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Chapter 7
-Behind the Façade-
"One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving."
― Paulo Coelho

It was my holiday and I desired to spend it by shopping with Matsuri but when it had happened, what I wished I got it.
I was just making my way out in casual one piece and beautiful Mono Lisa sunglasses and white bellies with floral print and a handy purse clutched between my fingers; I was intervened by a door bell and It came out to be a messenger who declared
"Kazekage wants to see you in his office"
I glared him, as someone give me a chance and you are dead. It was my holiday... My shopping plan cancelled... After so many years of prison, I got this chance to be human again, to be a girl again and now I am feeling the place of demon in my life has been taken by Gaara.
I made my way through to the crowd to the office, greeting every one and silently cursing why his room had to be on the 7th floor. I raised a smile on my face and then knocked his door.
"Come in" Gaara said, I believe sitting on his desk and doing his paper work and then without raising his eyes, he disclaimed.
I opened my door to be wide eyes...
"Papa" My voice was inaudible but people present in the room knew the language of lip sing. Without anything else I ran to him and hugged him badly and started crying on his shoulder. 'papa, where you have been, I missed you a lot, you had always taken away my childhood fears, then why not now... why not in that prison, I want you there to keep a hand on my hand and smiling saying everything will be fine, I 'm there for you'
"My dear" I heard his voice cracking, he was also going to cry, if I didn't stop now.
I broke the embrace to look at him, to see how much he has changed in these three years; none... he still look handsome and young, unlike parents of his age... loose denims and long sleeves indigo shirt with vertical lining of discontinuous dull red and light blue. He still wore the wrist watch I gave to him on his 40th birthday. He didn't gather any wrinkles, nor did he put wait, Just the same I left him, flunky red hairs but there marks under his eyes, he have not been sleeping well, his color bone was also conspicuous. May be he has gained Diabetes, Well I think why, no one was there to ask him, not too take too many sweets or it's too oily for you.
I found he was smiling at me, the same smiling, which was my before exam smile, ghost movie smile, consoling smile... I missed it a lot.
I found his eyes stopped at my womb, I thought he goanna ask me but he didn't, I believe he already got the details. Yet he kept his hands on my shoulder.
Our beautiful father-daughter moment was broken by our family head 'Dayal uncle'. He is quite not a heroic figure, 80 years bald man with a beard that covers good part of his chest who has been ruling or I should say ruining our lives in the name of 'good for our clan'.
"Haruno Sakura" His voice was no different from a commander stoic, harsh commanding and strong.
His voice were enough to give someone idea what is coming up next. No doubt, our clan has been progressing well under his leadership but, at what cost? Cost of our dreams, our own thinking, our feelings for our brothers and sisters... He was actually emotionally black mailing us. He was always praised in big people but for in my eyes, I never look up to him. His calling of me or walking towards our house door has always been inauspicious, bringing trouble and curse.
I bowed and respected him that was the teaching of my father, 'It doesn't matter what he does, He is our elder, our head, our family, you should respect him, and the thing he will always gain respect for his position but never for what he is.' That's my inheritance, my treasure given to me from my father- his blessing- his teaching. So I know what my line is and whatever happens I'll never cross it, because the only conclusion I'll get is the failure of MY FATHER nourishment and teachings.
"Haruno Sakura, you have brought shame to our family, your relations with Uchiha Sasuke..."
He was intruded by my father.
"It's not her mistake, she was kidnapped and forced" My father's voice was pleading... but any ahead I clutched his palms tight to stop, I don't want him to get any bad vows because of me.
"We have already discussed it Shinichi and we are just here to announce her punishment."
"I know, but please, have some mercy" My father pleaded, he knelt down.
I was stroked, he was never a stoic or paranoid but he never bow to things he never accept. I can't see him like this; kneeling on ground and his hands pleading to someone un-deserving. I held him and picked him up.
"Papa, Papa please, I can't see you like this, especially not for me, please papa..." I handled him and hugged him, No I was wrong; things have actually changed, my father was strong - on whose shoulder I saw my world is now weak, he taught me to walk and know he is weak enough to stand... these three years have been enough burden for him to bow his shoulder and knees...
My tears were falling down my chin, it was enough for me.
"I did my mistake for falling for that Uchiha, betraying my clan laws, traditions and customs and I am guilty and ready for my punishment" My voice was regretful, but confident, my mistakes are mine, no one else have to be burdened because of it, especially people precious to me, dear to me and above them all- my father.
"Good" I found him smirking "Few mistakes are not forgivable but punishable and you are disowned from our clan... the name Haruno is been taken from you, no part of Haruno household could be inherited or could be owned by you, property under your name is seized and given to your father and the wealth and gold your father had signed you will be given back to you,"
I didn't say anything, just mesmerizing his words, holding my father's hands which were shaking.
"You are no longer a Haruno" His words echoed in the room.
I gulped down and said at last "I accept" My voice was strong and confident. "I don't want that name which brings tears to my father's eyes."
"Hmm, Shinichi you really have a stupid and a shameless daughter, one who has disgraced you, our family name and still have eyes to meet the right, that is why I have no reason to pardon her, because she don't deserve it" Dayal uncle was mocking my father because of me, my father was just listening, because he is a father.
I felt so guilty never before but I was stupefied when I felt those same consoling hands on my hand... I turned to see that same smile and then his lips parted to say something which I was looking forward.
"No, I am proud of my daughter, I am proud that when I am not able to stand she became my strength, I am proud of her because whatever happens she never replied back, I am proud of her because she is the best student never go against what I told her, I am proud of her because she is my daughter, I am proud of her because she is my most prized possession, so what if she do make mistakes, she has whole right to do so, but more she have right to feel guilty, do her penance and never do it again, she is not upset because she is disbanded from family or because she has no property or fortune, these things one can gain again, she is upset, because I'm upset, she can't see me broken like this, I am his ideal and she just want to see me in that configuration, I am proud of her because she is my angel" Wrinkled fingers o my father came to remove the tears from my face and I could do nothing but to smile at him.
"My father, his teachings, his love, and my friends their care... That is what I inherited... That is my biggest treasure which is more precious to me than anything... Any treasure any name..." My voice was strong, because I know whatever happens there are people who will always stand by my side.
Dayal uncle was quiet for moments or so, he never expected this and he took his steps out of the door until his last words.
"Then I believe, HARUNO SAKURA, no longer exits" He bowed to Kazekage and left.
I just forgot, Gaara was always there sitting at his seat- listening everything and saying nothing... in my quest, I just do forget where I was...
"Sakura" this polite voice was of my father, my hero.
"Yes, papa" He was smiling I want to know what he want to say, his words were always supportive and helps me to think abroad.
"Aren't you upset?" he questioned, I thought to say no but then I changed my mind, I don't like to lie from my father when I know he can see through them.
"A bit, I always thought to give my child my name, my traditions but I believe that is not possible now" I made a face, like a small child of 8; I was always a child in my father's care.
He kept a protective hand on my stomach and said "You still have the something left- your values, which is inherited generation after generation, my parents gave to me, I gave to you and now it's your turn to grant it to your children"
Tears ran down my face, but they were happy one... I didn't realize I was smiling...

I sat down on the cool emerald grass, it seriously amaze me that how this color matches her eyes so well listening to sweet voice of the waterfall, which matches her laugh and eyes at the horizon admiring the beautiful dusk sky like her face... I don't know where Sakura is, but she is here, lost in the beautiful facets of nature. She has always believed nature to be her teacher and now her fragrance everywhere in this unfathomable yen.
My peaceful talk with nature was interrupted by Amisha. She didn't say anything just took a seat beside me, like always. I return her with polite smile.
She took my palm in hers and started her way of conversation, I think it's better than BRAILE,
"U—H-A-V-E—B-E-E-N—E-X-A-U-S-T-I-N-G—U-R-S-E-L-F—W -H-T—I-S-G-O-I-N-G—O-N"
she waited for my answer, answer I tried t hide from myself, answer I'm not sure of myself.
"I don't know, I'm clueless" she didn't wrote anything just gazing at me without drop with a pleasant smile on her face, she knew I was lying. "Madara, his plans, I should have never got attached to them in first place- I don't require his help to destroy Konoha, he is using me"
"U—A-L-W-A-Y-S—K-N-E-W—H-E—W-A-S—U-S-I-N-G—U—T-H-E -N—Y—N-O-W"
Amisha was straight forward person and chat with her had always been useful to me o think straight and direct... Solve my confusions.
I took a deep sigh "Because, I'm regretting, Sakura, her tears, her blood, I'm regretting"
"U—D -I-D—G-O-O-D—T-O—S-A-V-E—H-E-R-&-U-R—C-H-I-L-D—"
"I know"
"I don't know" I simply answered, and it was true, what I did was right and good for her and child but then why I'm regretting, why I want her at my side... love emotions can't stop me, had never stopped me then why today, why now.
I didn't want this to come up but I knew its answer well and with guts I do accept. I stood up
Sun was almost going to set, pink at last has dissolves the sun in her and now it's all black how ironic, isn't it.

Everything meant to be perfect this night, moon shining, under scintillating stars, a table laid there covered with white satin, in middle a silver candlesticks which hold 6 good burning candles in the middle of candle sticks there is a pace for flowers I filled with beautiful roses. A chocolate truffle cake adorned by strawberries... The best combination, two wine glasses and a wine bottle... And in my pocket a beautiful gift awaits... Nearby there is a waterfall, its music can be heard, and beautiful fireflies floated everywhere... the best date which I could ever pulled for Hinata.
Well, it could never happen if Ino wouldn't help me, Sakura is somewhat right about asking Ino but for tomorrow, whole country would get to know of us yet today is ours and nothing could go wrong everything is meant to be perfect.
"Thank you Ino" I thanked her genuinely.
Not just for the table and arrangements but for my suit also... black royal designer shirt and pant and a rose flower on my side pocket.
"Gosh, Hinata has actually made you a gentleman"
I made a face on this remark
"Ok, ok sorry, but you don't need to behave so gentlemanly in this gentlemanly dress, I mean Hinata would say u r an imposter"
She laughed.
"You again" I was already up with her taunting, how could Sakura take it.
"sorry, sorry, but this all sweet prince charming type personality don't suits you Naruto" she said, last time checking out my suit
"Ino, I'm already a lot nervous, please don't make it worse" I was in no mood fighting just repeating my words in my mind what I had t speak to Hinata.
"Dude calm down- everything will be fine, until you don't do something stupid" she said hitting me lightly on the shoulder but at the same time checking creases of the suit.
"Thanks, you are quite generous" I mocked her.
She giggled "Okkz, I'm going, Hinata might be coming"
She smiled and left but before...
"You have condoms Na"
"Ino..." Her laugh again filled the emptiness of this garden
I memorize the words I have to speak to Hinata today, why Ino has to find such a poetic lines... I don't even think I could learn them exactly.
It was until a white angel came in m vision. She wore a white gown, showing her curves beautifully, her gown was adorned by white roses and pearls with a cut at her right side... Soft wind was blowing... blowing her long straight hairs on her face... as it blew it bought me the smell of strawberries.
I was blank for few seconds until felt my jaw dropped and controlled myself. I got up asked for her beautiful hands. Her hands look as beautiful as they fitted in my palm well, like they were made for me only... I brought her the table... pulled a seat for her and ask her to sit, just as Ino taught me... she took almost a week, to teach me this. Then I shifted to my seat and got there sitting calmly gazing her...
I didn't realize she didn't spoke anything till now, just smiling and gazing mer.
"Hello Naruto"
"Oh yes hello beautiful lady' she giggled under her breadth.
Ok, I practiced with Ino hundred times but I'm feeling so nervous now.
"Yes, my strawberry"
"Naruto, please stop this... You are good the way you are..."
I was stunned for few seconds but then I took a sigh of relief.
"Thank you Hinata, it was really tiresome to behave like your royal gentleman"
"you are good your way, shouting, doing stupid things, there can be hundreds of gentleman but no one can be NARUTO"
she smiled, I smiled back.
"But I am happy you planned everything and tried, you were doing good... But I love you the way you are but not someone else"
Then we looked in each other's eyes... sugilite drowned in the spectrolite.
Our moment was broken by a firefly which came and sat on my nose... and in my hustle bustle I fall on floor.
"Naruto" how sweet her voice is when she I worried about me.
"I'm fine'
I handled myself and stood...
and then we burst out laughing... Our voice danced with the fireflies.
Seriously few things can't ever go as planned but better. More than this date, I love laughing with her... Drowning in her eyes, our light conversation carried over the table...until... my stomach growled... she laughed again... like it has been a tradition after every few minutes I'll do something stupid and she'll laugh over it and beautiful pink tint remained on her cheek.
"Let's eat"
"Yes, lady"
she laughed again... I very diligently poured wine in her and in my glass, left my seat and went to her, confused she woke. I knelt down bringing a beautiful yet simple ring- A gold butterfly laden with diamond on the white platinum band.
"Will you marry me?" the emotion I saw in her eyes was new.
"Naruto" her voice was almost inaudible
"No Hinata, please, will you marry me?"
"You know my answer" I can see the tint of pink on her cheeks.
"Hinata, please I want to hear will you marry me?" I forced further ahead, she closed her eyes and then at last those words came out.
"Yes" and she forward her hand and I pulled the ring in the correct finger.
"It's beautiful" she looked at the ring, and I knew it wasn't ring she was talking about, it was my feelings.
"I have to get something beautiful for a beautiful lady" I flirted
"Naruto" in return I got the most beautiful smile and that shy cheeks.
"I love you" I kneeled up
"I too"
Our eyes met... our breadth met and at last our lips... she was my strawberry, she do taste like strawberries... So smooth, so delicate-She was truly my angel.
We parted, and rise towards the cake- Holding the knife in our hand... We celebrated together.
"Chocolate and strawberries like us" she said looking towards me, making the same interference as I mad.
"I know, you love strawberries and I'm crazy for chocolate... we are made for each other"
she laughed...
"Let's dance" I insisted.
She nodded 'Woman and their coyness.'
Under the table, I brought out a gramophone... Put the pin on black revolving disc and a music start playing and we danced all night with fireflies, stars, waterfall and night.
(A/n: a very famous Hindi song: come and embrace me -lag jaa gale- by Lata Mangeshkar)

Lag jaa gale ke phir ye haseen raat ho na ho,
Shaayad phir is janam mein mulaaqaat ho na ho
Lag jaa gale...

Come embrace me because we may never see such a beautiful night again
or maybe we may never have such a chance again during this lifetime.
Come into my arms...

Humko mili hai aaj ye ghadiyaan naseeb se
Jee bhar ke dekh lijiye humko qareeb se
Phir aapke naseeb mein ye baat ho na ho
Shaayad phir iss janam mein mulaaqaat ho na ho
Lag ja gale...

We are very fortunate for these few moments together
Lets look at each other closely to our hearts' content
Because we will never know whether fate may bestow this opportunity on us again
Or, maybe we may never have such a chance in this lifetime.
Come into my arms...

Paas aaiye ke hum nahin aayenge baar baar
Baahen gale mein daal ke hum rolen zaar zaar
Aankhon se phir ye pyaar ke barsaat ho na ho
Shaayad phir iss janam mein mulaaqaat ho na ho
Please come close to me now because I may not be able to see you again and again
Please let me cry again and again in your arms now
Because I am not sure whether the tears of love will again flow
Or maybe, we may never meet again in this lifetime

Lag ja gale ke phir ye haseen raat ho na ho
Shaayad phir iss janam mein mulaaqaat ho na ho
Lag ja gale...

Come embrace me because we may never see such a beautiful night again
Or maybe we may never have such a chance again during this lifetime.
Come into my arms...

"When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too."
― Paulo Coelho

Love Riya