Killer Surprise

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Ian and Billy watched the house they were targeting ready to make a move as soon as they had the all clear from the steers and from the house, they were becoming very anxious from sitting in the car for hours but they knew if they didn't get it right they wouldn't get another chance so they waited.


Emily just finished changing into her yellow stripped pyjamas and matching top she let her hair down from the tight pony tail that had been in that day, and went back to her bed and snuggled on Derek's side if the bed wishing he was there to wrap his arms around her, but she pushed that thought from her head to try and get some much needed rest she was glad that Ellie agreed on having an early night with Emily which she was glad about to get Ellie from telling her to go see a doctor about her being sick, Emily knew she only want her to get better but she knew this wasn't going to get past the sickness for a while which sucked cause she hated feeling week and not being whole to do anything. She drifted her eyes close and finally drifted off to sleep.


Ellie on the other hand was still up watching videos from her favourite show Glee with her pink headphones on her iPad that Derek and Emily got her for her birthday she was listening to the song the cast was singing but near to the end on the songs she heard a small noise from beyond the headphones at first she just shook it off and thought it was Sergio knocking something over but when she heard it a second time she abandoned the iPad and headphones and quickly locked it to hide the light she opened her door and peeked outside her door before fully opening it when she saw the coast was clear she tiptoed to her moms room and pushed to door to let herself in her heart began to race when she heard whispering coming from the staircase and she run up to wake her mom.

"Mmmm what is it Ellie?" Emily asked still not entirely awake,

"Mommy I heard noises and whispers down stairs." Ellie whispered to Emily struggling not to shear a tear,


Ian and Billy was finally in Billy managed to bang his foot on the side table next to the door which Ian was not happy about at all and whispered angrily to him at the bottom of the stairs, when they made it to the top of the stairs they checked the girls room where she was no where to be found, then they heard whispers coming from the master bedroom so the smiled at each other and walked to the door and the both stood in the door way so they could both be seen.

"We'll I don't think we did good on the whole sneaking Flynn!" Ian says out loud to get the two girls attention.

"I think your right Doyle" Billy laughs along with Doyle and they both looked towards the two frightened girls,

"Hello love been a while" Ian grins and rubs his stubbly chin,

"Ian h-how h-how did you..." Emily says being cut of, hating to show that's she's afraid but in this case she's terrified not only for her safety but for Ellie's.

"Get out of prison' oh come on you can't keep me in one for longer than eight years love what makes you think the one you sent me to would hold me, but to answer your question we had a little bus incident nothing to worry about." Ian says walking closer to the bed and watches the girl hide into Emily's chest.

"W-what do you want?" Emily fearfully asks while clutching onto Ellie.

"Isn't it obvious love, I want you!" Ian smiles noticing her eyes widen at the answer.

"Hello Ellie." Billy speaks up in his creepy crabby voice.

Ellie tenses within her new mothers embrace, "it's ok sweetie don't answer him." Emily smooths her brunette hair and kissing the top of her head.

Billy doesn't reply to Emily's answer but simply skips it and asks, "where is he?" He says now point the gun towards Emily and Ellie.

"Woah put the gun down your going to scare Ellie please." Emily's asks raising one hand in the air.

But Billy just simply ignores her once again waiting for his answer and repeats its again.

"I don't know what your taking about" Emily replies know who Billy Flynn is referring to but doesn't want to put him in danger as well.

"You know who I'm referring to?" Billy says then he places his pistol back into his trousers and whispers to Ian who simply nods to answer him they both take one side of the bed and stare at the two in the bed clearly waiting for the strongest to react.

"Take me, but leave Ellie alone p-please she's been through enough." Emily says to the two intruders in he home.

"Sorry love we came for you all!" Ian replies quickly taking Emily by the arms and dragging her out of the bed but she kept struggling trying to get a hit at him.

Billy simply took Ellie's small crying figure from the bed hold her with his arm around her neck grabbing his small knife Tom his coat pocket for Emily to see. "Now Emily tell me where is Derek? Billy asks angrily watching as Ian stands her up hold her arm behind her back placing cuffs on them.

"Ok ok h-he's not here he's at work... p-please don't hurt her." Emily says panicking at the knife around the crying girls neck.

"There wasn't so hard after all was is love... Come on" Ian says pushing Emily towards the door and signalling Flynn to come along.

Emily walks down the hall way wanting to just run, but instead she just hopes that Ellie and the baby currently growing inside her will be safe from harms way and that means she do anything in her power to do so they finally take a halt at the SUV which Doyle and Flynn must have came in and notices Doyle opening the car boot signalling for Emily and Ellie to get in he grabs her arm anyway not giving her a choice and he places her in her boot and then Ellie besides her when the darkness comes she closes her eyes and takes a breath.

"It's going to be ok sweetie I won't let them hurt you I promise."

"But what about you Mom?" Ellie sniffs back in her tears trying to contain them.

"Don't worry about me baby ill be fine" Emily tells her hoping that's she's right.

"Mom, w-why did they want to know where Dad w-as?"

"I honestly don't know baby?" Emily replies hoping Derek won't be in danger because of her... They both feel the car start and there left with the darkness of the boot and there thought haunting them of what might happen next.

To Be Continued...

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