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Chapter 9: Not a good hiding spot

Phoebe's POV

I couldn't take it anymore. Tears were running down my cheeks as I ran away as fast as possible. I couldn't even sit next to him. I looked back and saw Joey bursting out of Central Perk. He was looking for me. I started to cry even more. It was hard to stay in the same room with him anymore. It was too much. I didn't want him to see me like this so I ran up to his apartment. I hope he won't come back here for a while... I needed some space. Joey was probably looking for me everywhere. I thought his apartment would be the last place he'll look in. His door was never locked so I pushed the door without hesitating and entered.

I went into Joey's room to get a blanket. I shouldn't have left my jacket at the coffee shop. The phone rang. Who could that be? I hesitated. I picked it up, hoping that it wasn't Joey on the other side. It was Chandler.

"Phoebe! What are you doing at our apartment?! Joey's looking for you!", he said.

How the hell did he know that I was here?!

"Um... I'm hiding for him?"

"Oh. Yeah. And our apartment is the best place to hide.", he said sarcastically.

"He's not going to look for me here.", I said, "Why are you even calling me for?"

"Well Joey called me ten thousand times... and... I told Joey...", he admitted.

"You WHAT?!"

I was so mad at Chandler. I thought I could trust him. I restrained myself from yelling at him. I took a deep breath and decided to let him explain himself.

"I'm sorry!", he said before I could say anything, "but I couldn't keep all this to myself! He's in love with you too!"

Oh my God!


"He's in love with you, Phoebe." he repeated.

I was pretty sure Chandler was smiling. If he wasn't. I was. I was tearing up again. Hearing that made me so happy. I couldn't believe it. He's in love with me! I was laughing and smiling like an idiot. Thank God nobody saw that.

"Oh. My. God.", I said, laughing between each words.

"He's coming for you. I'm sure he's on his way home right now."

"Thank you Chandler.", I said.

"Always a pleasure.", he laughed, "Wish you all the best."

"Bye Chandler. See you later!", I said cheerfully.


I never thought I would be in love with Joey. For me, he was always the guy that lives with Chandler but now, he was Joey, the guy I'm in love with. I was crying of happiness. I heard a noise in the hallway. I wiped the tears from my eyes. I got up and looked through the peephole. Joey. He went to Monica. I saw Ross sitting inn front of the TV eating chips. Stealing food again. I snickered. Everybody loves Monica's food. She's a great cook. I found it really nice of her to make me vegetarian food for me. I walked back tot the couch before he opened.

I wished I had a camera to take a picture of his face. I had to shut my lips together so that I won't laugh.


He rushed his way towards me and gave me a huge hug. I love it when he hugs me. He's like the biggest teddy bear alive. I hugged him back. I wished we could stand there all day hugging each other forever, but we had something more important to talk about.

"Chandler called.", I whispered.

He pulled away. I thought he would freak out and everything but he didn't. He looked me in the eyes as he dropped my coat. His hand ran up my face and stroked my jaw line slowly. I felt my face getting hotter. What he said next sounded like music to me. It was the most beautiful thing I've heard.

"Phoebe... I'm in love with you."

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