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Kim Possible

And Forever

Chapter 12 - Like Mothers, Like Daughter

Seven Years Later

Kim sat down on the living room couch and let out a contented sigh. Closing her eyes, she lay her head on the back of the couch and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. Shena had just left to go pick Kara up from school in Middleton, leaving Kim at home by herself. Neither of them had been worried about that, though. Even if it weren't for the state-of-the-art defenses that had been installed around their home and property, not one of the villains that Kim and Shena knew of would have attacked their home; not after what Kim had done to Professor Dementor seven years ago. While that event had faded from most of the world's awareness, the villains never forgot it. On a mission, though, they were fair game. But that was something the two women understood.

After their honeymoon, they had talked about the jet. Neither of them felt that having to drive all the way to the Middleton Airport to get to their jet in order to go on missions was good for those who needed help; it took time to get there. So they had had a special hanger built underground for the jet, which was no longer a 'stock' Lancer; in addition to all of the advanced gear and equipment already packed into it, a special series of retro thrusters had been been built into key locations on its ventral surface, giving the old but totally tricked-out aircraft the capability to take off and land vertically. Which was good, because having a long enough runway built for it on their property would have been a dead giveaway. It had also been given a new paint job: it was mostly a forest green, with the leading edges and nose cone painted in black and the cockpit windows made of a one-way purple-colored glass (though it was only purple on the outside; inside, looking out, nothing was tinted purple).

Not bothering to stifle a yawn, Kim allowed herself to drift off, thinking a little about the last seven years. Ron had proposed to Bonnie a few months after Shena Go became Shena Possible, and a year later they'd gotten married. Kara was almost able to walk on her own by then, so - with Kim's help - she was the flower girl at their wedding. Monique and Josh Mankey had started dating each other a couple of years ago, and were even now talking about getting married. A smile found its way onto her face as she thought about how her parents did their best to spoil their (currently) only grandchild. Kara enjoyed spending time with her grandparents, which made both of her mothers proud. Before Kara began learning to talk, Kim and Shena had discussed just how she was going to refer to them. 'Mom' would describe them both, but could be confusing if she called them both that. So they settled on Kim being 'Mom' and Shena being 'Mother.' During one of their quiet moments, Shena had wondered about them having another kid, and Kim had giggled before suggesting that they get Drakken to make another DNA matrix and throw it at her head again. She'd gotten a pillow in the face for that, followed by a (quiet) chase around the house that ended with a 'tussle' in the bed.

Kim became an aunt when Kara was about two-and-a-half when Ron and Bonnie had a kid of their own, Jonathan Michael Stoppable. Shena had snorted when she learned of the name, then pointed something out to Kim: Ron, Bon, Jon. Kim couldn't help herself, then; she had laughed, too. The fact that Ron didn't get it made it funnier.

She hadn't realized she'd fallen asleep until the sound of the front door closing woke her up. Sitting up, she was rubbing the sleep out of her eyes when her wife and daughter walked into the living room. She opened her mouth to greet them, but stopped when Kara smiled. One of her front teeth was missing. She looked at Shena, who just shrugged.

"Kara," Kim said, "we got a call from the school today."

"It wasn't my fault," the seven-year-old said.

"You beat someone up," Shena reminded her.

"She pulled my hair!"

"You don't beat someone up for that," her mom told her.

"Well I did," she replied sullenly. Behind her, her mother rolled her eyes. Sighing, Kim got up and walked over to her daughter, then kneeled to bring down to the girl's eye level.

"Kara, honey, listen," she said. She waited until her daughter was looking at her. "It's not a good thing to beat people up."

"You and Mother do it all the time!"

"No, actually, we don't. Your mother and I beat up bad guys who want to hurt people. You're just a kid right now. Other kids may do things that bother or upset you, but when that happens you should go tell a grown-up, okay?"

"Okay," Kara reluctantly said.

"If you've got that much energy, then we need to find a better outlet for it," Kim told her. She looked at Shena and winked. Her wife grinned. "How would you like to learn how to fight like your moms?"

"You mean it? Really?" the seven-year-old asked, surprised and elated. She looked back and forth between her parents and grinned when she saw them both nodding.

"But there's one rule you have to follow," her mother said, throwing a dampener on her rising excitement.


"You use what we teach you for protecting yourself and others, not to hurt people," Shena told her, and received a flying hug for it.

"I promise, Mother," Kara said.

"Good. Now go do your homework."

"Aww, Mother!"

"Now, young lady, or we don't start today."

Grumbling, Kara picked her little backpack up and walked to the kitchen to do her homework at the table. Kim and Shena were chuckling.

"I was the same way," Kim said.

"So was I, come to think of it."

"So . . . why is she missing a tooth?"

"Well . . . it was her loose one and it just . . . came out?"

"Shena Elizabeth Possible."

"Don't say that," Shena said, cringing. "I'll tell, I'll tell. Just don't pull out that pout. It was during her little fight. That was her loose tooth, but the other girl knocked it out."

"Just how loose was it?"

"About ready to come out, but the girl still decked her pretty good for a seven-year-old."

"Who was it she was fighting with?"

"Carmen Dego."

"Again?" Kim asked, shaking her head. "You'd think they liked each other or something, considering how often they fight."

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