Killer Surprise

So I had this idea for a new story so I thought I'd post it and see what everyone thinks of it ill continue if everyone thinks its good so here's a little summary about what's going to happen and the changes I have made.

Two of our serial killers who are just currently in prison not dead yet in this story (Ian Doyle and Billy Flynn) come together to destroy Emily and Derek it takes place around the middle of season 7. Emily and Derek are in a relationship and have adopted Ellie Spicer because Garcia couldn't find Ellie's mother and I think Ellie is so cute so I thought I'd give her a go in this story I think that's all you need to know right now but if anything crops up I'll add it to other chapters Hope you like it :)

The Beginning

"Whoa, whoa Em wake up it's me!" the voice said in the darkness of the bedroom.

Emily woke up in cold sweats from the nightmare she had just experienced she took a few sharp breaths before speaking "I'm ok sorry I woke you Derek." Emily tells her fiancée.

"Hey don't be sorry babe, do you wanna talk about it?" Derek asks knowing fully we'll the answer might be no.

"Um he just won't go away Derek no matter what I do or try" Emily replies sitting up in there king-sized bed ready to make a dash to the toilet but gets held up.

"It's ok Em it's ok it'll stop eventually you've just gotta be strong ok and I'll be right besides you every time you have one." Derek let's her know as she sobs silently into his chest.

Then out of now where there door that's only slightly open fully opens to reveal Emily and Derek's adopted daughter Ellie. After the team caught Billy Flynn, Ellie was placed into the foster care system but when they just finished the briefing for the Sayer case and was just about to leave Ellie arrived from which she told Derek that she stole her carers credit card and booked a ticket to fly here, when Ellie told Morgan the reason for flying over he wasn't happy about it and told Penelope to try and find her mother for him and she did all she could but she was of the grid so she put it, so Morgan placed Ellie into a foster home in D.C but when she then showed up again this time and Derek and Emily's home at early hours of the morning and told them that the foster dad had tried to touch her in inappropriate places Emily suggested that she'd stay with them so that's what they did and adopted Ellie later on.

"Hey sweetie, did we wake you." Derek asked as the 10 year old yawned.

"No I had a nightmare then I heard Emily shout" Ellie said tiredly to Derek.

"Argh I think I'm gunna be sick" then Emily dashed out of bed to the toilet.

"Is Emily ok Derek?"

"I Don't know sweetie why don't you jump in our bed and I go check on her ok." Derek says and earns a nod from Ellie who jumps in the middle of the king-sized bed.

"Babe you ok?" Derek asks worried as she empties the contents of her stomach into the toilet and he holds her hair back for her. He stays they for a few minutes until Emily finishes and grabs a glass of water for her a slowly walks her back to bed to find Ellie fast asleep.

"I'm ok thanks Derek" Emily says weakly.

"Always princess always" Derek tells her and kisses her head before climbing on the other side of Ellie, they sleep for about another hour before Emily is up again being sick and it continues most of the night.

The Next Morning

"Emily your staying home your not going to work you haven't slept all night and your constantly attached to the toilet" Derek tells her knowing the car journey will just make her worse.

Emily sits at the table as Ellie and Derek eat pancakes for their breakfast and Emily tries to eat a few slices of toast to settle her stomach, knowing that Derek is right she simply replies "Fine" and continues to try and eat her toast.

"Come on Ellie let's get you to school before your late" Derek says knowing he was suppose to be in ten minutes ago for a briefing.

"No you go to work Derek I'll walk Ellie to school its only a ten minute walk you need to get to the BAU or Hotch will have you head off. I'll be fine don't worry a bit of air might do me good." she says quickly before he can butt in.

"Ok but take it slow Em I love you both see you later" Derek's tells Emily and Ellie and kisses both their heads then hears a reply from both girls and runs out the door to his car.

"He worries to much" Ellie says smiling towards Emily who she sees more of a mother figure everyday.

Emily let's out a little laugh and nods to agree"I know but he's scared he'll lose us. Right go get you cardi misses or you going to be late" Emily says and watches the girl run up the stairs Emily places the plate into the dishwasher and the walks over to the couch and puts her shoes on and her cardigan also before calling up to Ellie. "Ellie you ready"

"Yes I'm coming" Ellie shouts back down and runs down the stairs, they both walk out the door and Emily locks it behind her and she takes Ellie's hand which is already watching for her to hold and takes a walk to the school.

"Emily do you think Derek would mind if I started call him daddy?" Ellie asks breaking the silence.

"I'm sure he'd love it Ellie"

"you don't think daddy will be bad do if I call Derek daddy?"

"I'm sure if your happy sweetie then you daddy will be happy because he knows that you not trying to replace him" Emily assures her.

"Can I start calling you mom then Emily"Ellie asks smiling

"Um yeah of cause you can Ellie you can call me what ever you like" Emily said a little scared not wanting to replace her mother that is possibly still out there.

"Ok Mom" Ellie says as if to test it out a little and smiles to Emily

Emily Smiles and laughs a little then says "right you better goes Ellie the bell has just gone " Emily tells her hugging her then kisses her upon the head "have a good day sweetie"

"ok mom love you" Ellie says then runs off into school. Emily watches to make sure Ellie gets into school ok and head back home realising she feels much better now that she's gotten some air when she arrives back her cell phone rings she looks at the caller I.D to find out its Derek after Derek told her that he wont be home tonight because the team has a case she she'd I love you and hung up she went upstairs to have a lay down shattered from the previous night but as she got to the top she suddenly flung herself to the bathroom toilet and emptied her stomach once again, after she was sure she wasn't going to be sick any more she suddenly became hungry which she thought was weird but went downstairs to grab a packet of chips and headed back to bed after eating all her chips she finally fell into a much needed nap.


They had finally broken out of there prisons they where being held in and had finally had met each other they had been constantly writing back and forth to each other during their time in their separate prisons they had been planing there plots on what they were going to be doing to two pacific people who put them in prison they both hated each and everyone of the BAU team of profiles but for each man a pacific person who they want to take revenge on Billy Flynn serial killer and rapist was plotting his revenge on one Derek Morgan for putting him behind bars and for taking his creation away Ellie Spicer.

Ian Doyle serial killer and armed weapons dealer who was after his once true love Lauren Reynolds which he later found out was a women named Emily Prentiss who had gone undercover on him to get in his mind and also because she took his son Declan away from him there plan was to retrieve both Agents and possibly kid to do the unimaginable to them and they simply couldn't wait.


To Be Continued...

So hope the first chapter was ok and that you all like it so far I might update another chapter soon because I don't think it was enough really lol but the more REVIEWS I get the quicker I'll right and to who's reading my other story A Family Reunion I will still continue with it don't worry thank you for reading :) Loves Ya ;)