My Actual OCs

Ohkay, So thanks for the review (singular, might I add) So I will now make my own OCs, so don't hate on me and constructive criticism is welcome!


Daisuke and Sakura


Daisuke Miyazaki

Daisuke is a male, short-hair, cappuccino colored tabby with green eyes and a white stomach. Mostly, he is a very docile and calm cat, but when he sees someone hurting his friends (or stealing his Pocky), his natural instincts and karate training kick in. He is very loyal to his friends and usually takes a very strategic plan when the going gets tough. He is straight-laced, (embarassingly) still a virgin, and is very shy towards Sakura when they are alone. He is also somewhat insecure about his "abilities". As his name implicates, he is from Japan. He is the loving boyfriend of his girlfriend Sakura.


Sakura Chua

Sakura is a female, short-hair, red and black striped tigress (hence her name), brown eyes and her stomach is uniform with her hair. She is very energetic and helpful towards her friends, even if they don't need any. She has a caring and loving exterior, but underneath is a paranoid person that worries about everything (and everyone) and has mild schizophrenia (sees things). She says she's originally from China, though she only lived there very briefly before moving to Japan. She is the loving girlfriend of Daisuke.


Sakura and Daisuke met each other in Japan when they were five. Since then, they have become best of friends: Middle School, even all years of Highschool. But they were, *ahem*, "late bloomers" and didn't realize their own feelings for each other until their last year. Naturally, many awkward instances ensued and eventually took careful planning from their classmates and a freak confession from each of them on graduation day to resolve their relationship. Naturally, they travelled together to Canada (Toronto) to pursue in the college where Leo and Aeris go.

In short, they are your typical childhood couple, my favorite!