One shots

Hey guys! So, I want to do a collection of (mostly) Bade one shots, but I am fine with or Cabbie or Tandre too, I suppose I can take anything other than Bori, but those three are my favorites. Anyway, I want requests from you! So PM me or review with a request and I will write a 1000-2000 word one shot. I've got a few ideas, but I still want suggestions! I can rate this T for now, but rating may change (to M).

"Beck," Jade whispers. "Can we go to your place?" She asks, gently pushing him off of her. They are in the parking lot of Hollywood Arts. It is after school on a Friday in December, and it is getting cold. Jade just preformed with Tori for Andre. Beck nods, stepping back from pressing Jade between him and his car; he opens the passenger side, letting Jade get in, and he walks over to the driver's side, and speeds home, jumping out of his skin to be alone with her.

"I love you." He says, moving his hands up and down her legs.

"I love you, too." She says, moving so that she is leaning against the headboard if his bed. The sexy Santa costume is making her curves look amazing, and Beck is doing everything he can to not rip it off of her body, not feeling sleepy anymore. He kisses her foot and works up her leg to her thigh to her hip to her stomach to her ribs to her breast to her neck to her lips. She kisses him back, and he is on top of her, she is wrapping her legs around his waist.

"Was I off-key?" Jade's sudden insecurity throws Beck off.

"Of course not!" He exclaims. "You were perfect."

"I wasn't. I never am."

"You are. You always are." Beck whispers, holding her close. Part of him wishes she would act like this around everyone, so they could see the real her. The other part loves that he has all of this to himself, and that this will forever be theirs. It is his first love, and probably will be his only.

"How can you think that?" She asks.

"Because it is true." He murmurs, his arms are rubbing her back.

"It isn't. No one else thinks so."

"No one else has to." Beck says. "Do you know why?"


"Because no matter what, I will always think so. "

"What if we beak up?" She questions.

"Then, whatever I did, I will regret it."

"How do you know it was you?"

"Because you are too smart to ruin something like this." He replies, completely confident. "I can't begin to explain how much I love you, Jade." His hands are on her hips, and her arms are resting on his shoulders.

"I definitely love you more." Jade says, her black nails gently scratching his shoulder blades in a playful way. Beck is rolling so he is over top of her, and he kisses from her check to her neck, nipping at her collar bone. Jade lets out a soft sigh, and she feels Beck toy with the hem of the dress, and starting to pull it over her head.

"Zipper." Jade mumbles, turning over so he can undo it. He slowly pulls it down, exposing her bare back. She rolls back over, and the dress is pulled the rest of the way off, discarded like many others to the floor. Beck moved his hand to her waist; Jade was removing his shirt, her hands fumbling with the buttons. "I can't get this fucking button undone." Her hands are shaking with anticipation.

"Let me help you." He whispers, easily opening the last button. Jade's hands touched his flat stomach, her lips going to his neck. Jade undid his belt, having no trouble at all. Their hands knew each other, after over two years of practice, but each time was different. Special in its own way, and this time was no different. His pants are soon off, too.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" He asks. He always asks, before every time. He doesn't want to force her. It wouldn't feel the same.

"Yes." Jade replies. She almost always says 'yes'.

When it is over Jade put on his shirt, like always, then she texts Cat, like always, and sits in front of the TV, like always, and watches re-runs of Drake and Josh, like always. Beck puts on sweat pants, like always, then he updates his slap page, like always, and sits beside Jade, like always, and wraps her in his arms, like always.