Words: 539
Chapter includes: No warning other the the occasional swear
Disclaimer: Only the demented plot, what there is, is mine


Picking yet another bug out from under his plating Kup reflected on how he'd gotten here, picking listening devices out from his chassis. That sol, what seemed like so long ago, after Primus' pronouncement he'd had trouble falling into recharge. However, even with that he'd have normally been out of his berth quickly upon waking, except it had felt like his spark was enfolded in warmth and he hadn't wanted to move.

"Why are you removing them! I only wanted to make sure you're being kept safe!"

The sudden sound of trined voices made him jump, nearly crushing the bit of equipment and jolting him from his thoughts. Turning he scowled at the three behind him.

"I don' need ya stickin' this scrap on meh. Ya're mah sparkmates, if there's somethin' wrong ya'd know."

Hadn't that been a kick to the dente. Finally coming out of recharge to the realization the warmth was the feel of another bots spark connected to his own. His first thought had been he'd been stupid beyond belief and sparkbonded while overcharged. Except he didn't remember being overcharged. He'd put his servo to his face to rub his forehelm and stopped before his hand touched.

Painted around one of his digits was a paintbond ring in softly glowing Primus blue. It completely encircled his finger except for a space on top where a designation glowed in the same shade, and as he'd read it, he knew. He'd known the bot's designation, what he looked like and, most importantly, that this bot was now his Primus chosen bondmate.

"But if I use the sparkbond to listen we'll hear your thoughts, and we know how you are about your privacy." The three bots surrounded him, nuzzling his helm. Kup blinked at them for a klick before hiding his surprise back behind his scowl. Even with them within his very spark they still managed to surprise him.

"At least tell meh ya're gonna do it! I had a speech ta make ta the incomin' recruits today and yar fraggin' bugs made the mic fritz. Had ta use the damn thing like a geiger counter ta search out the slaggin' things while the audience watched till I could make the speech. Then I found out I missed some when I was talkin' ta the cadets and shook one of their servos, and he got zapped by one he crushed!"

Kup wasn't going to mention the one crushed wasn't near his servo, but on his aft. It was the principle of the thing. Better to discourage his lover where he could, rather than have another incident like when he tried to enter the high security section of the base and set off several security alarms.

"Then he should have kept his servos to himself." The glint in Reflector's optics made it clear he knew just how the bug was crushed.

The truckbot sighed, letting himself be pulled to the berthroom. Ignoring the servos he knew were placing new bugs on him he looked fondly at his mate. Reflector was certainly not the bot he'd have chosen for himself if he'd have been given the choice back then, but the glitch was his now and he was keeping him.