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Chapter 2: Oh my God!

Joey's POV

As soon as I got out of the coffee shop, I ran as fast as possible to my apartment. My throat was getting dry and my hands were shaking. The apartment was empty. Guess Chandler is out with Ross. I lied down on the couch with my shaky hands on my face. Oh my God! I kissed Phoebe! I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. I sat up and checked my messages. Chandler left me a message.

Hey Joey! Come to the hospital. The monkey choked on some scrabble pieces!

I quickly grabbed my jacket and ran off again. I called a cab and headed towards the hospital. For a moment there I forgot about what happened earlier with Phoebe. I looked outside the window and watched people dragging their way back home. It was around 5 o'clock. As I arrived to the hospital, another cab pulled up and a beautiful women with a long black coat stepped out. Phoebe. I gave her a small smile and ran into the hospital. She followed behind. We were alone in the elevator. My heart started to pound. I looked at Phoebe who was looking down.

"You okay Pheebs?", I asked.

"Hm..?", she looked up, "Yeah. I'm doing great."

We ran into the room the nurse told us. Ross' monkey was okay now. Phoebe was standing behind me. I felt her breath on my ear. My body stiffed up right away. I've never felt that way before. One of her hands were on my back. I looked at her and saw Phoebe smiling at me. Wow. I didn't realized that I was staring at her until everybody was fawning over the monkey.

I went for a walk in the park. I sat near a fountain. I took a look at my watch. Shit. I have a date. I didn't even know what her name was. I went to the restaurant where we were supposed to meet up. A young women in a red dress was standing there.

"Hey Joey!", she smiled at me.

"...Hey.", I replied.

The date went smoothly. She was crazy about me. I could have brought her home with me, but I wasn't in the mood. Phoebe was the only person on my mind. I sent my date home and walked back to my apartment. My mind keeped replaying the kiss we shared. I shivered. I could still feel her soft lips on mine. I shook my head. What's wrong with me?! I stepped inside the room. Chandler was watching TV with Phoebe. He turned towards me.

"Hey Joey! How was your date?", he asked.

"Um...", I started.

I looked over at Phoebe. She had her beautiful hair down.

"It was okay... I'm going to take a shower.", I continued.

I let the hot water hit my face. I couldn't believe it. It was at that moment that I knew... The reason why I was running after Ursula...

I'm in love with Phoebe.

I honestly have no idea where I'm going with all this...

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