He trailed off. "I can't remember what they were trying to convince me to do." He shrugged and continued, "Justin and Justine are polar opposites. Justin was a boring stick-in-the-mud, would never be caught dead pulling a prank, whereas Justine… Well, I think you can all tell what kind of character she was." He moved onto the big guy holding his left foot in the picture and smiled again. "That's Mark. He was pretty much the epitome of 'Looks can be deceiving'. He got sent to Dalton after getting out of juvie, but was the biggest teddy bear. He was really protective, and was basically the papa bear of the Warblers." He finished speaking and absentmindedly flipped through the yearbook, chuckling at pictures as he went.

"Wait, so that's why you were a lot closer with the upperclassmen than the other sophomores during my freshman year!" Thad said, realizing. "I thought it was just because you were in Warblers, but it was because you knew them for that much longer!" David and a few other juniors had looks of slight comprehension at that, and Wes smiled.

"The seniors during my sophomore year were freshmen during my second year here, so yeah, I was definitely closer to them. The last group of boys who were at Dalton when I first arrived graduated during my freshman year, so the next group was not as close, but still pretty close." Wes explained, and Blaine spoke up.

"What other guys were there?" Wes set down the open yearbook and crossed his legs and leaned back, supported by his arms behind him.

"Well, first there was…" The Asian boy started recalling, a warm smile on his face as he told his little brothers stories of his big brothers. The yearbook sitting next to him was laying open on the very last page of the freshman school pictures. The freshman pictures ended on the left hand page about halfway down, but on the right hand page, there was a lone picture of a small boy, who looked about ten. The boy was Asian, with a toothy smile and slightly ruffled hair. Underneath the picture was a small caption:

Wesley Montgomery

Class of 2011


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