Peter "Wormtail"

All the houses on the street looked identical—just the same as all the houses on the next street over, and the one before that, and the one before that, and all the houses in the entire area. Peter only knew he was in the right place because he had followed that dreadful Petunia home two weeks before when the Dark Lord demanded he find the location of anyone and everyone related to Potter and Evans (James and Lily, whispered something unacknowledged in his mind) so he could wipe them out after he took care of the first three.

For some reason his Lord had disappeared that night and the Potter boy (Harry) had lived (Thank Merlin they aren't all dead). Peter may not know what was going on, but he knew the Dark Lord wanted the Potter boy the muggle filth had in their house dead. He'd already gotten rid of one of the most annoying (loyal) and persistent (dedicated) Aurors against the cause when he framed Sirius two days ago. (Traitor! Padfoot, I'm sorry, I'm scared!) If he managed to kill the boy and the people in the house he'd be in the inner circle when his Lord came back! (Please don't be back.)

Peter scurried forward, only to run nose first into a solid wall that hadn't been there before. What? He couldn't see anything in front of him… Twitching his whiskers, he slowly moved forward only to again to encounter a solid invisible something. A ward! It had to be. That was fine. A ward was a charm. Charms were the only thing he'd ever been good at. Given enough time he could find a way around it, or a way to remove it. He just needed—movement! A CAT!

After he escaped the cat attempting to eat him, Peter decided on a change of plans. (Thank Merlin.) It was too dangerous to stay out here now—besides the Dark Lord would probably want the pleasure of killing the brat himself. Instead Peter would find a wizarding family to live with, watch the news for his Lord's return and give him the location then. (Or maybe he'll—accidently—forget. The houses were all so similar here anyway.)