This is a story I thought I'd write that was a little darker than the other one so I hope you guys enjoy this one.

Whitepaws pure white coat shined under the glow of the moon. He looked down at the mangled body of the cat. It was what looked like a ginger she-cat. There was a huge bite wound in her neck. Whitepaw looked around to see if the murderer was around, he couldn't see anything past three feet do to the darkness of midnight. The moon was shining really bright so Whitepaw was could see a little better in darkness. He started to walk back to camp, when he saw a shadow move out of the corner of his eye, he crouched ready to spring at anything that approached. He narrowed his eyes to see a little better, he crept nearer to the shadow. He pounced and landed on something.

Whitepaw pinned the intruder down and hissed "Who are you?" The intruder wriggled and replied "Dude it's me, Skypaw!" Whitepaw looked at his best friends silver-gray pelt and said "Why are you out so late?" Skypaw replied "I was looking for you mouse-brain! Now get off me!" Whitepaw got up and said "Oh okay, sorry if I hurt you." Skypaw just said "Come on let's head back."

They headed back to ThunderClan camp. When they got there the clearing was totally empty, Whitepaw silently thanked StarClan. He and Skypaw went to the apprentice den. He laid down in his nest and thought about what he had seen today. Five cats found dead, and what was even more chilling was that they all had the same wounds, all in the neck. Whitepaw kept wondering, who could have murdered five cats in one day and get away with it? He had to find the murderer and stop him or her, even if it meant death. Whitepaw shut his eyes for a moment and drifted off into sleep.

Whitepaw was somewhere that was unknown to him. A coughing sound made him look around. A raspy voice he didn't recognize spoke. The voice said "Over here idiot!" Whitepaw looked to where the voice came from and he saw a dusky brown tom. He said "Who are you?" The dusky brown tom said "I'm Dustpelt, one of the old ThunderClan warriors. I'm here to tell you that StarClan is going to help you to solve this mystery and uncover the murderer." Whitepaw said "Really? StarClan is going to help me, and you've told me this personally!" Dustpelt smiled but had a deep look in his eyes. He said "Yes, I do need to tell you something before I leave." Whitepaw looked up and said "What?" Dustpelt said "You will live I promise, but you'll be permanently disabled." Whitepaw said "What?!" Dustpelt said "You'll be made a warrior I promise, but I can't tell you anything else about your future." Whitepaw said "Okay thanks for the heads up Dustpelt." Dustpelt gave Whitepaw a curt nod and Whitepaw drifted off into sleep.

I hope everyone likes this one, I know it was short but I'll work on that, I just didn't want to reveal to much so early, so, just review to give me some suggestions.