General Mugger (Muggle Thug)

Most parents do not allow young children to walk around a town on their own. But the adult Dursleys were not normal parents, Harry Potter was not a normal six-year-old, and besides, Little Whinging was a safe enough town. So when Dudley Dursley decided that the little neighborhood park was boring and that he wanted ice cream NOW, Petunia Dursley just told her nephew to get home before dark, and took her son off to get ice cream at the local ice cream parlor.

Little Harry was overjoyed—Dudley had been hogging the slide since they came to the park right after supper, only coming off long enough to kick over the castle Harry had been working on in the sandbox.

Now Harry could repair what little he'd saved of his castle without worrying it would be kicked over, and then he could play on the slide for as long as he wanted!

It was dusk by the time Harry started to head for the house on Privet Drive. He was only a little nervous-he'd walked home from the park many times, but this would be the first time he would have to brave the dark, scary alley between the park and home on his own. Maybe he should go around? No, by then it would be fully dark when he got back and Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon would be mad. Only the threat of his guardians' anger prompted Harry to start creeping into the alley, head full of the stories Dudley told him about monsters that came out of darkness to eat people. It was okay, there's nothing there, he was brave, there's noth—Did that shadow move?

Harry bolted, terrified and determined to get back to the safety of his cupboard.

Henry Rutherford thought he was finally getting a bit of good luck when he saw the little kid headed for the alley he was standing in. The kid's clothes didn't fit him perfectly—they were slightly too big—and had obviously been worn for a while, but the kid acted like he knew where he was going, and obviously had wasn't tired enough to have gone far, so he lived in the area. To live in the area, the family had to have a decent amount of money, and parents inevitably freaked out when their "darling angels" disappeared. The kid looked about 4 or 5, he would be easy to take and ransom.

Henry waited until the kid was about equal with him before lunging forward; only to crack his hands (and immediately after, his head) against something solid about a foot away from the kid. His meal ticket took off and Henry jumped forward again, only to reel back after hitting something rock solid, again just about a foot away.

When they reached the edge of the alley, the kid continued running, while Henry stayed behind. If the bruises had not already been forming, Henry wouldn't have believed that the past minute had actually happened.