It was 10 pm and Mr. and Mrs. Vega were in the hospital along with Melinda Vega and Katrina Vega. Melinda was Mr. David Vega's Sister and was 20. She had dark brown eyes and dark brunette hair. She had a light tan. She was Katrina's aunt, that's right, Trina was David and Holly Vega's first daughter and right now, she was waiting for her younger sister to arrive.

She's beautiful" said Holly Vega, looking deep into the eyes of her new-born.

"What do you want to name her?"

"How about Victoria?"

"Yes. Victoria Marie Vega"

Melinda and Trina, who were waiting patiently, came inside and Melinda was shocked to see that the child looked just like her.

"She's just like you" Holly had said.

"Yes, she is"

"Trina would you mind, going outside, please?" her mother asked her.

"Ok, mommy" the 4 year old had said. Trina was a very well- behaved child and everyone was proud of her.

"Ready, Melinda?" David asked.

"Please be careful" said Holly.

"Don't worry, Victoria will be fine."

"I hope so" added David.

"She took out a small globe-like structure; it was a shade of light pink with its base a darker shade covered with stars.

"Oh powers of my realm, show me this girl's fate." There was a loud band and suddenly smoke filled the room, lucky the doctors weren't there. When it cleared, all 3 of them, saw a small globe similar like the one with Melinda. It was a light shade of blue with its base a dark one and instead of hearts, it had tiny twinkles like gleaming stars in the sky on it.

"Yes!" Melinda and David screamed while Holly just smiled.

"She has the spark, she has the spark!" screamed Melinda.

"You know what this means?" David asked Holly.

"Of course, she's a special child"

"Yes! Holly, keep this with you, and give this to her on her 18th birthday" requested Melinda.

Almost 18 years later:

"Come on, kiddo" said Trina

"I told you not to call me that!"

"Okay, Okay, Mom called you in the living room, hurry up!"

"Of course, maser" she said sarcastically.

"They ran to the huge living room where Holly sat crying with a picture of her family. There was a new-born Victoria, or Tori, since that was what everyone calls her, 3 year old Katrina, 25 year old, Holly, Her 5 years younger sister-in-law who. To Tori, was like a best friend, David, Holly's parents, David's parent, and another woman who Tori didn't recognize with a cute little new born boy in her arms. They all looked so happy together, thought Tori, too bad they weren't. Tori's father, who was so kind, gave them everything, he for died when Tori was 4 in a car accident, Tori's grandparents had died a year after and Holly's father had died when Trina was 10, making Tori, 7. Tori didn't even know the new born boy's and his mother's name who were in the picture.

So today all Tori was left with was her mom, her sis, her sweet aunt and her loving Grandma.

"Girls, I know Tori's 18th birthday is coming up but I won't be attending it" she sobbed

"Why mom, we know you have a god reason for it" she said.

"Mom just died" she said crying even more. "And her funeral is in 2 weeks and Tori, your birthday…."

"Is in a week, I know, but grandma is more important to all of us, so please go, I'll be happy knowing that you were there attending her funeral that with me, my birthday doesn't matter, it's alright" she cut her off giving her a mom a hug"

"But you don't understand, this was suppose to be special"

"It's alright mom"

"Okay, promise me something though, I'll call Aunt Melinda, she was suppose to have a special birthday surprise from all of us but now, you have to live with her, probably for a year"

"But mom I thought you were only going for 3 weeks"

"I am Sweety, but there are a lot of things I can't explain right now, but here" she said, giving her a special little gift in the shape of a box covered with wrapping paper. "Open this on your birthday, Sweety"

"Why can't I open it now?"

"Darling, you won't understand what it is, until you turn 18 and that day, when the moon is up, Aunt Melinda will explain everything to you"

"Okay, she said, a little confused. She was a well-behaved and a very patient girl so she didn't say another word about it.

"I'm going with mom" said Trina.

"But….." said Tori but was cut off.

"Baby, sister, I'm sorry but you know mom's health is weak and…."

"It's okay" she said.

"Tori, our flight is in 2 hours, and Aunt Melissa will be there to pick you up from school tomorrow, so you'll have to spend today night alone, alright?"

"Yes, mom"

After tearful goodbye's Tori was left alone at the house, knowing, her heart was broken. Why does everyone that she love, have to leave her?