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Whitepaw woke up with a start. Everyone was out of the apprentice den. Whitepaw's rumbling stomach reminded him of how hungry he was. He walked out into the clearing and headed straight for the fresh-kill pile and grabbed a mouse. He saw the she-cat he loved so much, Poppypaw, she was eating a magpie, she had the most beautiful golden-brown fur he had ever seen. But of course her father was the leader of ThunderClan, Ceaderstar. Ceaderstar had golden-brown fur, which must be where Poppypaw gets her colored pelt from. Her mother was Leopardfoot, she was a black she-cat with golden-brown spots on her paws. Poppypaw's mother was very intelligent and a great hunter. Her father was intelligent as well, he was a fierce fighter, a great leader to lead ThunderClan.

Whitepaw walked over to her and said "Room for one more?" She smiled and said "Sure." Whitepaw sat down and nibbled on his mouse and said "You know I hadn't noticed until now that we're going to be warriors soon!" Poppypaw said "Yeah, me neither, I'm really excited, we're going to be put into battles, go on more patrols and be mentors!" Poppypaw jumped up and growled at Whitepaw. She jumped on top of Whitepaw, Whitepaw got on his back and raked his sheathed paws on her belly, then Poppypaw rolled off him and they got into a fake tussle together. When they were finished playing they ate their food. Then Whitepaw saw Ceaderstar approaching him and Poppypaw. Ceaderstar said "Come on Whitepaw, you, Creamtail, and Leafflame are going on a patrol." Whitepaw said "Okay I'm coming, bye Poppypaw." Poppypaw said "Bye Whitepaw." Creamtail was Whitepaw's mentor, she was gray and she had a cream colored tail. Leafflam was a ginger tom, and also Creamtail's brother. Creamtail and Leafflame were waiting at the entrance of the camp. Whitepaw joined them and they went off into the woods.

Creamtail lead the party all the way to the edge of ShadowClan territory. Leafflame said "Ugh! Could it smell any worse down here?!" Creamtail frowned and said "It seems that ShadowClan is hunting on our territory." Whitepaw said "How can you tell?" Leafflame said "Well, it doesn't smell as nice as it usually does here and look! Mouse bones and scraps of mouse fur!" ShadowClan is stealing ThunderClan prey!" Whitepaw said "Great, now we have to worry about ShadowClan taking prey from ThunderClan! Will it ever end!?" Creamtail said "We'll just freshen up the scent markings to show ShadowClan we've been here. Then we'll tell Ceaderstar about this." Leafflame said "Okay." The party renewed the scent markings and then left for ThunderClan camp. Deep down inside Whitepaw he knew there was going to be a battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan.

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