Percy's POV:

My day had been going great. Well, compared to the Titan War, and the Giant War,I guess any day that didn't involve fighting with immortal beings would be great, but this day especially. I should've known my bliss (Annabeth's vocabulary had been rubbing off on me) would not last long.

As I set my head down on my pillow, and my chin on something yellow ( You'll see what it is later)in the Poseidon cabin, I immediately fell asleep and into a demigod dream. It was set in the Olympic Throne Room. All of the gods—minor and major, were there, talking in excited murmurs

"Alright, alright! I've waited patiently enough for you people to catch up now it's my turn to talk!" Zeus boomed from his throne. The room turned towards their leader settling down.

"Who died and made him king?" Apollo muttered to his twin, who rolled her eyes.

"Kronos did, now shut up before I turn you into a jackal."

"As you may not know, I called you all here to discuss something very important." Zeus put extra emphasis on the word 'important'

"Better be important." A voice called out, sounding suspiciously like Mr.D's.

Zeus awkwardly cleared his throat and continued.

"I have called you all here to discuss the creation of… a new species." The room was silenced; Zeus took this as a cue to move on.

"Yes, it seems as if one of you has created a new species." Zeus's gaze shifted on a goddess who had dark hair and was standing next to Hades.

"Hecate, care to explain?" Hecate looked, for lack of a better word, pissed.

"You think I did this?" She said, fuming. All the gods and goddesses nearby backed away from her slowly.

"I wouldn't be surprised, it's wouldn't be the first time." Zeus said, muttering the last part.

"I did NOT, start a new race! I simply was generous with my blessings, something you all could take from my books!" Mist began to swirl around her feet, then I realized; it wasn't any mist, it was The Mist.

" Oh really? Well it seems you have been a little too generous." Zeus said, the distaste and scorn visible in his face, completely ignoring

"And what is that suppose to mean?" The Mist began curling around her more vehemently and insistent.

" From the way I see it, someone you gave a particular blessing to, has in fact, abused it." The Mist disappeared abruptly.

"You…knew about Tom?" She said it so quietly that it was almost a whisper.

" Yes and because of your generosity, people's lives are at stake. And now you choose to lie to me about this second species-"

"But I didn't-"

"SILENCE! I will not hear anymore of your lies! You are no longer welcome here!" Zeus boomed (pun intended)

"Like I'm ever coming back!" and with a wave of a hand, Hecate was gone.

"That, may have been worth it…" a voice that, again, sounded like Mr. D's stated.

And with that, I woke up with a start.

"Wuz wrong?" Annabeth slurred from the side of me, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. (The yellow thing my chin was resting on…and you wondered why I had such a great day ;) )

"Nothing, go back to bed." I nuzzled my chin back on her head.

"Oka….WAIT! What time is it?" Annabeth glanced at my clock, "Son of a satyr! We're late!"

I cast a sideways glance at her, then I realized.

" Crap, the meeting!" We looked at each other, and Annabeth left to go to change in her cabin, while I quickly got dressed to go get Nico. Nico sleeps like the dead, so I was responsible for getting him awake on the occasions in which he visited Camp Half-Blood.

I was about to knock on his cabin door, when I became aware of the voices. I mean, sometimes the kids from Camp Jupiter come over, but it sounded like 3 voices.

"And no matter what, don't join him. You understand." It was a male's voice, velvety and purr-like stated.

"Okay, and what am I going to?" I almost immediately recognized Hazel's voice. The other voiced paused, as if it was being interrupted by something.

"Nothing for now, however if all else fails, I will contact you."


"I must leave now, Persephone is noticing my absence. Also, don't tell anyone about this. Understood? This means you Nico."

"Why me?" Nico muttered.


"ARGHHH!" Nico and Hazel's voices simultaneously cried out. I saw a bright light slip out from under the door and quickly fade away.

Apparently having had quickly recovered, Nico began to speak again.

"Wait, why is Persephone just now realizing he's gone, it's…? CRAP!" There was a bunch of scurrying around inside the cabin.

"Hazel, I have a meeting to attend…"

"Oh… well, bye Nico."

"Bye Hazel."

And then there was silence, as the handle of the door began to turn and I quickly pushed myself off of it and tried to act nonchalant, tripping in the process.

"Heyyyyyy Nico."

"Hi?" Nico looked at me, probably deducing if I heard anything incriminating. I tried to look ignorant and dumb. Nico bought it like his favorite brand of pomegranate juice.

"You do realize we are about a half an hour late?" Nico looked me up and down.

"Yeah, I do. Let's just go." I said, rushing, and yanking him along. I had already wasted a ton of time eavesdropping, and Chiron sometimes forces the cabin councilors to wash dishes with lava, if we were late, and despite what I just heard, I wasn't up to for that. And with that thought, we were off for the Big House.


As it turns out, we didn't really have to worry about being late, because the counselors of cabin numbers 7(Will Solace), 9(Leo Valdez),11 (The Stoll brothers), and 20 (Lou Ellen)

"Nice of you to finally join us Percy, Nico." Chiron was sitting in his respected spot, as were the rest of the cabin counselors. I politely (well, as far as 'polite' goes in my vocabulary) nodded my head in his direction as I took my seat across from Annabeth.

"Now, we only need 4 more cabins to be represented, and we can begin."

Nothing really interesting happened for the next 15 minutes (except for Clovis passing gas in his sleep) until a wood nymph burst through the door.

"Valdez…Chiron… just come." Chiron followed the nymph out the door leaving the rest of us in Big Room wondering what possibly could've happened…

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