It was Saturday. Tori had just eaten her breakfast and was helping Beck write a song for their class, when they heard a scream.

"Oh no, Aunt Melinda!" shrieked Tori.

They went to her room to find Melinda there staring at a letter.

"ARE you alright?" asked Tori

"Fine" she said.

"Tori, Beck, please don't ask any questions about where we go, until we come back, okay?"

"Huh?" Beck and Tori stared at each other trying to figure out what was going on.

"Please for Beck's sake"

"Okay" they said

"Follow Me and please keep quiet"

"They followed her into her library. Melinda searched a shelf and took out a blue book, she read some page and said" Come on, half crystal is not far from here" she said.

They both were as confused as ever but followed her instructions, she whispered something and then, the wall at the far left, opened, just opened like that, revealing nothing but darkness. They followed her inside and it looked something like a court room but it was empty"

"Hey ma" said a girl about a little older than Beck and Tori, she had brunette hair and brown eyes.

"Emily, there's no time to go to the portal room, so can you just summon one up for me, I don't have my wand"

"Sure, where do wanna go?"

"To half crystal"


She took out a pink wand and waved it and muttered some words that both of the teenagers couldn't understand, then, out of nowhere a blue portal appeared.

"Should we go inside?" asked Beck

"Yes, hurry up" Melinda said. They followed her in and came out in some old-fashioned shop that looked like it sold perfumes.

"Oh, Miss Melinda" said a girl with blonde hair that looked like an employee.

She bowed down to her while Tori and Beck just stood there, confused.

"I need a bottle of revealing potion"

The employee took out an old fashioned bottle and gave it to her while she dug through her purse and gave her some money.

Beck, Tori, let's go" she said. They entered the portal and came back to the court room.

"Ma, you wanna go already?"

"Yes, darling I promise I'll be back" she said giving her a kiss. Emily waved her wand again and this time, the three were in the dining room.

"Beck, drink this" she said, taking out the bottle.

"Should I be worried?" he asked

"Just do it!"

As soon as he drank the contents, a blue light, shimmered through him, like it did through Tori.

"I knew it" she said sinking into a chair and had started sobbing.

"Knew what?" asked Tori.

"Beck, what do you know about your mother?" she asked in-between sobs

"Umm… I don't know anything; my foster parents said that my real parents were killed in a car accident"

"They were wrong" she said.

Tori looked at her aunt and wiped the tears away

"How do you know, Aunt Melinda?" she asked

"It all started when I was in in the other realm academy for the good. I was best friends with Melody, she was one of the bad people, but as I said, people can change, her family was bad, but she had changed, I had never met someone so nice in my life, we had a strong friendship, a kind of bond, we graduated together, married together and I had a child. 5 years later, she had a baby boy. Her parents despised her son and mortal husband, and wanted to kill the child, so they fled, but her parents were more powerful. They killed her and her husband but before they could get the baby she send it through the portal to her saviors. Tori, like Beck is you're savior, the person you can tell your secret too, He was her savior. But he never wanted a child and gave it to foster care. Melody heard the news just before she died and made me promise that I would protect him and tell him, he was from the Realm of Magic. I was head of deputy that time but gave up my job and came to this world, before I could even catch a glimpse of this baby boy, somebody had adopted him. I searched and searched but couldn't find him. 2 months later Tori was born and she had a spark, but I didn't gave up that time, When David, your father and my parents died, I gave up, knowing the child would never know about his powers"

"Wait who is that child?" asked Beck

"It's Beck, isn't it?" asked Tori

"Yes" Melinda answered.

Beck took a minute to dissolve all of this and finally spoke up.

"My mom, Melody and I had special, powers, so I'm from a bad side?" he said raising his voice

"Beck calm down" Tori said.

"How can I?" he yelled

Tori winced and backed away, he had never yelled at her before, he was always so calm and laid-back and yet, she didn't like him when he shouted. It really hurt her.

"I'm sorry Tori, look I need a minute to figure this out" e said and went up to his room.

Tori was about to follow him when Melinda stopped her. "Give him some time" she said.