Hey Fanfiction People. New story. Sorry NO Pothena I mean really them as a couple is kind of strange I see them of having more of a frenemy realationship. Do you think this should be rated T or K+?

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3rd Persons POV (i think)


It was a peaceful day up on Olympus. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, laughtter rang through the halls, all was calm. Atleast we wished it was.

"Ah, Poseidon you STUPID idoit!" Athena screamed

"What did he do this time?" Hestia asked

"If you touched her I will personally maim you." Artemis threatend shoving (or trying to) her fist in Poseidons face

"He took my book!" Athena schreeched

"Oh, the agony." Hermes said pretendig to faint

"No, you don't understand this book isn't even out yet and if Poseidon ruins it, which he will, I will murder him."

"Whats the book called?" Artemis asked

"The Athena Project."guess who said

"WHAT, Poseidon give that back to her right now!"

"Alright, alright, heres your stupid book back." Poseidon said

"Thanks Kelp head."

"Kelp head?" Hermes questiond

"Yes Poseidon doesnt have a brain his head is just full of kelp." Athena said

"What dont insult kelp it has feelings too ya know." said Poseidon

" First of all Im not insulting kelp Im insulting YOU, and kelp doesnt have feelings you idoit." Athena said matter-o-factly

"Shut up Owl Head."

"In your dreams Kelp head."

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