My OC(?)'s

Okay let me give you the rundown... I want extra "college friends" for Leo and Aeris BUT: I don't know the original users for some OCs that are being used currently; I don't want to make any discreet new OCs that noone can picture nor relate; and Ternaldo, Krug, Pantsman, and all of the other vg cats characters wouldn't be in college.

Then it dawned on me... The only anthropomorphic characters I know (I'm a beginner sorta) are the ones from Twokinds (search Twokinds in google) but I don't want to make any crossover of anykind (like Snowed In did).

So where am I going? You ask?

I was thinking of using his character's: personality, love interest(?) and appearance but not their traits nor importance in Twokinds. Just as friends for Leo and Aeris. No crossover.

My only question is: Can I do this?